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a friend of mine came into town to shoot a show he’s working on and they’re on their 2nd season…. it’s a show about DJing and I randomly hit him up so we could link and just catch up since our boy Jonas had past, so I always knew my man Just Blaze was nasty with the beats and his toy, shoe, electronic and especially phone or computer game was ridiculous…. but I never knew dude was deeper than atlantis with the mental……

beyond the materialistic shit, we sat down and chopped it up about a lotta shit. I appreciate the real talk famo, I got you anytime you need something in Cali bro bro

we had a good ass grown men talk for real….

the next day I got back on my grind to see some other producers….
The Stereotypes….
Jon Street from the Stereotypes just welcomed in his 1st son!

so as a gift and for something special…. Far East Movement commissioned me to do a job for their new nephew “Milo” by having me make a “LEGO” piece which is not only meaningful to almost any child, but also the name of their first single off their debut album…. Jon himself actually wore a “LEGO” piece in the music video they just shot, so I already knew…. for an infant? I’m gonna make him the flyest baby out!

this what Proh and Kev sent me


so I had to search and search for the perfect sized LEGO piece for a baby, so that I could cast right off that mold itself…. it was so fucking hard to find in any toys R US or Target…. so I finally went to the glendale galleria LEGO store and found the perfect joint….

and then tadowww!


they wanted a baby sized rope chain to make it HIP HOP…. and everything had to be real gold!
done and done!

much love again to my brothers FM and to Jon and the Stereotypes
god bless!

so after that… I shot over to pick up my new LV hot stamped items…

Jonas gave me that LV iPod case….


I stamped the checkbook and duffle bag keepall tag with BY because I’m not writing checks or getting luggage at the airport as BB
but no biggie…. just wanted to share
thank you Joanna and Josh at Louis Vuitton

after that, I shook over to grab Just because he said he wanted to get a tattoo…. now I didn’t know this was gonna be his first tattoo ever! so I hit up Cartoon but he was obviously locked in and busy as fuck…. and Just wanted to get it done inside a 6 hour timeframe….. so I walked into my boy Norm from Seventh Letter’s tattoo parlor next door to Supreme and Diamond and saw my boy Boog was in town just by chance! Boog was introduced to me by a friend and he GETS DOWN! the tattoo’s that Just were getting weren’t some abstract difficult art, just some easy things that were meaningful to his life…. so I knew Boog could easily smash that out

stopped by Diamond first to get Just laced up with some gear, thanks Nick

and then… it was ink time

when you click this pic, you will see the artwork was on Just’s iPad

this was something significant to his circle of close childhood friends who all said they would get this when they turned 30…. so he did this in honor of them and his boy who just passed RIP

now I can’t believe that he never had this already made…. if you don’t know, then sigh…. there’s a reason why they call him the Megatron Don

I got some more jewelry to post in the weekend wrap up and I don’t think I’ll be making it to magic because of work, but I really want to at least make it for the Crooks x Pangea party at the Palms hardwood suite!

I got to focus on other things, but maybe….

until then,
enjoy this….. for laughs

if you’ve ever ate at Sushi Park before, then you know…. THEY DON’T FUCK AROUND!
NO means NO! lol

speaking of not fucking around…..

that’s what my meals will sorta look like from a while…
I lost 5lbs in the last few days and cut out carbs almost completely… that meal has zero carbs…. there may have been some insignificant amount in the A-1 sauce or ketchup, but no more mexican cokes, all that…. I shoulda did this before, but I gotta lose some of this gut and get my cardio and fitness in order

okay, I gotta get back to work and then I’m gonna catch my boy REVOK’S art show tonight….

peace everyone!

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