the TRUTH hurts….

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but the TRUTH shall set you free!
my Armenian homey Cash brought through a new client in 2 weeks ago named Truth… rapper/business man from Hollywood and he’s got his game plan right…. his 1st piece made by IF&Co! He has a production company and crew called “9 LIVES” and I really was feeling the design etc. He got a cool little team and movement and so we used his logo minus some of the exaggerated splatter spray paint and smoothed it the fuck out! shit came out tooooo clean! and the end result was a smile on his face! shit came out proper and it’s a big piece.
specs: 4.5″ tall, 250 grams 14 gold, 32 carats total diamond weight, of course he opted for “VS” whites on the “LIVES” and we added a 185 gram 14k white gold franco(you know nobody cops 14k francos except Jonas & NLV)
shit is proper!

and the homey TRUTH rockin it…

oh and btw, thanks for the tee’s, I’ve been wearing them already!

this past week and weekend felt so good to make 4 new clients happy with their new pieces…

p.s. Truth, we already workin on that thing for you, no rush, no worries…. it will sell itself, ya dig? thanks again for your business!

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