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okay, so make a very long story short…. I had a fucking amazing time as the newest member of the supra family. I’ve been repping the brand since Sept of 2008, but Chad Muska has been my boy for 8 years at least and TK is my lil brother for real. Angel Cabada (founder/president of supra/kr3w) is 1 of the illest motherfuckers I’ve ever come in contact with. We both have that street instinct and his eye for detail/design and work ethic is a mirror image of myself. I have a totally stronger perspective of my carnal after this trip. I got your back homes. All day, All night vato. This is maybe the only dude next to Jonas who is my best friend of life and brother that I can say I truly feel honored to be friends with and part of his fam/team…. I don’t like many people, my circle is very small and I have added Angel to my family for real as I have my IF&Co fam & my L-R-G fam and my Platinum Motorsport fam.

so anyways…. let’s start off with wednesday
we get to LAX and I see Terry & Dennis aka Dirty (he’s the all in 1 guy @ supra/kr3w from video/film, booking shit, blog, etc, etc… dude wears a lot of hats) and we get some food, then meet up with Angel & Ashley on the plane…. we hit Houston & Terry’s not feeling so good, lightweight stomach ache & cold was fuckin with him, but he wasn’t gonna let that stop him. We hit Pappadeux and Pappasito’s and got our grub on. I FUCKING LOVE THEM SPOTS! we head straight to SF2 where the shoe signing was and man IT WAS FUCKING ON! line down the and outside the store & I seen my viet OG gangsta homey’s in the mix! and the homey Jas Prince was in the house (bun b was supposed to meet us there but he jumped on a last min flight to toronto to do a show with my lil bro Drake, I’m not mad bro bro, its all love!) So me and TK walk in with the crew and get busy no homo…. Terry pulls out the professional smile, swagger and starts taking pics and starts signing autographs… I sit down next to him like a Supra/Fly Society mascot & big homey…. I get asked for some autographs and I get asked to take a bunch of pics as well. shout out to the sneakerhead king of texas Kadoma and a few niketalkers FlossB and some others who showed love. Shout out to my dude Greg from… My man Jimmy Boi showed up and repped hard and showed mad love and shout out to my man Killa Kyleon & Slim Thug for showing us love in the city of crunk. the owner of SF2 was mad cool, she had the store stocked with Supra and I like her steez. We left the event and headed straight to my usual hotel, the Derek to chill out and get ready to hit some spots, we was gonna hit up Pandora & a few other joints, but we had an early ass flight & terry wasn’t feeling so good, so we chilled out. We all hit the gym which was funny cuz all of us had supras on, but it was all love. We then had a meeting while TK went to bed mad early to get some rest that he needed. We talked about some strategy’s and our attack plan and takeover for 2009 til infinity!
So we woke up at around 8am to get ready…. I’m feelin like man, we bout to get it in once we hit the “A”…… get fresh, head to Hobby airport where we landed…… THEN WE FIND OUT THAT WE WERE BOOKED TO LEAVE FROM IAH AKA GEORGE BUSH AIRPORT and we were all ready to kill everyone! I was so fucking mad, we all were and we almost booked upgraded 1st class flights on the 1st thing smokin…. but it woulda canceled our entire itinerary for the trip, so we had to rush over to IAH airport via cab and when we got in, we weren’t in the greatest mood and some funny shit; the driver of the cab had on some bible channel on the radio that was reciting passages from the bible and I felt like man this shit is not cool (literally, wasn’t trynna hear that & it was like 90 degrees & humid outside) so Angel tells the driver bluntly, “turn that shit off or turn it down now” lol. that was just 1 of maybe 200 funny lines Angel had during the trip….. we get to IAH and handle our standby’s thanks to the Supra administrative crew & our travel agent….. off to ATL…
sorry for the random pics. I lost my camera in a taxi cab in Manhattan. I’M SO FUCKING MAD ABOUT IT. THERE WERE ONLY 25 PICS MAYBE, BUT 5 OF THEM WERE PRICELESS! I’M SO FUCKING HEARTBROKEN OVER IT…. so here’s some from sites & from my bberry…
here’s pics of Houston: click on pics to enlarge them:

when I get to my room, my girlfriend hid a note inside my bag….

when we finally got to IAH, we said fuck it, let’s take a pic in front of the cow

me showing angel, some pics of some bitches…

and we’re off to the A! fly society!

