Vintage Frames Company X Ultra Goliath 2

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here’s my boy’s new campaign for his Snow White project…
and my boy Corey always comes correct! I can’t wait for next week for you guys to see how dumb we went on some glasses!!!!!

press release:
In 1977 the first model of the Ultra Goliath was conceived by the brilliant mind of Stan Besner. 35 years later the Ultra Goliath 2 remains one of the most iconic frames ever made. The Vintage Frames Company has once again been given the distinct honor of being able to collaborate with Ultra Eyewear to bring to life their vision of the Ultra Goliath 2. This time titling the collaboration “Snow White Project”. The Ultra Goliath 2 was produced in the same exact factory in Holland that it was in 1977 with the use of the original Goliath 2 mould. A rare white vintage acetate was chosen to be the base for this vintage frames masterpiece. We have chosen to depict our version of a modern day Snow White using imagery shot in Montreal. The Vintage Frames Company x Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses are available in both sunglasses, as well as with clear demo lenses. The Snow White Project Goliath 2 is only available at in a extremely limited run of 50 vintage frames.


and yes the model is rocking real vintage Coco Chanel Jewelry
very fresh!

the Ultra Goliath II are the actual frames that were worn by RUN DMC. I myself even thought that the Cazal’s were the ones they wore first, but I was wrong. it was the Goliath II’s and Vintage Frames Company has them exclusively on lock! but again, wait til you see how stupid we got

peace and have a great weekend!

p.s. people ask me all the time where I get my inspiration from…. well when I see shit like this, I get excited….

that’s just clowning! asscher cuts, emerald cuts, cushion cuts, all around stupid crazy fancy shit. look at that fancy yellow radiant cut eternity band! smh…. this is my type of swag. they look very similar to my eternity wedding ring, but mine is all round brilliant cuts.

ok now it’s PEACE

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