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BECAUSE, I’VE BEEN KNOWN TO STEAL HEARTS…. some would call me a crook!
but we’ll get to the crooks gear I was blessed with yesterday in a second…

for now here’s the jewelry!
we made some last minute valentines hearts bracelets… all prong set and all priced right for those of you who still haven’t had time to get any gifts for your ladies…. but we can still push a small order for your girl if you want something else done custom, BUT ACT FAST!

peep game


2 carats total weight…. very girly and something dainty they can rock on an everyday basis… get the van clef look but for an IF and Co price….

you already know how to reach us (the CONTACT tab above is always there)

so now you know my boys didn’t get their name Crooks by being nerds…. they gaffle cats on a regular in the streetwear game and bring high fashion into the streets but make it still rockable without losing any cred….

I think I showed you a few seasons ago’s shades/eyewear…. well they got some more coming soon and I just used my iphone for sneak pics

I personally need the 2 left ones!

again, I need these

and I love harassing Mink when I go to the crooks offices because she’s korean, but thinks she’s japanese lol

those shades come out this summer…..

but if you want to get your pool & beach game tight….
you need to fuck with the Goyard steez Crooks trunks… not mad at the cuban links!


these shits are CRACK! in that dodger blue too? mannn… can’t wait for it to hit the 80’s here! I woulda took these with me to Hawaii, but the dumbfucks involved in the show this weekend, messed up on Nic’s show arrangements… so I’ll be in town for the grammy’s and most likely will be at the Far East Movement show

I picked up a few other things like Slim Camo Pants and this ill black gangster jacket… some nice button downs…. I’ll post more soon

but for all my RIDERS….. this is an early super sneak peek and I mean that literally, because I can’t leak more than this…..

wait til you see the actual design of this collab…. straight Gangster MACK!

speaking of Mack’s… I’m gonna put up the story of AMC aka the Air Mack’$ Crew on here by the end of the week and it will show a shit load of pics and story’s about my crew and the good times… rest in peace to our brother Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM…. all the early pics and just great memories… the story is about US and I’m even showing the kicks… I’ll have a disclaimer for the dickheads who want to ask the extra extra shit, this is not for all the new jacks who met AM post fame and if you know AM, he was a very peaceful person and he also made his friends and even acquaintances feel like they were his best friends…. but this sneaker game was ours way before any papparazzi’s knew him….. me and Homicide are going to work on this starting tomorrow and hopefully post by friday morning

p.s. I musta had a whole lotta stalkers on my FB page yesterday huh?

for only having 2,000 likes, that’s a lotta views….
and of course, even though I have a ton of lurkers here, I still get 24,000 to 30,000 visits a day

peace y’all.

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