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I feel bad because it was my wife’s bday week and I had a lot planned, but my mind was caught up on going to Seoul… we still got it in and we had a great time and she had a dope birthday party and got some great gifts

on the actual day of Nic’s bday we decided to spend it just as a family…. woke up early, headed out to Long Beach and had a nice breakfast…. then headed to the Aquarium of the Pacific and took London on his first field trip!


he got his fresh bucket hat on! he’s ready for whatever!

I need this 100,000 gallon tank in my house when I make it make it, not that few million, crib and 4 whips make it. I mean I lost a million on playing heads or tails with my friends and it’s nothing make it lol jk


crazy, we stayed there for a few hours… then headed to glendale to drop off my mother in law… she watched London for a few hours while I took Nic to get a full body massage… then we went and saw a movie and then had the best fucking sushi in LA at sugarfish! mannnn!!! their albacore is so soft and buttery that you could eat there even if you had no teeth! their toro hand rolls? my god….

it was a perfect day for real! got home and rented Killing Them Softly and we just couldn’t leave well enough alone. smh. that shit was so bad, I almost wrote amazon an email demanding my money back….

shit, I spent the whole say doing my 3rd shoot with Rumi, but I think I thought about it too hard and the pics came out good out of the 4 locations I chose, but I don’t know if they were fashiontoast type material…. hmmm… oh well. I got this shot off on my iphone

haha, naw, I’m sure there are some cool shots but I had to take this pic, reminds me of high school and going to century city to watch a movie, then shit became ghost town and they built CAA there. smh

so let’s get some jewels out the way….


we made my boy a 10k gold gynecologist tool… the only part we didn’t make in gold was the screw because of the threading that kept fucking up…. but really? this guy Bush is an absolute donkey ass fool for this. top 3 weirdest wildest piece of jewelry I’ve ever made. shit might be # 1. smh

made the left rose gold 14k 1/2 kilo 15mm miami cuban link for my boy Susu and the right side I think might have to go to Macklemore… he randomly cold texted me this weekend and got my # from Schoolboy Q and was really cool… too bad I’m on a plane to Korea right now, but I love it when new cats know who I am and hit me up to get right… I wish I could handle it all now, but I’m tied up obviously. I didn’t know much about macklemore to be honest, I know he has a smash fucking hit on the radio right now, but when I saw the 206 area code, I assumed that he’s from the TOWN which is really cool.

we perfected the enamel jesus piece and this time we made a baby size one and with the red ruby tear drops….

we also made the very first 24k gold fully iced out micro jesus piece and this shit is tough! it’s very soft, so I suggest a 22k one if you want one, but we even have the 24k baht chain to go with it! shit is hard but very expensive. the total weight is over 30 grams too which is crazy

it actually was a very random out of the blue celebrity weekend for me, ASVP Rocky was in town for a minute and hit me up for a chain, as I mentioned above macklemore hit me up for a chain and then Wiz Khalifa lost his earrings in a club and I replaced them with some laser beam type diamonds and he bugged out

haha, out of any celeb I’ve worked with or met, Wiz is really the nicest guy period. it’s almost weird

so before we go on… gotta break down these man rules


found these through my boy Kenny Hamilton and thought I’d share them. they’re pretty on point haha

so let’s get into some kicks…

just copped these AJ XI DMP’s for the fuck of it
I think I should ice out the gold dog tag and make it real gold while I’m at it… crazy how much shit dropped in the 8 years I didn’t wear any Nike’s… but I like these more than the more recent retro XI concords… the fit is better too. of course I got these from RIF LA

ran into my boy Angel on friday and we chopped it up and I saw the prototype samples for the Supra skytop IV and damn, they’re pretty hard! but he gifted me with these and I’ve had some rare exclusives for sure when it comes to Supras, but these were really super hard to get and I wanted them bad because I love fucking bright ass colors!

they only made 100 pairs of these for the cast and crew of Spring Breakers which by the way was absolutely a fucking terrible horrible movie… but James Franco did his thing for sure. out of all the girls in the lead cast, they show the butt ugly chick topless??? smh

so I decided to have a contest to give a sample size 9 pair of these very rare Supra Donavyn spring breakers away and this kid Yung B won them

congrats kid! enjoy

oh quick…
my girl Karen Civil always holds me down!!!!

