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first off, I’m fucking exhausted and it’s my vacation or temporary leave of absence to chill out and rest, but all I have been doin is partying like I was 21 again. I don’t even know where to begin, but let’s start off by recovering from gettin stupidly sideways on tues night to the point of on wed I was so ashtrayed that I had to stay in all day wed to recoup for my flight on thurs….. anyways, catdicc jr met up with me at the trap and we headed to LAX, thank god for 1st class vip treatment and the presidents club access…. from there, I took a sleeping aid and fell asleep to wake up to, welcome to houston weather currently is 75 degrees (yeeee!) so we get picked up by my homey Hieu who is certified in the streets of H-Town… he takes us to the galleria mall (I always stay at the Derek, but this time I felt like something different) ran into the fam Jimmy Boi and D and we all sat down to eat… but first I linked up with Drizzy Drake to chop up a little bit and finally met Niko (good to meet you fam, OVO is fam for life homey) so we got a bite to eat before the bedlam at Drake’s bday party….. checked into the telly and chilled out for an hour maybe…. then headed out EARLY becaues we heard the club was gonna be a mess! and a DISASTER MESS IT WAS! the party was at club HUSH which used to be a car dealership, so it’s fucking HUGE! it holds a stupid amount of peeps and all the big hitters from the south were there, from J Prince to slim thug to trae to Bun B to just everyone… it was also my lil homey Jas Price aka Young CEO’s bday bash too…. we rolled up pretty deep and when Drake got there, all hell broke loose, the line for valet was almost 400 cars deep and the line to get in was almost 1,000 peeps deep. I didn’t know what to say, I had juice from my folks and drake but I could foresee drama happening… so anyways, Drake pulls up with some Young Money cats and his entourage and mad security and I jump in with them and tell my folks, you got 1 less dude to worry about, see y’all inside (they were right behind, so I wasn’t deserting them) and the whole reason I came out to houston was to hang and celebrate with my lil homey Drake. We get to Drakes table and his ATF homey’s was there, of course Future and Niko and lil Twist and some other cats and a lot of fine ass women in our booth…. Jimmy and Francis got the table next to ours… and it just went insane from there. I mean the clug held several thousand people easily and it was 3 levels and it was PACKED BEYOND BELIEF AND ALL FOR DRAKE. I was actually dumbfounded. my dude ain’t even drop an album yet, not a major distributed joint and his buzz is now beyond recognition, 50 nor kanye had this type of buzzz. Drake got some Rose and of course I started drinking, we took henny shots and patron shots and then it was over… my boy Francis and D and Jimmy ordered mad bottles of rose and VSOP Henny big boss hogg style and Drake got on the mic to tell everyone thank you and fuck this we bout to shut shit down! So from there we all headed down stairs outside again out the side door to get into the backstage entrance and me along with many others were getting smushed and cramped in by a mob of outsiders and a fight broke out, shit got hectic and even the police couldn’t control it. I had to take a valium to chill out. Once we got backstage, I was greeted with the utmost love from my homey Bun B and his crew and then of course by my boy Slim Thug aka my Daily Show partner in crime lol….. I ran into TV Johnny and he had 5 police officers and security with him and he was shook for real when he seen me, I ran up on him like “yo fam what up? why you still fuckin bullshittin on stealin pics?” he said, whut you mean? why u mad? what I do? cmon , yer ben da balla!” what I do to you?” at this point, I’m just like fuck it. we took some pics and my homey Drake got on stage and started performing some songs just to get the party started even crazier…. I seen a lotta other cats too, gucci mane, jamarcus russell, other rappers and athletes… seen trevor ariza, but he ain’t a laker no more(even though he reps L-R-G hard) and it just got toooo hectic so me and Twist and T-Streets headed back up to the VIP area to max out a little bit with security and I kicked it with my fam until we were ready to leave. it was so fucking hectic I didn’t even get a chance to take pics with Drake or nothing, it was really that nuts in there, no homo…..

to start off…. here’s where the trip begins….

you already know what it is…

catdicc 1 and catdicc jr lounging in the pres club…

arrived at IAH houston airport, all black everything ready to hit Drizzy party!

we had a big ass balcony…. view from the room…

outside the club, pulling up.

valet wrapped around the entire street to the exit off I-10

Jimmy stuntin in his new “B” cmon baby, I was pushin the B in 2005! lol, btw you need some feet on that bitch fast!!!!!!!