So we land in ATL 2 hours later (just over an hour past schedule) get our Luxury SUV and head over to the W Midtown and man Supra rolls in style. We had TOOO FRESH OF A ROOM! but fucking camera is gone, so I don’t have pics of the room SMFH! me and Terry ordered some room service while, the crew ate downstairs and tore down some strawberry mojitos….. Angel gave TK some imodium AD and after that, some food & a shower, my dude TK was BACK! SINGING AND SHIT! MAN I HAD VIDEO OF MY DUDE ACTIN A FOOL! fucking so angry I lost all that footage! we got fresh, I broke out the 1 of 1 TK society’s for the event…. TK rocked the Red Leather joints early! we headed downstairs to the lobby, my dudes were gettin their drink on and I had 1 strawberry mojito and THAT SHIT TASTED GOOD AS FUCK! I hopped in and played designated driver and we headed to Wish…. now let me start by saying this: I have been a serious sneakerhead since 1995, a sneakerhead since 1982 no joke, so I have seen some ill stores, I have seen the best, the hyped joints, you name it, from decor to just mad inventory, all the above….. Wish in ATL could be 1 of the illest sneaker stores I have seen in my life. The upstairs is a store with clean modern design, simple, but super clean and I don’t know, but I figure they have shoes displayed and mostly apparrel there, but for the special event it was cleared out and SUPRA DAY! but real talk, they move more supras there than any other brand and they got it all. even exclusive NIKE shit, to ALIFE to all the fly shit, but of course nothing can see us right now US=SUPRA! anyways….. we pull into the driveway and it was hard to find parking, there is a line outside like a MUTHAFUCKER! I mean it was worse than the LBC District 8 release… by the time we got there, EVERY SINGLE PAIR HAD BEEN SOLD OUT! btw, we have sold out every single TK society @ every event so far! but this shit was INSANE! we had the legendary DJ Don Cannon of the Affiliates on the wheels, Stevie Williams in the house and mad supra/TK fans in the house…. as soon as we walked up, an asian kid came up to me with 8 x 10 photos of me and TK and I was like WOW! you gotta be kidding me right? I mean I get asked every single day to take pics with dudes/girls wherever I’m at, but this kid had pics, hats, etc for me to autograph. shit was crazy! so we walk in and get it in early(no homo) they had 2 police officers guarding us, so I got dumb and took off my ice and flossed it on the table…. TK started signing auto’s and we both took a shit load of pics. Cats were BUGGIN out on the black/blue suede TK society’s and we met some really dope peeps. Shout out to Tee & Zahir(dopest youngest jeweler on the planet) and my man Dow Jones of for blessin us. I appreciate you comin thru and showing love famo! everyone in the ATL was outta control nice…. some kids drove 8 hours to meet Terry! wow. now, the downstairs of Wish was un fucking real! shit reminded me of a mix between the nicest library in a billionaires home with the og footsoldier store in tokyo. 90% of the shoes on display were Supras! and they had HEAT! I did an interview with my man G from and then we wrapped up shit and me and crew headed over to Stevie William’s store: Sk8tique I haven’t spent much time with stevie, but we used to hang out a lot back in the day…. he’s really seemed to fit into the ATL lifestyle hardbody….. we chilled out there for a little while, then we headed to a party @ the new era flagship store. party was dope, met greg street & some nter’s were in the house….. we headed back to the W hotel to get ready for the official after party @ the whiskey inside the W where they host a party called “smoke & mirrors”. the venue was fly, we held down 2 tables and I got to hang out with my asian brother from another mother Will (co-owner of Prestigious) and we got so faded that we had to be escorted out of the club….. me and Terry fucked up some room service and passed out! When Terry woke up, his ass was the OG compton ass terry, swaggeriffic loud ass crazy TK ready for war! he was amped up like a rockford fosgate! We got some good ass southern breakfast (grits, oatmeal, eggs, chicken sausage, waffles, etc) and headed for the airport and headed to the rotten apple! outside, Terry got on the board and started doing some tricks, but I can’t show you because I LOST MY CAMERA? DID I MENTION THAT TO YOU GUYS YET? fuck! ATL was the highlight of my entire trip for real. thank you everyone for the love and energy! shout out to Jay @ Wish, the owner of Wish, Jeff from Laced Out and Franco Roberts from xtm….
here’s some pics…. sorry but randoms again… please click to enlarge them:

