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let me start off with this right quick….

the recession is not over. fuck what you heard. there are less so called recession proof jobs then people think… yes managers at In N Out do make over 6 figures and at least like 75k at smaller locations, but that’s obvi a hard job to land…. on the other end, your friends who sold cell plans at verizon and tmobile used to rake in 100k + a year, but those days are gone and done…. I have a feeling that the shit is only getting worse and worse(the recession did NOT end last summer smh, if it did then why is our unemployment rate rising so high and so fast? Nobody in our generation or even our parents have seen anything like what our country is going through and gone through in the past year or so. Everyone is feeling it in some way.). and so let’s go onto the whole other spectrum from burgers and cell phones…

not everyone can be a rapper or nba player or famous actor… someone has to take out the trash…. but if that is your job, be the president of trashmen!(my motto is; if you’re doing something, be the best at it!) btw, sanitation men make a lotta bread in my neighborhood…. just like fishermen do in Alaska and neither of them can really get that smell off them for the rest of their lives…. but I know jobs overall are slim pickings(surprise duh)…. people just have unrealistic goals… I mean that so sincerely, everyone thinks they are 1 in a billion and good for them, but don’t expect shit and you’ll never be disappointed. be realistic and know what you are good at, don’t cheat yourself, but don’t cheat others…. the music game is filled with gimmicks; you don’t even need to know how to sing… TLC sold 20 million records back when I was in the game and they couldn’t sing for shit…. they sold off image alone.

when I was coming up the competition for being a rapper or to make it in the nfl or nba was 10000x less congested compared to what it is now. I am so thankful for growing up in the time period I did and love my generation, we got to see it all happen before our eyes, there was more culture compared to what these punk youngsters see today…. I hate this fast food era world we live in right now…. my best advice for anyone who wants to sing, rap or produces beats is: If you’re in it strictly for fame or money, then you need to quit asap! I’ve obviously heard my share of terrible music and so little was ever great if any, I mean such a tiny bit was good, let alone great…. let someone with a god gifted talent not dupe the world because of lame music politics and actually make a living because they can sang, not sing…. i.e. stevie wonder, i’ll even say christina aguilera or drake, yes drake is a chosen one. and btw, stop with the bullshit illuminatti, free masons etc…. Jay isn’t one, 2pac wasn’t one, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist… just know there isn’t 1 single rapper who is one. #TRUST and think a little deeper because I might sound racist to idiots who can’t read between the lines. Dean Martin said once, the world is drunk and we’re just the flavor of the month….. that’s how I feel about Kanye, now that he has the rap worlds and most of the music worlds attention, he’s leading them into a direction I think most true music heads don’t agree with(i’m not talkin about the dick riders!). and Ye knows music; how do you tell a guy with an ego the size of China you’re not feeling his music? (I think that toast to the douchbags song is maybe his worst ever, I mean it’s a slap in the face and fucking awful) btw, Dean Martin was classic and part of a legendary crew with Lawford, Sammy and of course Ole Blue Eyes…. but damn, their original version of Oceans 11 was so damn bad due to Sinitra’s ego…. crazy shit if you know anything about it

when I became a professional DJ, there were like 7 major DJ’s working in Hollywood… now there are over 1,000 currently working in LA/Hollywood easy! and there’s probably over 1,000,000 in Cali who are aspiring to be a famous working DJ. and some of you have skills but don’t have the entire package or didn’t study music and have enough experience or the upbringing of the great music from the 70’s and so on…. they barely know 80’s rap groups smh! and you don’t even have to really know how to DJ these days with technology smh…. I’m straight… I bowed out gracefully and never looked back. I’m proud of what Homicide and AM did with their DJ careers and what WE all did by pushing the bar and setting limits for others, but I fell out of love with it and in my later DJ career was only doing it for the money and bitches…. that’s when I knew I had to be out. same shit goes for playing ball or acting, but to a billion times more saturated.

