Vintage Jewelry… and other Jewels

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before we even get into anything vintage…..
man I’ve been eating good! lol ok, we’ll get into that later!

We have 1 all gold only baby jesus (medium sized) around and I honestly don’t like it, but for those who can’t afford to buy our iced out once, this is what we have.

We stopped making the prong set gold only ones because I don’t want some idiot like Aviannes or someone to get one in their hands and then put fake stones in it and because our name is lasered on the back, have them try to talk crazy….. but this is the last one in gold only that we have right now

the other night, I made a special delivery of Jesus pieces and some earrings and some bracelets and all types of jewels to my boys over at WorldStarHipHop….. man…. man….

all I gotta say is…. the internet PAYS! because my boy Q and his team are doing it! they got every size Jesus piece you can imagine…. and they’re getting a couple more! lol that official 41mm day date II president really is on some Obama shit…. def not ever on some ruin the economy Bush bullshit. (sidebar, Obama didn’t have a choice, Jesus himself couldn’t have got us out of all this fuckery in a 4 year term… but Barack did kill off a lot of big time terrorists! lol POW!)

so after all that, we decided to drive over to the Belvedere room to avoid any and all riff raff….

that truffled mac and cheese….. delectable!

that short rib….. murked it!

so now let’s back to the vintage jewelry
we recently bought back some jewels from a client that copped these off my uncle 15 years ago!!!!
I mean, that’s when everything was 14k pretty much and 18k or 24k wasn’t that rare to see in our shelves…. so when I seen these joints, I was like damn!

this should raise some eyebrows….

a vintage ILLUMINATI piece is very sick! now even though I don’t believe in no secret society shit… this is an ill piece to have and I’m sure we won’t have a hard time selling it. NOBODY uses Baguette diamonds anymore… and the way the bail is made is so vintage old school…. the channel set is so cool to look at. I wonder who the original owner of this was, because it was passed around a few times… #killuminati all through your body



14k white gold Nefertiti charm and it’s 2 sided…. pretty cool that my uncle made this such a long time ago…it’s heavy as fuck and really clean.

and to really spit on someone’s face???

on my King Tut shit…. vintage gold chains are so much more expensive these days because EVERYONE who had them in their stores has melted them down!

the gold Figaro is sold and 28″ long and 275 grams 18k gold
the gold bullet chain is 14k gold, 32″ long and 120 grams
the gold cuban is 7mm thick and 32″ long and 175 grams 18k gold
ya dig!!!!!

so now back to some newer type jewels…..
my boy JSplif from Far East Movement really wanted a grill made….

he may ice it out later, but he wanted it simple…. 6 teeth, yellow gold
btw, I don’t make grills anymore, only for homies

and something for the ladies….
another 2 sided piece


Mickey Mouse ears…. all yellow gold, one side white diamonds, one side yellow diamonds; made for those Mickey Mouse fans who just love Mickey and his Ears lol. if I made a bail on this, it could be a mans charm if he was secure enough with his sexuality…. anyways

so last night again, I got it IN at Mastros…. started with the wedge salad which was crazy!

then I went all the way IN with this Waygu Kansas Bone in Strip Wagyu steak! we had the lobster mashed potatoes and creamed corn and sauteed mushrooms and I killed all of it!
seen the homey Derrick Rose walking in while we were walking out…. he was in a new body Alpina 750Li B7….
crazy part is that a few hours later his boy who was driving got a dui. damn

aite y’all

the Summit is this Sunday at ESPN Zone at the Nokia LA Live center at 12pm
meet in the lobby I guess… we’ll get some food, watch the games and then maybe bowl or play some games. I have a lot of giveaways to my NTer’s who have a legit NT username(sorry, you can’t make one now, it takes up a a month to get one). shout out to Diamond Supply Co. and Nick Diamond for all the gear!

everyone have a great weekend…
shout out to my boy Drizzy Drake. happy bday fam, sorry I can’t make it to your party in Vegas…. I’m on some grown man stay at home and be bitter shit lol


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