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finally got my dining room table done and finally got my rug for underneath it…. the new chandelier = MY DINING ROOM IS DONE… I CAN INVITE FOLKS OVER TO EAT A DECENT MEAL NOW!

got some new pillows and things for my crib…. gonna chill out this week and paint accents and fix up more things before I finish off the 2nd bedroom….
west elm and CB2 have been the crutch to my disabled crib

that door and door frame/molding are going to be painted flat museum color white because it’s more egg shell colored now, but I fucking love my dining room table now and the rug…. now the table matches more with my Warhol… the chandelier needs to come down about 6″ too

and my living room front area is cleaned the fuck up now! but….

say goodbye to that 58″ LCD and soon say hello to a 65″ LED TV…. and goodbye to those dreadful vertical blinds… gonna get some nice plantation shutters!

my fabulous interior decorator! Nicolette! haha

while we were walking outside the Santa Monica Place and CB2, there’s a huge sculpture outside that was really cool, so I took a pic….

and now to give you an idea of how enormous it is….

so my town was filled with more fakes and phonies because of the MTV awards being in town, but I know the real and I know how to avoid eating at the sceney spots and shit like that….

no mtv awards shit here on my blog though, but Grammy’s? maybe. Oscars? if I’m called

but MTV is really low on the totem pole of priorities…. I mean, there are a very few peeps who if they called, I’ll handle, but 98% of all the rappers will not get a call back from me to BORROW some jewelry. #realtalk

my pops all of a sudden got bad again, so I’ve been putting shit on halt for a while, chilled on twitter, etc… but meanwhile, we finished a lot of jewels to send off before the week gets started so I can take it slow…..

got to link with my man Drake, Travie and some others….. both them dudes love to hit me last minute! smh

but on some champagne hooligan type shit…. you need to be a real boss to wear this!



and just to let cats know that nobody can stop his ATF movement…. Mayor copped himself a small cross….

he musta got motivated since I was showing off all the 1.5″ to 2″ sized custom jewels…. he got inspired to cop a classy fully invisible set cross for everyday rockage…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYOR!


this shit came out ill bro… I may have to make a white on white joint. I’m loving all this smaller subtle jewelry!

and of course we made some basic shit…. but rep your city!


and of course the PVD bracelets are back in full effect and still affordable
this time we iced out every other bead and on the big one we iced out every 3rd bead and made them in 3 sizes of thickness(sounds like I’m talking about ass huh?)
black diamonds set onto black silver PVD:


they are available now, so holla if you’re interested


speaking of the homey Travie…. that video we shot was for his UK single “Be Alright” so he’s shooting his follow up single for the USA video real soon…. and you know I’m gonna make sure he stays ICEE!
here’s the UK Be Alright vid
yeh, I got a small little cameo in that piece
but my jewels got a bigger cameo in that video haha

so Saturday midday, I was supposed to head out with my fam LMFAO and Lil Jon for an event, but I couldn’t get there due to things beyond my control….. but the party rock crew knows there is a calm before the storm for me….. for them, it’s all storm lol.

Drake hit me up about some jewels…. of course he hits me last minute with literally 3 hours to work with while I’m eating a shwarma and some grape leaves…. smh, but that’s what I do…. I’m like a doctor/drug dealer with this jewelry and I’m always on call….

so after that, I had a benefit to attend for the Brent Shapiro foundation….. Brent is a dear friend of mine who passed away literally a week or so before my boy Allon did 5 years ago, that was a rough ass month, I mean a real rough one, I lost a fellow cocky ridaz member too…. anyways, I’ve known Brent for a long time and his father Bob aka Robert set up a foundation called the Brent Shapiro Foundation and it involves rehabilitation and I won’t get into much more because it hurts to remember how my boy passed…..
Shalom Brent. I miss you bro

right after that, I shook over to Travie’s hotel to meet up with him and the usual suspects….

we all shook over to Kress for a quick performance and some Goosey Goose

now you know I can’t have Travie Show Performance pics without pics of what his DJ, Mr Mano was wearing lol

for as young as my guy is…. his vintage gear/accessory game is up there with Taz’s… maybe even iller!

so here’s some basic shots taken by my blackberry


after that…. me and Trav think the same way…. fuck goin extra with the partying… strictly biz…. back to the hotel, he went to bed to get ready for the MTV awards, me and Nic went home and I had to visit pops for the day

when I woke up on Sunday I was feeling weird
got a text from Apolo and he was having a beautiful brunch in Laguna Beach….
he sent me this:

while I saw that pic…. this is what I was looking at:

they say he’s getting better, but he didn’t look better….. I got cussed out by my mom because she was like, work is cool. trust me I’m an over worker (she’s worked a 60-70 hour job a week for 35+ years), money isn’t everything, you don’t even have any kids yet…. I worked so hard to give you and your brother and sister a better life, but I shoulda gave you more love and attention, but I was so busy working…. so be here now and support. shit hit hard….
so I’m gonna take a few days off

later, I headed home and met up with Travie to talk some shit about collabing on a track with Homcide for Homicide’s new album…. and this was about as much as I saw of the MTV awards because I could give a shit

I heard from 100% of my homey’s that the show sucked…. even Drake’s performance was questionable, but his fit was super on point… smh…. Chelsea wasn’t even that funny as she usually is…. everything seemed awkward and forced? NO WAY? fuck outta here MTV. I did hear Usher’s performance was good and Kanye’s was wack. surprise

aite, gotta get it in a little bit today, then I’m chillin for a few

I got pics of Apolo Ohno’s new Olympic Jewels for you tomorrow


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