I remember walking into the Wherehouse and Tower Records to buy a CD in 1988 and there were less than 25 Rap album choices maybe! now there are over 1 million rappers overall and maybe a few hundred different rap artists with cd’s in the few stores left that sell hard copies….

And you know what is really bad? the world we live in has force fed us to praise famous people. it’s fucking pathetic. These kids don’t remember when MTV was actually a music video channel and actually played hours on top of hours of music videos ONLY, not this reality tv shit…. so these kids want to duplicate any type of fame they see on youtube or whatever, but don’t have any talent or don’t want to work for it. fucking sad as fuck. It’s led more and more of these unemployed people to think they have a chance to become a famous musician…. who am I to tell people not to follow their dreams? ummm, let me be some of these people reality checks…. if you ain’t got it, then you don’t got it motherfucker. I had an opportunity to become a rapper back in the day…. with the best producer in the earth and best songwriter to write my rhymes and I knew off my image alone I was gonna sell some records, but I didn’t want to make a mockery of something I actually respected then…..

when I used to search the word “nike dunk” on ebay, there was less than 30 listings; now there are close to 100,000 probably. IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING AND GETTING IN AND OUT AT THE RIGHT TIME. Trying to slang kicks now is insane and I would never want to work that hustle again. But I am thankful to be a pioneer to the sneaker movement…. everytime I see a kid in dunks or air force I’s I kinda laugh inside at myself like damn… look what me, NT and my og homey’s created…. yes I was a major reason why Dunks blew up, real talk AM radio(that probably went over your head). there were only a handful of us…. that shit spread like wildfire, but once I got the job working in the sneaker business, it made me hate my hobby and passion for sneakers in regards to NIKE, not Supra or other brands who operate much differently than the swoosh….. Won’t go into their evil ways. I’m just glad to be out of that too. But unlike music, I rather go into the sneaker business doing marketing or design for a huge brand before I ever went back into the music business.

f.y.i. I don’t want to manage an artist ever or have anything to do with music ever again in my life. I do support a few people out there who I actually love outside their business of music or acting and that’s because I have no ulterior motive with them. When I met Drake I saw something different and I knew this kid was gonna do big things…. same thing with Far East Movement…. shit I am so fucking proud of them… but peep game… ALL THE GUYS IN FAR EAST MOVEMENT HAVE COLLEGE AND LAW DEGREES FROM VERY RESPECTED SCHOOLS! they have shit to fall back on if this music shit doesn’t work out later… they worked hard and never gave up also… I’ll never forget sitting on 6th street in K-Town and hearing Kevnish telling me “man I love what I do” with the most fucking sincere voice ever! Drake is a good lookin dude with a lot of talent and has options and now with money and being savvy he can venture into other shit, but I got a feeling he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Not everyone can be a jeweler or whatever so called dream career either…. shit its even hard to be a drug dealer these days…. back in the day, all you needed was a pager some dope and sit and wait for someone to come up to you or your pager to go off…. this shit and these lifestyles aren’t for everyone and everyone who is faking the lifestyles to the point of breaking themselves make me sad; I don’t laugh, I really feel sorry for them. I remember making some good money but spending beyond my means…. I remember dreaming, but I also knew how to get next to someone, I knew how to use my skills and my mouthpiece to get what I wanted…. in between getting my foot in the door and what some of you might call success, I had millions of haters who had their say and what not…. a lot of those peeps have faded away and dissolved into places unknown and I could give a fuck about them…. I said school wasn’t for ME, doesn’t mean it’s not for you… it just didn’t make sense for me to be in school because I wanted to be a DJ (which I was) or producer, but was truly only in school to make my parents proud, my dream was to play in the NBA so I had to go through the proper channels.. because I wasn’t Chris Mills or Jason Kidd…. I wasn’t even that great, I was good and I still had a chance then, I took that chance too! but, shit now? impossible…. thank god for a scholarship though, because paying off loans isn’t what I wanted to worry about as soon as I graduated… . I don’t know how YOU can be rich or successful, but I can tell you that just because you have your friends who DON’T want to hurt your feelings tell you you’re a dope singer or rapper doesn’t mean you’re going to make it and most likely you won’t. these same yes people have got the world fucked up with the music game now, from Justin Beiber or other shit that is so weak… those aren’t artists…. even the big names today don’t compare to the great ones…. like sade, MJ, prince, bob marley and the stones, etc….

