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yeah, I took the rest of the day off yesterday after blogging and handlings some business for this huge project I got with my boy Corey who owns Vintage Frames…. so I didn’t plan anything for valentines day (dinner wise) because it’s built behind so much hype! and because my wife gets what she wants… so it might be real hard just to be extra extra extra extra extra extra special…. but I did want to hit someplace nice and regal for lunch… I wanted a view and I wanted good food. it’s been a minute, so we headed as far west until we hit the pacific ocean and then finally: enter “the Penthouse” at the Huntley Hotel


okay, I always say I prefer a city view over a beach/ocean view… but this is kinda breathtaking… it’s the best beach restaurant view in all of LA for real and damn the food is very good. the bar is on point and the decor and ambiance is aligned. even the bathroom smelled like hello kitty water. and that shit looked like what urinals would look like in heaven or some shit


definitely have to make more visits there when the weather is even better…. and only on off days, I don’t fuck with weekends and waiting, the problem with me… whenever I visit a friend at a nice hotel or someplace, I’m always tipping $20 to get my car because they put it up front… so by the end of the day it’s usually $100 instead of $15 smh… so with waiting, I get irritated and give the host $200 to sit down and that usually costs more than our meal…. so off days lol

now, I hate Jordans and Jordan Brand on how they whore the retro game… but my wife’s bff who she’s been down with since they went to HS in Manila asked me for a favor and so I couldn’t say no… she wanted to get her man the new J’s that come out this saturday…. so I rarely ask for favors, but I had to hook it up… I rarely do this and your story gotta be something crazy, but I got my brother the concords for xmas because he’s had a rough year and so anyways….


dinner was super chill and I don’t even remember what we did….

I just know we had a good time!
we also spent 4 hours searching caribbean trips until we found a place that both of us haven’t been… and that’s a tough task as I’ve been to over 30 countries and Nic’s been to a lot of places too.

okay, gotta get into gear and get this money

peace y’all

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