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So last week I blogged random things as normal, but when I took off out of town wednesday morning, I brought my macbook without fear of losing it this time… only thing was I didn’t have that much time to blog really because I was tied up working and entertaining and by the time I got back to my room each day/night I was exhausted….

so I fly to Las Vegas on wednesday morning to check into my new favorite hotel(3rd times a charm huh? YES IT IS ^_^ )
Upgraded to a “view” suite and on the 50th floor, shit was doooppe! Not to sound like a snob because I can be a prick at times ;), but I’m used to staying at nice hotels and this is when I love to take advantage of the economy when it comes to luxury shit (i.e. my bmw, my 1st class flights are cheaper, etc)
so I check into my room and you know I got pics lol

I’m not mad at her murakami bag… the bedroom or really the bed is the business!the view from the bed looks like so…. we’re so high up, I had to sit up on the bed to see something  the living room…. chilling room awwwready…. who the fuck is gonna cook in vegas though? but this was the best part for real….

this view was shitting! had some jewelry business to handle at the wynn, so I figured I’d catch a quick lunch there too…

actin like I’m on an important call! btw, weather was cold as hell! and it was windy as hell too! smh

after I finished some work, shopped a little bit at the wynn, saw shit at GRAFF that I’ll never be able to afford, hit fashion show mall, came out empty, hit Forum Shops and copped a few things… there’s a new store I found(me, not new to everyone) called Scoop nyc and they carried everything from my favorite APC line to even my shades I rock all the time now and fresh ass other shit… it’s sort of like a fred segal/ron herman for men… what I think Barney’s co-op should be like…. then walked over to marc jacobs and copped some small shit and needed to take a nap back at the room….

on the way back to the telly…. I seen one of those vans everyone see’s that pulls advertisements, usually strip clubs and escort services…. and I’m like hold up, I KNOW THAT GIRL???!!!!! lol
it’s jessica burciaga and this was the best shot I could get with my phone…. so I had to BBM her the pic and she was heated but said it’s been going on for 4 years and she can’t stop them. smh

so I watch some peoples court, then pass out…

when I awoke, this is what I saw

sorry, but this shit will never get old to me… I’ve been a sucker for the Bellagio Fountain show for over a decade! and this view along with the players high roller suite at Aladdin/Planet Hollywood, this reigns supreme!

So I got up, got semi-fresh to hit up Koi for some dinner….
After dinner… there isn’t much poppin on a wed night in Vegas… there’s Eve at Crystals and Lavo I guess, but I wasn’t in the mood…. so I walked over to Caramel inside the bellagio to cool out for a minute…. after a few patron and sprites, I thought it’d be funny if me and my friend play an april fools prank and act like we got married… ok, so it’s 12:09am and I’m thinking everyone on twitter or facebook has to know this shit is a joke…. NOT EVERYONE…. I got calls from important people in my life, we both got mad texts etc… it was just a joke! one of our mutual friends was like YOOOOO WTF? OMFUCCCCCCCKEN GATTTTTTT, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT? WHEN? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? YOU GUYS ARE CRAZZZZY….. BUT FUCK IT I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND LET’S CELEBRATE WHEN YOU COME HOME!!!!
lol, jesus I almost didn’t wanna tell my homey because he was so damn happy, but when he found out it was april fools, he was fucking pissed!

I guess it was meant to be huh? BB I mean…. haha

Anyways, woke up thursday morning to a beautiful breakfast, in all of the hotels in Vegas, the Vdara def shits on anyone else’s room service. 1. the food is spectacular! 2. the service is fast and amazing! so I kept on with the joke for those idiots who haven’t caught on yet…. said MR. and Mrs. Yang’s 1st breakfast together….

not shown is the toaster oven they bring up to toast up the bread and the bagels lol….

so after breakfast, I thought I’d utilize the Spa facilities and had no expectations…. I figured it’d have to be the shit because it is a 5 star telly…. BUT WOW! now I’ve stayed at every single top hotel in vegas, from the Trump to Wynn to Four Seasons and the shitty ass Aria, but DEEEZAAAMMMMMNN! The Vdara’s spa is hands down the illest spa I’ve been to, not only in vegas, but period. They just had it on lock down and covered every which way possible! I sat in the steam room for a good 20 minutes to let out all the bullshit and toxins and tried to be calm for 1nce in my lifetime…. got in a hot rock/swedish massage and shit relaxed me soo much, that I fell asleep in that bitch! true story… I was told I was even snoring lightweight lol…. so after that, hit the dry sauna to take advantage of the oils that were used on my skin and also relax a little bit more… I used up everything I could in that spa and felt like a million bux for real! ordered some snacks and went back up to the room to blog a little and catch up on some emails….

after getting ready and shit, I was truly fresh to death and completely feeling myself

got on my prada and skinny suit and was ready for dinner and Cirque Du Soleil

I had dinner at Yellowtail at the Bellagio and they recently acquired the chef from Nobu in Denver who is an Iron Chef…. (THANK YOU JOSH D AND THE LIGHT GROUP FOR ALL THE VIP SERVICES) So I’m greeted at the door, window seat right in front of the fountain show!

shit was wet, pun intended….