it’s not just music though, acting and films have gotten worse and worse over the years and everything is a remake. it’s horrible… when I was growing up, if 30 movies were released, 28 of them were damn good… now if 3000 movies are released, 2990 of them are terrible and I’m being generous with those stats.

I don’t know what to expect of the future, I just know at this rate, shit don’t look too good for entertainment…. think deeper, further… truly outside the box.

10 years ago, I had like $15,000 in my savings and $6,000 in my checking account and a few G’s cash in my pocket… I was making at least $6,000 a month cash from DJing(I only worked 8 nights a month and literally for 2.5 hours a night) and I was happier than shit… had a escalade and lexus and was renting a crib in sherman oaks for like $1500 a month for a 3 bedroom + den! and this was south of the blvd! My only worry was eating at Bossa Nova and copping the freshest kicks and rollin on dubs on the newest SUV out…. this was before I sold my collection for over a million dollars.

now I have well passed that, I’ve lowered my overhead by almost 600% (around 2004 to 2006, my overhead was $45,000 a month and that’s what I had to make before I could eat a chicken sandwich) and I won’t lie… I’m lightweight nervous about what’s going on with todays economy and this bullshit myth that the recession ended last summer smh…. I was less stressed out when I didn’t have a car to my name (it was stolen outside a video shoot and I was too ashamed to ask my mom for insurance money) and was living at my best friend Nic Adler’s house sleeping on his couch!

Ever since I got a little paper, I developed the cushion syndrome which sucks. I like to have a 24 to 30 month cushion that allows me to sit on the toilet for over 2 years without doing anything but taking shits and watching movies and getting fat. but that’s unrealistic…. My goal is to make 8 million cash liquid so I can retire and live my exact lifestyle until I’m at least 75 years old without a single worry and with the lamest lowest risk and lowest APR investments…. I’M TELLING YOU, IT’S HIP TO BE SQUARE THESE DAYS!

I’m going to eventually start a family; or at least I want to (when you get to my age you can do a 2 year relationship in 6 months because you don’t need to play games as an adult…. once you get to know what you want in life, you cut the bullshit out and get to the core….. it’s the best part of being a grown up) it’s almost going on a year with my girl now and out of the 3 serious relationships in my life(that lasted 3+ years at least) I’ve barely argued with my girl now and never got along this well with somebody before… and it’s never gone this smooth with past relationships… probably because I know what I want more in life…. but if it doesn’t work out, I know at least I can be civil and be friends… that other shit is for the birds. drama with an ex is lame. BUT sometimes it’s inevitable. You gotta work at everything, not just making money, but you gotta work at your love life too. giving up is easy to do, being 45 years old and at the clubs is not cool.

Last year was a crazy one…. financially it was the worst year of my professional life as an adult and I’ve been broke 2 times before I hit 30 years old! but I wasn’t anywhere nearly as stressed during those broke years as I was last year. 2009 was the most stressful of my life due to less work and 1 crazy ass lying whore (btw, if you’re wondering where that doh doh bird is… she married to some 50 year old movie producer who looks like an albino howdy doody lol, I swear to you, it’s unreal and that’s as much as I’ll say)

they say that from age 22 to 28 is when you experience the most headaches and stomach aches from stress and uncertainty of life and direction and what you’re going to go or do or be in/on this earth….. I call bullshit, Today I think the peeps in their 40’s and 50’s with kids and almost retirement plans that won’t cover their living costs are feeling just as bad…. if not worse. they also say that 15% of the average household combined in the US makes less than $30,000 a year????? wow, how the fuck do you survive? THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH FOR REAL!

