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so I said I’d be on my diet…. so for lunch friday me and my boo walked over to Vegan Glory…
MAN! shit gets better and better!
no joke, the food there is amazing and what’s best is that my girl is so fucking unselfish it drives me insane because everytime we go out to eat, she orders something I can eat or I’d like over what she really wants. pisses me off because I sometimes want to order a chicken or beef dish…. but I’d stalled out on red meat for while… in fact, it’s pretty much chicken and fish for now… but Vegan Glory has a great menu and my girl can have anything on it.


the steamed veggie dumplings were very good… but the Vegan Beef Burrito was insane amazing! tasted as good as kogi truck, but without the BG’s! and the steak sandwich? jesus…. shit was so flavorful! damn! and they deliver! I’ll be coming back for 3rds and 100ths!

also just opened down the street from me is the famous New York Bakery; Magnolia!
man I have driven past it for a week, but didn’t know what the deal was… I know the one in NYC is no joke and there’s always lines, but we had to peek in and check it out
THANK GOD FOR THE HOMEY ADAM(STUSSY) WHO WAS THERE 3RD IN LINE! BECAUSE IT WAS A 20+ MINUTE WAIT… WAIT? I’m on a diet! hahaaha… fuck that, gotta cheat! just a lil bit!(no lykke le)


the cupcakes are better than Joans on 3rd…. as good as Sprinkles and better in someways… but they have much more to offer with the cakes, pies, brownies, etc… overall it gets 4 thumbs up from me and nic.

so later that night, had a pescatarian meal at Mishima… ran into the Crooks fam there….
and then we decided to stay in and watch 2 horrible movies back to back…
“Remember Me” and “Cop Out” shaking my fucking head.
let’s not even go into reviews! just wow! both get a legit 1 out of 10 (why did I watch Remember Me? fuck outta here, why do you think? because I’m on team edward?)

SATURDAY aka Caturday lol jk

so we woke up, ate home made veggie breakfast and then got ready to hit the LBC to hit my homey Slep’s Baby Shower….. amazing, this is my guy for 15+ years…. but as we get older, you just keep in touch with some of your close friends only facebook or at family events and the last time I seen Slep was at AM’s funeral…. we all were pretty tight fam. WELL CONGRATS BRO! you’re gonna be a dad and damn! it’s a boy! smh at all the jokes going on at this thing… 1st off the party was at 1pm…. we left the crib at 12 and got there on time…. shit didn’t start til like 2:40! and btw, Slep in the general manger of Spearmint Rhino, so you already know hahhaahahahaha jesus!
1 table was all strippers…. 20+ deep lol & smh….
it was interesting, but I don’t give 2 shits really about what was going on in the background, our table was the fam fam… it’s cool that babies r us have an online registry because it saves time from having to stop there and wanting to buy 10 cases of flush-able baby wipes lol
anyways, wokcano started up down the street from my crib… shout out to my homey Teanna who used to work there back 5+ years ago…. this one in Long Beach is real real nice!


I’m gonna sound real fucked up…. BUT WOW SLEP YOU HAD AN ASSIGNED MENU???? hahahahahaa god damn! I’m impressed bro! I was expecting colt 45 tall cans and bbq at your crib for this shit! APPLAUDS!
BUT YO! the food was crazy good! the sea bass was ignorant!



now you already know homicide ain’t stopping at no babies r us or even target to get his brother a gift smh… he literally walked up and said “awww yeahhh” go buy your son some shit lolololol. (yes that’s really the gift)


was good to see Slep and his homey’s…. haven’t seen them since Homicide’s pops funeral.

speaking of parents…. homicides sister ASH is a mom! congrats again, so good to see you sis

so after Homicide had to shake to las vegas to do his residency at JET…. I had to shake to do not a damn thing!
we went did some lightweight shopping at the beverly center… shit was boring
went back to the crib and peeped out this movie called “RELIGULOUS” by Bill Maher mocking religion and the so called science behind it…. and WOW this shit was interesting, it was really funny too…. some people, I mean MOST people are very very sensitive when it comes to religion…. I mean they get way the fuck bent out of shape if you test their religious beliefs… Bill Maher didn’t just test fools, but he went there repeatedly… but in a smart way.
We appreciated the film, but you gotta watch it for yourself…. I mean, I believe in god and I believe ALL and EVERY religion are under 1 god… anyways, it’ll open your eyes if you’re open minded enough. who wrote the bible anyways? WHO? don’t be dumb….
also, I got a book as a gift a while ago called “God is Not Great” and when I get a chance to take some ADD medicine, then I’ll focus on that, but I’m sure it’ll be crazy….

so we had a little bit of cabin fever and haven’t been out in LA to a bar in a few months easy…. so we decided to get out of the house and hit up Cecconi’s…. when I saw the Bugatti Veyron in front I already knew it was gonna be a thirst fest lol…. we had a vegetarian meal again….. chopped salad, mushroom risotto, buffalo mozzarella pizza and the shit was delicious! THANK YOU CHRIS KIM FOR THE VIP TREATMENT ALWAYS!
we had some Rose’…. it was nice and we caught laughs at the countless amount of cougars with fake boobs inside trying to catch a paycheck… oh well….

so after Cecconi’s… we headed over to Boudoir (the old coco deville) and wanted to meet up with my homegirl Allison and see how she’s dealing with her partner Lindsay being locked up…. anyways, the music was good, chilled out and threw down some patron and belve….. didn’t stay til the end of the night, but I was on 1, matter of fact, I was on 2…. so we had to head home



went to dupars for breakfast…. decided to finally have meat and got the chicken sausage and it was terrible…. BUT, the flap jacks there are the best on the planet (and if you go there, you’ll see they got their food channel episode on where they’re voted the best pancakes in the USA on repeat)

then we hit the Americana and Glendale Galleria so I could find some Tank Tops and get ready for a few trips and shit coming up….. spent literally 4 hours shopping to only come out with some basic shit, but a few pairs of dope shorts…. I’m off the baggy, long shorts (and I can’t believe it!)…. headed over to pasadena and copped some more shit from American Apparel and then we hit Noodle World for some dinner….. shit was great, headed over to Trader Joes to get some Trek Mix and then shot over to Homicide’s crib to watch TRUE BLOOD on his huge 3-D LED TV…. what a great episode….

I drove back to the trap and did some work and finally got my place in order….
gotta find a handy man to install my shelves in the auxiliary room and might add some more recessed lighting…. the bathroom is done! 1 more, well 1/2 a bathroom left!
anyone know a good handy man? it’s a very easy job, I have all the materials, not the tools….. and I need a good steam carpet cleaner! holler

we will be back open on wednesday and back to our normal times of 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week….


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