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So last night was my inauguration into the TILA ARMY! #tilaarmy #tilaarmy #tilaarmy She appointed me General for the West Coast! We got a lot of work to do because our fight against haters is a long and vicious one! anyways, stay tuned….

Last night we had to map out some plans, our trips to NYC and Egypt so far and few more before the year ends…. We started our mission at Bardot for dinner for her hairstylists bday party…. Jon who is a really cool cat, the dinner wasn’t the greatest, but it was surprisingly cheap and the company was good. got to meet some new peeps, hello Mimi ….. so the papparazzi attacked her as we left and then headed to the command center to regroup!

I feel so damn out of the loop sometimes… Tila has this thing called Vudu and that shit is THAT PIFF! so you can order anything from on demand to an enormous catalog of movies in their database, thousands and thousands of films from EVERY genre to even new releases and what’s in theaters now. you can search by actor, director or by movie title… you can also browse youtube, etc…. it’s just crazy, so we watched Ong Bak2 to get fired up, shit was much more grass roots, but Tony Jaa got in it with them sons of bitches who hated on him and killed his fam…. Made me miss Thailand and then we watched Vanilla Sky which I didn’t like the first time around, but I was so faded last night, shit was kinda ill (maybe it was the ….) I didn’t get to bed til around 5:30am… but today is my off day and I’m gonna spend it chillin with my lil smiley face.

I had some toss and turning ass dreams, but woke up ok…
much love everyone. don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!

south pasadena, houston & ktown…. dinner @ bardot

tila rockin her #tilaarmy tee in pink of course…

my initiation tee, but I need the all black to rep it right babe!

and I think this may be why I had some funky dreams/nightmares last night…

p.s. I’m out for the day, gonna relax, eat good, watch movies, eat a nice dinner, cruise the city and listen to nothing and be on my worst behavior.


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