I let my credit fall off a little bit as soon as 3 out of my 4 credit cards decided to lower my credit lines from $15k max to a $10k max… then eventually to a $3500 max? I pay my balances off leaving only 15% of the remaining max credit on my card to build a better fica score….. So on 1 specific card, I knew it would lower and I felt like you know what? fuck them, I’m gonna max out the card because they are gonna keep lowering the limit when I HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE ON A PAYMENT EVER ON ANY CARDS OR CARS OR MY CRIB…. so once it went to collections, they hit me up and tried to make a deal for waaay less than the total balance owed (like $9,000 owed, settle for $2500 lol). I’m still debating whether or not I’m gonna pay the bill. the limits I had on some of these credit cards couldn’t even pay for a vacation for me… so I said fuck you clowns, I’m off y’all shit. But I still have my corp credit and so on… BUT with these interest rates up to 30%, I mean… I’m not a genius, but I know that fuck the buy now, pay later theory….. I’ll pay you with my debit card or cash and give you the deuces.

6 years ago a friend of mine owed me a good amount of money and it added up from poker games and other shit…. all he had was the title to a crib….. this is where I live now. and I’m not upside down, I don’t have a high mortgage or even high HOA fees. I never took out any equity on my crib, I’m at a fixed rate and I pay less than some of my friends do in rent…. my building was built in the mid 80’s, but I live on a nice street…. a couple years ago I made a bad investment on a property and learned my lesson quick because I wanted to be in one of these newly built high rise buildings! (these spots with openings at $600k are selling cribs for $125k now smh) but on the other hand, my boys have cribs with $50,000 a month mortgages that are killing them and they used to be like, fuck your ferrari or lambos or bentleys…. that’s lame, I own a big house in beverly hills and drive a lexus hybrid… for real dipshit? why do you need a big ass house? you’re single! you pay for landscaping and a pool you barely use and all types of extra shit…. you got robbed on your house, your interest rate sucked and you bought it in the worse time…. your $5 million dollar crib is now worth $3 mill and that’s if you could sell it right now… I’m good.

all my cars that I had, I either flipped or rented out for videos and purchased all that with the money I made off slanging sneakers which helped me raise money for my jewelry business…. I have not taken 1 single loss on a car ever. people talk shit, oh ben is broke, ben rents that shit, ben don’t own his cars… ummm actually I did own those crazy ass whips on my infamous myspace page…. but leasing has always been my choice over owning…. but during those 2 years I had to own, because I was renting out my rolls royce for $3,000 a day when my car note on it was $5,700 a month and I was renting out other luxury whips too, couldn’t have done that on a lease…. on some months cars would be rented for 25+ days… do the math… same goes on all the other whips. I caked out on that, but l had great insurance and most of it was word of mouth, so I didn’t have to worry about advertising etc…. that hustle is long gone and I went back into leasing whips…. cats was still like, aww man Ben ain’t got that car, it’s not under his government name, it’s under his moms name or blah blah blah? huh? shut your dumb ass up. I have all 3 keys to the car, I pay the note and I pay the insurance. nobody is trippin on who’s on the registration…. if I get a ticket driving the car or anything else, it’s on me, not my co-signer really. unless it’s a parking citation…. ” oh shit, Ben leases his whips, he don’t even own them” (why the fuck would I own a car that depreciates immediately when I drive it off the lot? I’ll let the dealer pay the depreciation dumbo) it’s the same ass gay theory I’ve heard like oh, “that ain’t Ben’s girlfriend” “how did he get that girl?” “okay, well he ain’t married to her” ummm but I’m out with this girl on a regular/daily basis, I’m doin me and I’m definitely doin her…. WHO CARES? I’m having fun and living….. I mean, man shut your hater ass up, I’m not tripping on a girls social status or her celebrity(note that isn’t my state of mind or anywhere near where I’m at mentally these days….) but do you catch my drift? If you got something, you got it. anyone or anything can be taken away whether it be a possession or loved one. Enjoy it. that’s all
Don’t worry about if peeps think oh he/she’s only with you because you have money, Well would you be with him/her if she/he wasn’t good looking? Exactly…. You have to have game, the looks shit don’t last forever. Show me a fine ass girl and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of fucking her. #depth

