today was a good day…

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no barking from the dog, no smog and my baby cooked the breakfast with no hog….

anyways, got started on my fam Mayors new Watch project…
fyi, this watch isn’t even out yet!
I don’t even think there are any real pics outside stock photos of this watch lying around yet

here’s the before pics of the plain Clipse Play Cloths G-Shock


don’t worry Mayor! we got you covered!

to read the rest of my friday, click on the link below!

so after working out the customizing design part… I got on a conference call to set up a kick off the summer in Koreatown for sometime in June maybe…. It’ll be a blast! I’ll fill y’all in with details soon!

so I went to meet up with my lil bro bro Ryan Grant (starting running back for the Green Bay Packers)
I took my him and his homey to Mario’s peruvian for some off the chain cuisine! we caught up on life, biz, etc… they loved the food, but what was better is that we got to build. We might have to get into something dumb tomorrow with my homey George and the Platinum fam.

After that meeting, I rolled down Melrose and stopped by to say what up to my Platinum homey’s…. shot the shit and checked out Rob Dyrdek’s new Porsche Panamera Turbo and then shook…. headed west and made a left down Fairfax… stopped off at Diamond Supply to discuss the event coming up in SF on the 30th in SF, got a nice short sleeve shirt and some denim….

I had to stop by Supreme to say what up to the fam (berto, ben, javiar, jeff) and for those who watch the TV show “HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA” then you saw my homey Javi who’s been down with Supreme LA since day 1 literally… I still remember the day I met Javi… mad chill, good energy, always positive, good skater, just overall good cat period! (shout out to my homey NA lol, crazy ass puerto ricans/dominicans!) I always see Javi out doin his thing… and not too long ago Rob Weiss came through the store and put Javi into the show as Wilfredo Gomez the crazy skater that the guys in How to make it in America invested all that money into the skateboards….. well if you wanna follow up on my homey, check him out on twitter here: @wilfredogomezny

lol, they made a tshirt even for him! haha, good lookin out kid!

so I went down to the shop to peep out a custom made diamond rosary we made for a girl…. she wanted a smaller super classy rosary with diamond studs in it and light, but detailed…. so here’s some pics of it… it’s 8 carats of VS2/SI1 diamonds, 14k white gold and honestly? I’d wear this shit all day long myself…
sorry for the crappy pics, but their from my blackberry….


the pics obviously don’t do any justice to this piece…. my cousin Jeff designed this joint… I like this a lot…

aite, gonna shut it down for a little bit… get some sushi and hit a bowling alley!

be safe tonight everyone!

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