time out….

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yo, I can’t believe that I’ve wrote so much on this blog that it’s crazy…..

it could take months and months to read everything and the journey I’ve taken my readers through is a looney one!

I mean, there is some crazy deep shit on here and then some ultra silly shit and of course a lot of jewelry.

so I’m caught up trying to design and make 3 pieces for some fam right now, so check out back pages you haven’t seen before or go through the gallery….
I’m working on a new page design soon thanks to my boy Cody Code.

I’m saying that I’m busy….

straight off the plane at LAX and straight to some lemon pepper wings and a Kola Champagne at Wing Stop!

Chicago was a fucking blast, shout out to my fam fam there and shout out to the homey Jim Jones for being a true G and flying straight outta jail to chitown to perform for my boys bday!

I’ll get pics up…..

btw, I just copped a ferrari f50 today


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