but just to make the haters want to puke and put more stress on their feeble grinds. some facts: for my DUB magazine photoshoot in 2007, I did not RENT 1 single car. every whip you seen me in did NOT belong to Platinum or any other car rental spot. them shits was mine….(the bent and porsche were my 2 cousins whips) and with the exception of Homicides whip which he let me hold down and that’s nothing because I let him use one of mine for his RIDES mag shoot….(me and homicide have always trusted each other with our cars, never tripped) but cats like Neyo or Usher and others who have shot with these same mags have borrowed cars and shit for shoots or for MTV CRIBS from many different luxury rental spots or car shops like Platinum….. NOT me for those shoots. If I needed a car service or cars to be in background shot which has been less than 3x in my life, then I would go to Platinum because that’s fam, but for a feature focused on cars and ME? naw…. gotta be all my shit. If George is reading this, he’ll co-sign…. I even let them put platinum motorsport plates on my whips for extra promotion for the shoot but I used to get pulled over so much that I had to chill out and not want to bring unnecessary heat to PM. same goes to my shoot for Ballin magazine (which is now called heavy hitters)

to clear up any other shit…. I have never worn fake or rented jewelry in my life, do you know how fucking stupid that sounds? there are 4 founders to Icee Fresh, it goes my uncle, steve, jeff (my cousins) and then me….
I’m the face and marketing man behind the brand and also co-owner. If I was just an employee, what asshole would let their friend or relative leave the state with a million dollars around their neck constantly and often? it doesn’t make sense if there isn’t a shared risk involved…. FYI I’m Not an employee but a partner. no conspiracy and there aren’t any investors backing us up or anything shady or gang related to our business. straight family owned and operated. (btw, yes we still have the Cali piece chillin, along with mad other CRAZY jewels, just because it’s not out there in the display cases don’t mean we don’t still own them) It’s not that time yet for me to be melting down shit…. I have a different look and I don’t need to rock big ass chains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and rock a crazy big chain…. We’re still making big diamond pieces, please believe we’re not going anywhere and even though our business isn’t what it was in 2005 – 2007, we’re doing great. rest assure to my customers and future clients…. we got it locked down.

I admit around the mid to late 90’s, I was faking it to make it a little bit, but it only made shit worse, it either attracted the leaches and fake ass people who wanted to borrow money and needed to piggy back or steal shit from me. sometimes you really can’t help out friends, in this day and age, you need to feed your kids and family first and not sink yourself…. how the hell are you supposed to avoid drowning if your mouth if filled with water too?

the other day when I said I’m getting a prius on twitter, I was dead ass serious. after rolling in whips on rims and crazy high maintenance for almost 15 years just to live or continue that lifestyle… ummmm I lived it. I’m cool on that shit…. having it for real even brought more leeches and bad news people into my life…. instead of the heavy payments or cash out on whips, I rather constantly have cash flow and even though most of these tuner companies gift or comp me promo items from wheels to other shit, it’s a hassle… I want to turn the key and push to my destination without a worry…. (homicide words “yeh right nigga, you most flossinest nigga I know…. stop bullshittin you ain’t gettin no damn hybrid) fuck you craig lol. coming from a guy who sold 15 million records and has had 2 mansions in miami and claremont smh…. HAHA, I’ve over it…. now BUT when that new 918 porsche comes out(the new body carrera, fyi the 998 model name was already taken supposedly) I’m gonna prolly get a carrera 4s, no turbo, no gt3 or gt2, just some simple clean shit, no rims.

