this man is going to hurt feelings…. top to bottom, what time is it?

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so my boy and another picky ass client….
copped something new….

his left arm/hand will rock cats this fall/winter…..

I don’t even know what to say, no need for a story let’s just get to the pics


throw on a nice collared shirt, I mean fuck it…. put on a white tee even and nothing fancy and you’re shittin….

those 2 items could get you a new S63 or 760Li and pay for 5 years tuition at any ivy league school….. smh

you gotta appreciate the work. Money never sleeps
we do it all though y’all…. from a plastic g-shock to a patek philippe(I don’t suggest it) but we can ice out AP’s and Cartiers and Chopard’s and anything you could possibly think of with the best of them…. and faster than anyone else.

no onto something a little more affordable, but still a pretty penny….
smaller than the super avenger, but this is a nice set up regardless


Breitling Chronomat Evolution fully flooded
you gotta love the hood plastic over the watch to prevent finger prints from all the window shoppers

watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and . . . .
it was good, a 6.8 out of 10 grade. I wasn’t mad at them remaking it, the speech that Gekko made inside the college classroom was extra true! it was a love story, it was watchable for those interested in the stock market game…. but nothing will ever touch the original wall street film… there was a nice surprise cameo in the movie though, good shit on nobody commenting on that in reviews or on the net

my boy 40 is in town…. I’m NOT flying to Tampa this weekend… I might hit up San Diego though for the DUB show…. gotta figure things out.

meanwhile, still have rings, pieces and other custom jewelry to finish


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