I may wear black for a year straight!

already…. moet rose’ was $160 a bottle? wtf? we ordered 10 off top!

catdicc jr gettin it in!

like I said, the club was 3 or 4 levels and it was packed to the maximum with a line outside down the street. this is just insane…. here’s a short video of me filming from drakes table before we walked downstairs onto the stage…

on stage, let the bedlam begin!

Bun B and Drake performing uptown…

me and TV Johnny made a truce, he’s gonna stop stealing pics and being so fobby bout his business hopefully

my boss hogg homey Slim Thugga

my trill famo Bun B!

the gang inside HUSH AWWWREADDY!

Slim Thugga and Franchise

so we headed to an afterhours….

thank god this pic is blurred, cuz there’s some faces that don’t need to be highlighted

Jimmy showing off some gleem!

okay, I’m faded as all hell!

6am houston time and after 2 clubs, treasures and house of pies was too crowded so we hit good ole IHOP where we almost got into 7 fights lol.

day 2….

shout out to Bun B for hooking me up with some BBQ

went back to the telly to relax and serious recharge the batteries….
we watched Public Enemies on On Demand and I passed the fuck out for a while…. when we woke up, we hit the mall downstairs again to cop a few things and do some lightweight shopping, then hit up Beavers near the 5th ward…. Washington ave looked poppin, but I didn’t need to see it, shit gets real ugly down there…..

so once again, we get ready for another night club, only this time its an all asian nightclub that only gangsters hang out at… lol man, I’ve been to the typical garden grove/westminster and of course K-Town gangster hangouts, but damn some of my homiez are truly notorious in these parts of houston and the police actually sit inside the club to regulate shit along with the clubs security and they just weren’t having it with 1 of my boys who had a long history with crazy shit in that club….. so it took over 20 minutes of talking to a few law officers and club management and such because on this night there were bosses filling the vip area of this spot so they were scared something was gonna go down.
We finally get in and it is crowded with them Dai Lo/Wa Ching type cats…. but you don’t see champagne popping, only remy or henny…. we had that VSOP early! and of course I had to have some rose’….

do you see 1 single non asian in here?

the homey nina

ktown, D, franchise

BB and the Boss of the Southwest

henny and pineapple juice(don’t know if it tasted good, just had to mix it with anything but coke)

VSOP alreadyyy…. (love the bar code tags)

say no more


me and Jimmy Boi toasting the right way, bottle to bottle, not flute to flute!

funny thing… at this packed ass gangster asian nightclub, I knew maybe 4 people there, but there were a bunch of folks who knew of me… so the DJ put my name on the big screen display in front of the whole club all night so I thought that was kinda cool….

we hit up an after hour spot that is supposed to be THE SHIT called Riches, but honestly I was NOT feeling it. I mean it was definitely packed and every level was poppin to the locals… but I was like man, this is kinda bunk in here….. so I hung for a little while and said we need to shake out this bitch… shout out to my homey TING!

we left there around 3:45am and when we got outside, instead of the usual hot dog vendor outside, there was an actual dude with about 30 pizza boxes selling pizzas! lol…… man, fuck that….. we headed back towards midtown aka the galleria to try to make “the mens club” but it was too late and I was soooo twisted it wasn’t funny. Didn’t pack or nothing, so we hit house of pies up and at there, then headed back to the telly….

woke up and got some lunch in at pappadeux inside the airport mind you and the airline oversold the flight and to make it even better, then had a smaller plane! WTF? I was buggin because my lil homey Wale had set up a little VIP package for me for tickets for the N.E.R.D concert and Jay-Z blueprint III tour which he was opening up for…. we didn’t have 1st class this time, but thank god some smooth talking got me and franchise on that bitch!

p.s. shout out again to my folks, Hieu, Lil D, Thao, Jimmy Boi, Ting, Andrew, Drake, Niko and to the new homeys Five and Ting!

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