I’m all about making shit for a $25 and flipping it for $250 and doing that 100x a day and repeat and continue.

nobody knows what I got. so chill, I’m not rich, I’m not broke, I consider myself upper middle class. but extremely wealthy in love!
all I know is that I eat and make sure my girl is straight.
My moms is straight and my bro and sis and 5 friends that I actually love in life are all good already, so we all keep it in a circle…. when you see the triangle between platinum motorsport and IF and Co. and mister cartoon, it’s not by accident! we really keep a nice referral boomerang going around and that’s what it’s all about. I’m not in a rush to chase after every dollar right now. I’m also not dumb to let someone take a job from me. I have turned down so much work and given other jewelers a chance because I’m not that thirsty to break myself over a few hundred bucks… you see these nuevo jewelers got the game fucked up. they’re out there to make $300 to $500 profits or even break even… fuck that, not worth the headache. I didn’t build this brand name so I can deal with that shit. usually when a person is bargaining a price down with us, after the 2nd negotiation I usually say goodbye, because that person who is spending $10,000 on a white diamond pendant with gold is going to give you so many more headaches compared to a person whos spending $50,000 and is worth the headache. also to you dummy’s; you don’t make a piece for $25,000 that cost you $24,500, the customer has to understand we need to make money too. that’s just not smart business to spend that much money and risk that much to make $500. This isn’t like making some jeans that cost $12 to make that you sell for $300… not even close…. and you don’t go to the gas station to complain or bargain over gas prices do you? well then please understand that I don’t control gold or diamond prices. And just because you MAY see a diamond piece that might look like something we make (with very bad eyes in most cases) doesn’t mean we are going to make it for that price that other jeweler quoted you. We don’t use silver or alloy on white diamond pieces to save money or make a better profit. that’s lame and silver tarnishes and is such a temporary thing. If you want cubic zirconias or these so called lab made diamonds, get it from a bozo elsewhere….. I don’t make rappers jewelry, I make celebrities jewelry… but we offer jewelry to wide demographic… from gaudy to classy to straight up ignorant shit.

I only designed and made a limited amount of machine made black pvd jewelry on sterling silver to prove that peeps like Chrome Hearts and David Yurman were getting over on a lot of people. and we only did that with black diamonds because it was affordable to our clients and we wanted peeps who couldn’t afford to rep the IF able to rep IF.

sadly to some, there is nothing wrong with 10k gold these days with gold at near $1400 an oz. I understand that with the sky rocket prices of gold recently, 14k isn’t as affordable as it was 5 years or so ago. but you must understand that if i bought some gold when it was $1175 an oz. that does not mean I’m going to sell it to you for that price today. I have to replace that necklace you are buying, so why the hell would I lose money on you? it’s bad business. if you really really shop around? nobody has lower prices on the type of work we do. NOBODY. real talk. our quality is shitting on rodeo drive and 57th in NYC. we don’t pad up the pieces with copper or brass to make the pieces feel heavy, shame the fuck on you guys doing that. We don’t make doubles or our shit. We also don’t just melt down everything and trade as much as other jewelers do…. when gold hits $5,000 an oz, me and my cousins are melting down the entire store and moving to turks and caicos and driving bugatti submarines to other islands.

always take in mind that it costs the same price to set a cubic zirconia into silver or gold as it does to set a diamond, you’re just obviously paying less for the stone, but paying the same labor. NOW a lot of jewelers set stones horribly and you get what you pay for. generally, we charge more to set stones into stainless steel(i.e. a nice watch, AP or breitling or rolex or cartier) because it takes more skill… if we fuck up on stainless steel, that means we have to buy the watch…. whereas if we fuck up on a gold watch, then we can always recast the gold and start over. get it?

