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woke up today, got ready for Vegas which I’m now headed out tomorrow night because of a meeting with a MAJOR client….
went and picked up some new shades at oliver peoples (sorry Funeral Fab, I HAD TO SWAGGER JACK THEM SHITS when I seen you at the grammys!) and then went to get my mom a present… her b-day is the 18th, but I won’t be here and my family works the weekdays, so we celebrated it earlier tonight…. funny f.y.i. my mom’s b-day is the same day as my former boss Dr. Dre and it’d be conflicting issues with who’s party I was gonna go to(smh at me huh? check or love/fam? lol SLAP MYSELF!) ANYWAYS….
my sister cooked up a delicious meal along with my bro in law…. and I got to spend time with my Valentines! yes I had 2 this year!

they made the me the best gift ever!

nothing can fade this! I’m gonna frame it!

So I spent as much time as I could with my family, catching up, etc…. been spending a lot of time with them lately…. in fact, this is the most I’ve seen my family in maybe 2 decades so far this year…. but all of our b-days are together along with the holidays and the chinese lunar calendar new year and normal new years, my sisters b-day, my b-day, my mom’s b-day….. I even took a nap in my nieces bed….

Finally got home to finish packing, but wanted to talk to my other Mama…. she was on skype…. via the Philippines… smh…. 2011

aite, y’all, gotta go finish packing… i’ll holla

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