she always sends me the best beats to wear and I mostly use them for trips… but the PROS are too big sometimes for a long trip and hurt my ears because I have some big ass ears… but these MIXR guetta’s are sick! perfect too. thank you again KC! Live Civil!

and if you have a new iphone or got one in the last month, then you know you can no longer get gmail pushed to your phone via microsoft exchange anymore, I’ve tried every trick or whatever thing you could possibly do and it’s just not happening, so if you have an iphone now and gmail works and pushes direct real time messages to your phone? keep that bitch…. OR DOWNLOAD MAILBOX. this shit is pretty damn good and a friend put me up on game. I downloaded it and then it said I was # 489,102 position in line with nobody behind me wtf? it took about 3 weeks to get, but I think now it’s only about a 10 day wait to get it… shit works pretty money and I deleted my mail app and only use this now. it really truly syncs up to your iphone nicely

so let’s get to friday night aka Nic’s bday dinner….

we had it at Fig and Olive which is one of our go to spots… she had it joined with her old friend Casey who is my iphone imessage snapchat scumbag pic buddy lol

btw, dinner was fucking amazing! from the paella to the crostini’s to the Moroccan chicken! damn

in all of my lifetime, I have never got anyone a cake in my life. not for a holiday, not for anyone’s bday, not for anyone… so I had to get one this time because I felt under pressure lol

remember the guys who made my amazing rolex cake?
yeah…. I hit them up

they’re called Cake and Art and their in west hollywood on santa monica blvd… they’re way better than Hansen’s cakes and less expensive and the cake actually tasted great! they work fast too!


all of Nic’s closest friends came out… it was intimate and perfect. shout out to my fam Nick Diamond and his fiance’ Michelle for showing up too! I know you had a big HUF x Diamond event to go to… thanks for the sick varsity jacket and socks bro, I didn’t have time to pack them or take a pic…

after dinner, we shot down to the SLS and my boy Travis took real good care of us there…. popped a couple bottles, real lightweight and kept it fully grown and chilled til around 1:30am

Saturday, I had to handle biz at the store and get shit ready for this trip to Korea…. so I got some things to show my boy’s out there and also show G-Dragon…. and had some orders to finish. while i’m gone, please believe the store is open and business will be handled just as well as it would if I wasn’t around. so visit or cop something online… we plan to make some big changes and grow a lot this year!
my brother and his wife and kids came by and we spent the day around downtown doing chill family shit… again, I was in a different zone with Korea around the corner

Sunday was another family day…. went to the beach and chilled with my fam

and I went there with the coldest bucket hat in the game! haha. much love to my boys over at SSUR. thank you Russ and Jerry and Arnold for this fucking sick SSUR X FUTURA hoody! it drops on the 4th of July at a local SSUR retailer… the tantum bucket hat I got from a friend

I also got some nice new fish eye, wide and zoom lens iphone cases from my boy Indo and Steve Bitanga


they’re made by Izzi Gadgets and these are the first of this color (I got blue, they custom made nicolette a purple anodized one)

so I took them to the beach to try them out….


pretty cool! I’m gonna test it out in Korea

when I was a kid, the movie BIG with tom hanks was my shit… I loved that movie too much.

if you saw the movie, then you remember this… and I have nothing to wish for, my life is great, but when I was a kid, damn I wanted so much. now that I have it all, I dunno…. I’m thankful and blessed though

always wanted to put my kid on one of these things…. so I did.

for lunch we had soon tofu in west LA on Sawtelle and the shit was really good. better than BCD and so much cleaner… man I haven’t been down Sawtelle in a longgg time; there is so much good food there! furaibu and asahi ramen and curry house and manpuku and kiriko!

London just watched us eat! but he’s eating solids now! crazy that he’s still so damn big and still 99 percentile in height for kids his age!

okay, I won’t be able to blog til next weekend when I get back but damn I hope I have the time to update it quickly… I’ve been back on point with the updates, but I think there might be a LOT of shit to tell, maybe too much to write up quickly and this is a short trip out of 3 I will make this year to the motherland, so be patient and who knows…. maybe I do some quick inspirational blog entries… but you know where to find me, on twitter or IG.

for real though PEACE!

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