you’re gonna pay for labor regardless, good labor isn’t cheap. don’t go into buying jewelry as an investment either, but also know it’s not a bad investment over time if you bought VS or better diamonds and 14k or better gold(BUT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING! GET AN OFFICIAL GEM LAB APPRAISAL, NOT ONE FROM THE JEWELER! THIS IS WHY WE ARE USUALLY YOUR FINAL DESTINATION FOR JEWELRY BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED TO GO ELSEWHERE. If you’re wondering why some of our clients went elsewhere after we made a piece for them, 99% of the time it was because a thirsty ass jewelry gave them jewelry for free #idiots #badbusiness). If you were gonna compare buying a chain over buying a car or a ridiculously expensive article of clothing, then yeh I’d agree on buying jewelry as an investment (to some folks, it’s money spent and they’ll make more of it, god bless them! lol)…. but I say buy raw gold as an investment if anything… also the price you pay for gold isn’t the price I pay for gold. even those nice swiss 10oz bars of gold are not going to be the exact going rate of what gold is currently hitting for that day… gold is not going down anytime soon and honestly if it does, it will not plummet EVER. I wish it would. because these current high gold rates are bad for everyone(buyers/sellers) and one thing you need to know about me is that behind this confident cocky front, I have a bleeding heart for any man or woman who is out of a job…. but that doesn’t mean I’m giving a hand outs. since day 1 we have not hired anyone new and we don’t plan on doing so. this isn’t a retail clothing store, this is jewelry, trust is beyond a key word. hence why most jewelry businesses are family owned and even still family members fuck themselves over.

All I can say to the inspiring jewelers out there or my competition, it’s time to get more creative. stop being lame ass peddlers who do 2 deals a month because you think its cooler than working a 9 to 5, leave the real jewelry work to real jewelers. don’t make your fake hobby into a career… it’s like those kids who you know didn’t know shit about the sneaker game waiting in lines outside undefeated just to make a quick $200 and had the mentality of a papparazzi “Oh I can sell a pic of paris hilton drinking jamba juice”… yeh maybe once fucko…. luck doesn’t last in this game, you gotta have the overall skill to back it up. they say imitation is a big form of flattery? bullshit. being a complete biter is weak, don’t do that. if you’re going to steal a design, make it better and make it be known you shit on it’s originator at least if you have to bite a design. the only thing that is refreshing about this recession is that the fat is being cut hard and fast, so if you aren’t pushing yourself to be your creative best or pushing your limits, breaking new ground, then you are going to drown. Shit has been run too long in a selfish manner and the last 2 years of economic failure have been huge indicators of that. the last year or so was tough for everyone and keeping a job and family afloat proved to be harder than it’s been in decades….

at the end of the day I realize it’s not easy to look at a 10 year plan with certain careers, I’ve changed careers 3x since I was 21 (really started getting paid at 19 as a dj though) but I could do what I’m doing now until I’m 65 if I wanted to… I just get bored easily…. but lately, I’m accepting the fact that being a little boring is fine with me…. I’m not trying to be out in a club unless you got a check for me. I’m too old for that shit. I’m barely out these days.

another long ass read, but I had to let you know what’s going on. have fun in life, don’t be a bitter asshole like me and look at everything as an investment; for the thousandth time, MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING OR THE ONLY THING, IT ONLY MAKES THINGS CONVENIENT!

p.s. I do believe in certain conspiracies like 9/11 and the AIDS epidemic…. and I have a feeling that when gold hits like $3000 an oz, the government will seize/steal it from us. shit is crazy. again, the rent is too damn high, the world is going crazy….. I don’t know how everyone else does it or how most people survive… because I know they don’t do what I do…. I know I’m blessed and I still work my ass off…. I give back a lot too, I support a lotta causes… I don’t necessarily sell my unworn shoes or gear for cheap to make money…. I’m trying to help out some cats understand it’s deeper than the money and it’s more about making cool shit that I rock accessible to the less fortunate. I give a lot of these clothes/shoes away to goodwill down the street from my crib and to halfway houses. don’t trip.

try to be decent. you never know what the next man/person is going through, so before you decide to go nuts on someone, that someone may have lost their father or wife or son that day. all I can do is be better tomorrow than I was today and do the same today, this week better than yesterday or last week….. always room for improvement, nobody is perfect, no human is devine.

again, thanks for reading.

your boy KT

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