The Weekend Wrap…. the NEW G-SHOCK KING!

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So this weekend was VERY chill… Friday night I didn’t even leave the house but to get some food…. back on not a super strict diet, but chillin major on cheese/dairy(like none) and sodas (tryna keep it to 36oz a week)…
Saturday was a chill day too, went to the Homey DJ HIDEO’S funeral to pay my respects….
then watched my Lake Show do their thing…. I didn’t want them to sweep, but they did what they needed to last night. WE OWN UTAH! Saturday Night, headed to K-Town for some soon tofu and then went home to watch “THE GAME” with Michael Douglas & Sean Penn (yes very fucking boring, but I was very good with only doing this)….. Saturday night, my blog/website server was hacked…. we share servers with fam (Platinum Motorsport & Emsar Design) and the server was hacked, so my site was down for about 13 hours, while my blog was down for almost 40 hours!!!!!!!

so anyways, I’m back up, I’m gonna finally post some pics of Dr. Phil’s jewelry purchases for his wife Robin and Granddaughter and Daughter in Law…. probably tomorrow.
OH YEH! I have a contest where I’ll be giving away 4 METRO PCS SANCTIONED Mobile Phones away and they come with 30 days free service! STAY TUNED FOR CONTEST DETAILS!

SUNDAY, I obviously paid respects to my momma, my sister and god sister and much love to all mothers out there except for the deadbeat ones who haven’t seen their sons for 2 birthdays in a row or even spent 2 consecutive xmas’s in a row with them…. smh, is it ever too late? in some cases, unfortunately it is. (fuck you, my blog, my opinions, everyone’s situation is different)….

later in the day, kinda early evening, took my girl’s family/mother to eat official korean bbq in k-town for a mother’s day dinner and met up with my cousin and his family (wife, daughter, not my uncle/aunt) and Cho San was packed! Food is still # 1 no question in K-Town but rivals Dong il Jang for sure…. until Ma Dang finally opens to the public, right now their only doing VIP or celeb seatings.

So A HUGE RELIEF WAS LIFTED OFF MY BACK YESTERDAY AND SUNDAY! I have been planning a garage sale and giveaway of over 1,000 items, I mean there was 7 boxes of clothes PACKED and 60 or more pairs of sneakers just sitting in my 2nd bedroom for years now…. and it kept accumulating and piling up and shoes I didn’t wear anymore and excess shit… so I donated some to goodwill and cats who were fresh out the jail system…. then I went online and had the most unorganized garage sale via twitter… finally I got frustrated and just said fuck it and went through a ton of twitters and finally found 2 aggressive and willing locals who would come down and clean up the whole room basically…. well the room is empty pretty much now except for 24 pairs of kicks (4 or 5 pairs are deadstock and the rest are lightly used and could be put on ebay, but who knows when, I hope asap!)… BUT FUCK IT’S BEEN DONE! Oh yeh! I ordered my new Kaws Black Dissected 1000% (the last one Kaws is going to do) be@rbrick! I paid a little more than usual, but less than anyone on ebay is selling for…. I’m just so relieved to have my 2nd bedroom back and I’ve been clearing out a ton of shit that is just unnecessary and it’s been therapeutic to me! stay tuned for more shit I’m getting rid of soon.

so anyways!!!!! woke up monday morning real early to get my hike on! I hit up Runyon Canyon to get a serious hike on and I actually made it to the top and back without stopping! I was outta breathe and it kicked my ass, but I’m not a total piece of shit to where I couldn’t do that at least…. it was great to start the day out that way…. as I’ve been meaning to finish these 16 carat diamond G-Shock project that me and my cousins have been wanting to finish for one of our best customers….. there’s nothing else to say except: CLICK ON THE MOTHERFUCKING PICS TO ENLARGE! HAHAHA! yes, we run this shit still and always will….. big diamond bezel, iced out windows/borders and even iced out the face/dial (we’ve done this before, but not together with the big diamond bezel all together)
(click on images) one 16 carat black diamond 6900, one 16 carat white diamond 6900


 and then…..


we still ain’t playin….. and CHARRLIEEE IT’S STILLLL HURTINGGGG!



god bless and everyone have a wonderful day!

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