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same ole shit…. except that Nic’s cousin’s from Germany are here… so I want to show them a good time as they really look forward to coming here once a year, they make it seem as if Berlin is so boring, but it’s not that bad…. and every time we take them someplace, they’re eyes are open like they’ve seen miracles.

the day they got here…. Nics brother took them to Target and got them a bunch of stuff for their summer stay here….
this is how you spend a few hundred EARLY!


that’s a lot of guns! lol… they went HAM too on everyone in the house and been shooting these shits non stop… but they know better than to mess with me. I don’t play that shit! haha and pushing fools into the pool etc… man

we took them to Boiling Crab and they’ve been once before and they remember it like they ate it yesterday….


Nick Diamond may need to make me a custom Diamond Supply Co. bib!
I’m gonna take them to roscoes this week lol (any LA Staple)

then we took them to go see Transformers 3 and honestly, the first one was good, I don’t remember too much, but remember it was better than I thought I’d be…. the 2nd one I thought was kinda ass…. but part 3 was kinda the truth! since avatar, it was the best 3-D “looking” film and it had a LOT of action!

while I took them to see it at the Americana….

I think I was more hyped to use this machine than actually see the movie!

but I realized after all the snacks and shit that I need to get back on my diet…. I need to really get fit again… I found a pic of me from 2 years ago when I was on my beast mode and I was lean like a motherfucker!

so I stopped at CVS to get me some G2 low calorie low carb Gatorade lol

and speaking of another low calorie drink but not low calorie on your pockets….

Nic’s Mom got a bottle of this from a friend of hers and she popped it open like it was just an ordinary bottle of Moscato Rose(cheap ass wine!) and then later we googled and found out this shit goes for like $1,300 to $4,900 a bottle! smh!!!! oh well…. like 2 small sips and you get super buzzed! shit was good!

but I gotta get back to my slim swag!

so I couldn’t get a co-pilot for the Bull Run, but that’s all good. I was really behind in some work for some folks and I got to catch up on things with Nic which was more important really.
I haven’t been to work in a few days, but I had to punch in the clock and put this wedding planning in a headlock. shit, almost 2 months and til the bells…..

and speaking of wedding bells… the royal couple william and kate visited LA this weekend, so we decided to stay the fuck away from everywhere they were…. the thing is, where they were staying was on route to ktown from my crib and they were also partying just a couple miles from my crib in Bev Hills, so we saw the insane bigger than the presidents motorcade pass us by…. there was this suburban that followed almost 45 seconds after the 30 car motorcade already passed and all the windows were down, everyone in full battle gear with RPG and fully automatic machine guns hanging out the window! DAMN!

so I headed south towards slauson where I knew none of them would be….

Catdicc JR got himself a 17 carat diamond stud chain on 14k yellow gold….. this little fucker has stepped his game up! I don’t think he’s ever had his chain on display at our store before…. but now he’s money a little taller lol….

but don’t trip CD JR,

I had to swag it out and break out my new 100 carat diamond franco chain

Catdicc 1 couldn’t let Catdicc JR beat him out on some stunt shit! lol… jk, CD JR is getting right right! and in a classy way….

note: we sold 7 of the micro jesus pieces… thank you so much! I haven’t been around to take pics, so I will do that today and post them tomorrow
I will post them on my neck or on a neck so you can see the difference in size!
FYI! there is a store on fairfax that sells baby jesus pieces made of alloy or steel and with crystals or CZ’s and they’re $350 each! for a fake chain and fake stones…. a nice person will say it’s “COSTUME”
so the micro piece for 3x the price is the way to go. always take in mind that you’re not paying for gold only, this isn’t a pawn shop, you’re paying for the mold, the labor costs and especially the “micro” pave’ labor it cost to set the diamonds in this tiny piece, but it was affordable for 18 to 21 year cats to cop for their girls…. remember a guy can rock this for sure, but it’s the size of a penny.
if you’re gonna ask questions about jewelry, please make sure you buy some quality jewelry or at least walk into your local jewelry mall store even to find out what things cost. if you can’t afford it, it’s cool, I’m not worried because I know what market values are and things and trends and everything that I need to take into thought and what I put out always sells. so don’t worry about hurting my feelings by not buying, but I say this because there are so many questions about what you can get these days for a couple G’s or for a G etc

remember, a full sized Jesus piece and nice sized heavy cuban or franco a few years ago was like under $10,000 EASY! all day long…. now? not a chance at all

so I’ll make sure to take some pics soon…..

you know I had to mention instagram somewhere right? lol
your boy is POPULAR!!!!


I’ve hit the popular page over 9 times now…. and I just broke 3,000 followers….
I’m telling you, everyone I know is jumping on the iphone swag right now!

Fabolous and SouljaBoy are on instagram now… I’m bout to get Cartoon on there soon and many other homiez!

Saturday, they had a release party for the Supra Skytop III at Factory 413, but I couldn’t make it…..
please believe I showed up to the Skytop III party at Trousdale


we had a good ole time…. I think Nic was bored, but only because she was dressed how I wanted her to dress lol…. but me and TK got it in and then my other co-pilot flake Rob Kardashian was the one who picked me and Nic up and took us there…. but bottom line is the skytop 3 is my all time favorite supra and the most comfortable shoe period! they run a little small, so I could rock a 10.5 or even a 11 if I got a thick pair of socks on…. shout out to my boy Chad Muska and congrats homey, you did it again! He was on one at the party…. shit he may have been on 2! and shout out to Angel for missing his flight from London to LAX lol….. shout out to my whole supra fam: Dirty, Josh, Mike and the skateteam etc… MAD LOVE ALWAYS!

sunday, I found out that the DVD I’ve tried to buy from every best buy and rent from every local blockbuster and have tried to watch on apple tv, playstation 3, amazon movies….. IS NOW FINALLY AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!

I watched that shit twice yesterday! lol

then, headed over to Nic’s parents crib to get some Adobo and BBQ….. she made Longanisa yesterday, but that shit would have gave me the mean gas and burbs something awful!

so I gotta head to work, get it in at the store… I have to start a few new joints for my boy in the Chi, finish up this piece for MJ and a couple other projects….. CHAMP, STOP BULLSHITTING FAM! let’s get this rollin!!!!!

aite y’all
glad you read this bullshit
hope you hated my top 50 movie list! lol

you should use the search bar and search for my top 5 greatest MC’s list from a couple years ago….


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