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I still love the fact that I got fleas trying to bite me, but they all realize I have dirt for days and days, so why even bother? but I really fall back from spazzing out on these crumbs.
ex’s, haters, fakers, etc… everyone wants to blame me for being the bad guy in the end for venting out a little bit. trust me I ignore a lot, somethings never even get to me because I really am immune to the corny shit, so before you start opening your dumb ass mouth, chill before I write another volume of ether in regards to your sad ass life, your thirstiness to be famous or to keep it extra real? your hit and run accident where someone is trying to sue you for $25,000 because your dumb ass couldn’t get legitimate insurance due to your DUI, but I took care of it… so relax. chill. I’m not a snitch like a lot of you youngsters are. (on a sidenote, to the bozo who I ain’t ever had an issue with; stop claiming your a westminster viet gangster, when your name is on paperwork snitching, we can take it wherever you want holmes)

So as I spray on everyone… on to a separate chapter which has now finally been closed…. THANK YOU LORD!
yesterday was an excellent one. I woke up from a great call and I think the other party FINALLY realizes 1. you are going to lose even more, it’s just how bad do you want to put your family in debt? 2. do you understand that you wasted not only my hard earned money, but your fake ass bf’s money who borrowed it anyways against his cars to help you pay your rent and fees? cmon… 3. NOBODY BELIEVES YOUR LIES. 4. the situation has been evaporated. don’t continue to be dumb. I won’t be pretending next time. I will broadcast shit on full blast. people really fail to realize that I place what I want on here. Nothing that is posted on here is Fiction… a lot still happens in my #basic ass lifestyle that I don’t post on here… but it must not be so #basic since over a million viewers click on this blog each month huh?

So after settling my victory, I went straight to Mel & Rose Wine and copped 2 bottles of Rose’ and went to the crib to hit up some kinfolk…. chilled out for a little bit, did some shopping at Barney’s… ate at Barney’s greengrass… then headed to Hollywood & Highland to get some Toll House Cookies & Ice Cream….

So I head to the Beverly Center to get some extra curricular activity supplies….. then head back to the trap…

some friends came thru and we celebrated with some Slow Zay and dinner…. head over to go see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D IMAX and shit was really better than the reviews I read…. I don’t remember the story from when I was a kid because that was like 32 years ago the last time I seen Alice in Wonderland, but visually, shit was on par or even iller than Avatar… but then again, I was also leanin heavy… sideways… btw, the trailer for Tron was insane! damn I gotta wait til xmas to see that shit? I know AM would loved to have watched that…. his boys Daft Punk are scoring the film…
so I lay my simple ass down at the trap and fall right asleep and I heard from someone I was talking a lot in my sleep lol. One thing about Lean is that it will lay you out like new carpet!

I wake up this morning later than usual (approx 10am) and just lay in bed chillin… talkin and repeatedly watchin the youtube “charlie bit my finger” video. I sold a few engagement rings and have some orders to finish, so I took the day off and decided to work on me today… and some relaxation methods and just enjoy a day in Beverly Hills…. but 1st I had to drop off some ice in Armenia I mean Glendale, CA
After I leave Glendale, I head with a friend back towards the tilt and we get it in at the BH polo lounge… As I pull up to valet, I see a platinum whip there… I’m like yo, I recognize that car… its my homey Kim Kardashian coming out and she was drenched in sweat (wtf?) naw… Kim just finished working out and eating at the Coffee Shop downstairs, she said she didn’t want to eat at the polo lounge because of how she looked… smh, she looked perfectly fine, just in gym clothes… also funny coincidence because 7 minutes prior, I was just talking to her brother Rob (ROB GIVE ME BACK MY LRG JACKET & GARAGE REMOTE YOU FUCK!) So we walk into the Polo Lounge and I’m super under dressed for these bourgeois folks… but my watch is clean lol… even this private secret service guy complimented me on it…. sit down and life is grand…


I order the gnocchi and she orders the tuna tar-tare and we shared the delicious tomato soup(my favorite soup next to the tomato soup at Nordstrom Cafe)… chill out and just enjoy the beautiful weather… My whip was nice and detailed(thanks Misha) and we again hit the streets for a little cruise….

took a short cat nap… later hit office depot and the apple store for some mac accessories and was gonna hit the artwalk downtown, but it’s a little cold and I want to catch up on some emails and maybe ustream later…. just got home from some delicious sushi and funny shit… I can’t eat miso soup without sriracha sauce anymore, I have to have it…. more so than I need ketchup with fries!

anyways, tomorrow I’ll post pics of the Black Silver PVD stuff we got, If you’ve hit our shop up, you’ll see it there, we got a lotta stuff in and a lot has been sold already, but there’s a decent amount left for sale still… MAYOR! RELAX FAMO! I think your ring may be in that shipment! I didn’t check it all, there was over 100 items…but I will manana!

god bless

p.s. all pictures taken were made on my blackberry, not bad… I still haven’t downloaded Photoshop, but I will now that I’m finally getting some free time

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