I had some sushi the night before, but it was sort of weak…. might not hit Koi again… so this night, I wanted to go IN… got a few orders of Toro and this Miso Black Cod and mad other shit that was delicious….
As soon as dinner ended, I headed over to see “O” with a friend who has never seen the show before…. I even had a special surprise in hand for her, but no camera’s or such are allowed inside the theater…. so I’ll just tell you lol…. during the middle of the show, I had the conductor (thank you T & H) in the middle of a sold out audience, have one of the characters of the show bring out a flower to my friend…. (f.y.i. we were sitting row A aka Front Row) and she looked at me like wtf? I was like, hurry up and go up there and grab it…. funny thing is I only had a facebook picture to use at the time I tried to arrange this… and she was sitting in my seat, so you could see the 2 guys on stage literally count out the seats in our section…. so the show was amazing (my 8th time watching it) and I wanted to head out to party just a little bit….

btw, nobody else was pulled off stage that wasn’t IN the actual show… nobody else got a flower or anything, so I think she felt special lol

so we headed to Haze to meet up with my boy Josh D who runs shit in Las Vegas…. we walk up and I see my homey Roccett, say what up and head into the club ultra VIP status….
now for a recession, I don’t know where the money is coming from, BUT EVERY SINGLE TABLE AND VIP TABLE IS BOOKED WITH MAD BOTTLES OF GOOSE AND CRISTAL/ACES, ETC! I’m like whoa???? remember, this club is BIG, holds over 2,000 people… so I was like good shit… the DJ was not bad, crowd was cool… the dancers were in way classier outfits than what you see go-go type dancers in LA wearing…. got a few pineapple/patron’s and then shook…


As I was walking back to my hotel which is across the driveway of Aria inside the city center… I took a picture with my phone

when I woke up Friday morning… I was hyped to get back home to LA…. I didn’t even go hard in Vegas, but a couple days is the most I could do there…. it drives me crazy after about 4+ days…

so I let anyone/everyone who still may think I was married that I wasn’t….
put up a pic on my facebook saying “hey, the annulment was successful and at least I’m flying home 1st class!”

I got home to some be@rbricks waiting on me…. I already blogged about 1 of them…
had to ship out some jewels and then traffic was so bad, I started to get in a mood…. stopped at the 1st McDonalds I saw and copped my 1st Fillet of Fish ever! shit wasn’t that bad! haha…. finally got home and took a nap for a little bit.
Friday night was 2 things, my friends birthday and my friend Nicolette’s Bikini show for her line Lollime so I had to go there and support and say what up to some of my friends…
I had some homiez meet up at my place before we shot off to the club to get pre game warm up…. and they were pounding Henny and Apple juice hard…. I mean for a girl, I was like damn, for a little dude, I was like ok mobster… go head!!!!! they was drinking like it was their birthdays. So we hit the club around 11:30 and we didn’t plan on staying for a long time, but hey… you know they had Rose’ there! my favorite Nectar Imperial!

had to say what up to my friends…


I took some pics of the bikini show, but my point and shoot is not made for quick shots… so if you want to see more pics, go to

I forgot to mention that someone walked up to me and handed me 2 FAT spliffs of kush and I was like wtf? I didn’t smoke anything but DAMNN… good lookin out holmes.

now my other homiez who I rolled up with were drinking all night and even had some Rose’ with me…. but by around 1:45am, they couldn’t hang and the club was open til 3am, so we left and headed to get some food after having an argument with maybe the dumbest and oldest doorman/security guard ever. I mean, some people just start shit to start it. for no reason but their own issues and this guy was close to 50 years old… smh

anyways, we head to get some Food at Mel’s and the homey Eric says, damn I don’t feel so good, had work and school today and I’m like huh? my guy, I’m almost 40, I ain’t tryna hear that shit, let’s order some food and MAN UP! his girl was saying the same, but I had no idea she was sorta faded too….

they walk out to the bathroom and are gone for a long ass time, long enough for me to finish my food and so I walk outside and these fools are out in my friends whip with the door open! they forgot to even lock the door, let alone close it! CAUGHT SLIPPIN!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha



Saturday night…. I was almost hyped to see Roy Jones Jr. fight, but I kept it lightweight all day long… had my friends bday dinner to hit up…
headed over to Cecconi’s and I got to shout out the manager Chris for showing mad love again…. ran into the homey Regis there to…. Regis is the true definition of a boss! I will NOT ever go to St. Tropez or the south of France without my guy….
so anyways, had a delicious dinner there and popped a few bottles of Ace early!


dinner was excellent…


my crazy no filter partner in crime Bella! the homey Russ… a future boss in the making… he’s gonna give me a job soon

dessert was lightweight off the hook!

we all left Cecconi’s mad late…. and headed over to Voyeur and copped a couple bottles to continue a little celebration….


yes, thats my trout mouth self actin up on the right hand side…. smh

me doin my impression of Eric who couldn’t hold his liquor from 24hrs prior lol I’ve been rocking a lotta suits lately…. but for the last 2 years or less I’ve cleaned up my style with a slimmer fit everything and definitely less jewels… I guess it’s time to look grown up… don’t mean I have to act growns up though! haha…. BUT you couldn’t tell me shit that night! I was in my Christian Dior Homme suit! YOU COULDN’T TELL ME I WASN’T FRESHHHH! uggghhhhhhh! lool (okay I’m done) no ice but my watch and earrings…. no grills, just my straight teeth (yes I had braces as a child)

Sunday was a lazy day…. my fam doesn’t celebrate easter… some of my family celebrate Passover and that’s about it, so I stayed in and ordered in and slept all day to catch up on a long but fun week… later that night went to friend for some BBQ and then came back and passed out!

btw, that earthquake was long as fuck! DAMN! it went forever and ever!



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