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So R. Kelly is making history by being the 4th black artist to hit 80 records on the charts… I believe the only people in front of him are James Brown, Jay-Z and Aretha Franklin….
so anyways, Kellz was in his hometown to shoot a video for the song “#1” feat. Keri Hilson and he needed jewels to floss in his video and this was also the start to our business relationship jewelry wise.
I will say this, I appreciate how they went about getting me out there (1st class flights, 4star hotel with a suite, car service to and from every single time I hit the street) but I hate video shoots because it’s just so much waiting around, etc…. dealing with the bigger the artist fame wise, the more drama or walking on egg shells etc, when really I could care less about how famous anyone is, I’ve dealt with the most famous to the most infamous if ya dig.

So I get there to the Chi and it’s warm, but as soon as I hit the highway, it starts to rain and I’m in some LA type traffic. It took over an hour to get from O’Hare to the hotel 71…. but when I checked in, I ordered some room service and got right, for the 3 days I was there, I ate everything from deep dish pizza to prime rib to crawfish to fried chicken…. I didn’t eat anything on set; did I mention that I WAS FUCKING WAITING AROUND FOR A GOOD 23 HOURS? I mean man….. it was almost pointless to have such a nice room. 1st night I got there, I partied with some homiez and hit a boat party and didn’t get much sleep, then when I woke up, got my ferris bueller on lightweight and hit the streets (it’s been over 5 or so years since I’ve been in chicago) and for anyone who’s been on a video set before, you know shit is boring, especially when you don’t care too much about video hoes or when it’s on a private set, everyone’s stressed out saying shut up, etc… but my man Chris Robinson was directing so it was cool to have a few folks I recognized, Chris directed and put me in my 1st national AT&T commercial…..
again, it was a lot of waiting around Keri got there 1st, doin her shots, Kellz then showed up, checked out the ice, was feelin the rosary and a few joints and I showed him the custom joints we’re makin him…. he got on set to do his thing…. 17 hours later, we wrapped. I was fucking so god damn mad I didn’t know what to do with myself… shout out to Greg Street, he was there in the radio station scene, they pretended like it was being filmed at V103 in ATL….

I rushed to the telly to pack, then got picked up by the car service @ 5am and I didn’t even care to take pics anymore, I was just fighting to stay up. got into an arguement with this dumb ass lady workin the booth @ American Airlines…. I popped a xanax bar and passed out and woke up in LA….. I’m still fucking exhausted! but a sales a sale!
(click on pics to enlarge)

the car service from the trap to lAX

of course, I had to break in my BEATS by Dr. Dre

my breakfast because I refused to eat plane food on 1st class

touchdown in chicago o’hare

car service in the Chi

stuck in some bullshit ass traffic

what do you know? hella rain in the summer? no way?

room was not bad though….

1 of the views from my suite

naw, that ain’t a different angle, thats a 2nd bathroom

shot of michigan ave…


funny thing is there was a white dude across the street who was rockin the silver man steez too lol

sears tower!

had to stop for lunch, one of my fave spots on earth

had to shoot this image off my blackberry it was so ill

I wouldn’t mind living in one of these crazy high rises

on set at the radio station

Keri doin her part

view from the radio station

kellz has arrived on set, doin a drop for

gettin ready for kellz first shot

you can’t see it just yet, but yes he’s rockin a $200,000 IF cross & cluster earrings

mr robert kelly & myself

the arrival scene, kellz gettin out of his maybach(he also had a lp640 follow his caravan/convoy of whips behind his crazy coach/tour bus)

you already know…. 1st class on my way home, but it was some fake ass 1st class!

I know I complain a lot, but the stress of having security and that much $$$ in jewels, then waiting around, etc is not my cup of tea… if it was in LA, it’d be a whole different story, I could send cats and so on… but at the end of the day it’s a blessing!

there was a professional photog on set, so I’ll get some dope shots of R. Kelly rockin our jewelry.
thanks again Kai, shout out to my man June.

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