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So I saw “The Town” this weekend and damn!
I’m not a big fan of Ben Affleck except for his work in Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting, but this is about his hometown (not specifically) but Charlestown, Boston, MA… aka the bank robbing capital of the USA so I know he was gonna have to go in.

they didn’t wait for shit and unlike “Takers” it wasn’t about some flossy lifestyle or shit, they got their bread and was more realistic about how they hit a bank or armored truck. I just didn’t like “Takers” that much and I think you’d like it much less if you watch The Town. The story was better overall too and so was the love interest situation…. they danced around the bullshit was Zoe in Takers.

anyways, I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it. JUST GO SEE THAT SHIT!
(It’s been a dream of mine and fantasy to rob a bank… I’ve always wanted to since I was a little kid)

now for “Catfish” I dunno man…. I think they should rename it to “catSHIT” and re-release it with that title… smh
I’d give it a good 2.4 out of 20
for anyone who saw the trailer for this film already knows…. “the best hitchcock film that hitchcock never directed”? FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU CORNY MOFO’S. I’ll even give it to them, after reading some early reviews and seeing people rip this film apart about it being a fake documentary, I saw 2 friends of mine were the producers on this film and that this was a true documentary(critics claimed different)
the trailer made this seem as if it would be MUCH MORE OF A THRILLER/SUSPENSEFUL FILM WITH SOME VERY SCARY SCENES IN IT. this was NOT the case.

now for anyone who never heard of the film or saw the trailer, the movie would get maybe a 7 out of 10 and to be honest, for all the people who spend a lot of time on the internet and have met people on the internet can relate to how real this shit is…. me and Nic went on a double date for this film and the friends we took didn’t think it was so bad, but the hype and trailer did NOT deliver what this film portrayed it was supposed to be.

anyways, if you have facebook(film basically is about occurrences that started and related to FB)
you can search for the 2 stars names who is also the director of this documentary and won’t pull up shit obviously because they use his real profile in the movie and don’t want 103049494949 requests to come about….
but I had a mutual friend and even with the mutual friend I had to have them log in to see if there was an account because he has it set to private sorta like my page….


so the profiles are real, there’s other things that I confirmed to make it real too….

other than that, I want my $60 back or my friends $60 back for the tickets smh

so my pops went into a private room for a sec, then saturday he went back into ICU and so I chilled out there with him for a while and on Sunday too….

my homey Travie and crew rolled into town for a big show at UCLA for the Bruin Bash 2010….

so we chopped it up…. not much new since last weekend… but talked about shit deeper than the music game and etc etc…. and I can definitely say Travie is in the top 3 most humble celebrities there are out there. He doesn’t try to hit every single “hollywood” event, doesn’t have to be the latest party or club his publicist or manager tells him he should be at…. he’s way more laid back like on some modern hippie steez…


I prefer a city view over an ocean anyday

anyways, we pull up to the show at Drake Stadium at UCLA
crazy because I grew up walking through the UCLA campus since I was a toddler…. til even after my college days
and I don’t go often because they don’t have that awesome arcade they used to, but when my boy Spencer Soo invites me, I check him out when they play….
the show also has Ying Yang twins and the Cataracs who both killed it!
I think we all forgot how many fucking straight hits the Ying Yang twins have! had! smh
also, when the Cataracs performed “Like a G6” I heard the entire crowd go crazy… I immediately texted Proh and I got an even funnier story later about #G6

so Travie was the main event/headliner and he went up there and did a 40 minute set of songs from his Lazarus album and a few hits off the Gym Class album…. he even had a freestyle regarding an ex that had me dying lol
here’s some pics

Trav saying “why dejesus”? why don’t you just let Ben take a pic of your fist pump armpit sweat? lol

pulling up on the golf cart to the venue from the green room and it was PACKED!


like I said…. it was packed! ahhhh how I miss MY college days…
f.y.i. my 1st choice for school was UCLA but I couldn’t get in via playing ball…. they were too strong, so ironic why, but fuck it.

the tall homey on the tall screen

Tyga came out and did a 5 minute set

DJ Mano and Matt from Gym Class Heroes doing their thug thizzle….

I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine…. (maybe he’ll get his wish?)

if peeps only knew the genius artistically and how genius this album cover art is and the inspiration behind this….. smh @ youngsters in music these days

right outside the green room which was outside the track there was a set of tall as monkey bars and a rope that was like 20 feet high and it was cold as shit last night so the bars were wet and so was the rope, but Dejesus jumped up there and owned the jungle gym lol… making him a true GYM CLASS HERO!

so as we left the spot, there were groupies/fans outside the gate and I won’t put the video up until Travie does….. but Trav let them freestyle a sorority rap while he beat boxed and then did some clowning….

while we were driving back after the 2nd driver change…..
“like a g6 came on” and the fans/sorority girls started singing the song like they wrote it lol, shit made me proud!
ahhhh what it’s like to be 18 or 19 lol #notforme

I’ll be posting some new 1000% be@rbricks soon and a super ill crucifix pendant!

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