fresh off the plane….

the view from my room….(I wish I had the rest of the pics of my room) FUCK!

found 2 more notes when I unpacked more stuff from my bag. love you girl!

sorry, I don’t have any pictures of the after party or the new era party because I LOST MY FUCKING CAMERA! if anyone has some pics, please email me them to: PLEASE! thank you! the new era store was fucking fresh!


so we leave the ATL feeling great, then head to nyc….. (f.y.i. I got more juice in NYC then I do in L.A. and the juice is drippin off my shoulders out here ya dig?)
when we get to La Guardia, It’s on and I feel it in the air….. hyped to meet up with my fam Jus Ske, hyped to meet up with the rest of the team (antwan dixon, furby, lizard) and Fuzzy Felix & folks from FS…. and the newest member of the supra fam, Joy (I’ve known Joy for 7 years and she was around when I was 1/2 of Methamphibian…. she witnessed the 1st line/camp out ever in Undefeated’s history! btw, we sold out at every store we released @ and Joy has been around this shit a long time. MAD LOVE JOY! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND ALL THE LOGISTICS! YOU HELD US DOWN!) so we get off the plane, jump into an escalade and head to the bowery…. once again, thank you Supra, my room was lavish and had so much flavor! room service was off the fucking hook too! as soon as we dropped off our bags, me, Angel & TK headed for a stroll thru the village & soho….. we hit Supreme and man, shit sorta depressed me… LA supreme’s store had more steez than the NY joint…. we hit up Chad Muska to meet us and he came thru with his Brady Bunch Bicycle with beats bumpin and his dog(for real canine)…. we walked thru the streets of soho and checked out some shops and peeped up some of Chads tags and throw ups and he had some fresh shit…. then we hit up his loft to chill for sec and smoke some OG LA kush(if anyone got it in NYC it has to be Chad) chad’s loft is VERY fresh and he had some dope art in works, mini studio, etc….we had to walk up 9 flights of stairs to get there though…. jesus. we left the spot and linked up with everyone again and headed to get some food & margueritas….. I left the crew and more of the fam landed…. I wanted to get a little rest and meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time…. as I pass my OG homey’s store blue & cream, I reminisced a little about my old days of living in NYC and the whole rocafella movement…. anyways. TK and his cousin come thru the room so we can get right and it’s NYC so we don’t even get ready for club shit til midnight….. we have the driver waiting for us and head out to Mr. West (my homey Jus Ske’s new spot just off the westside highway) We walk in with the blue carpet treatment and it’s immediate Belvedere poppin off! we got 3 tables just cuz thats how Supra rolls…. Jus got the beats laid down, TK’s doin the stanky leg and we all are groovin and having a good time…. Felix & some more LA fam roll up….. we ran into some unwanted company, but F the bullshit, we kept it pushin til about 3am there, then headed to my SKE-team famo’s spot 1OAK….. 1OAK was packed like a muthafucker…. it was insane in that bitch! shout out to my brother/fam Foo! Fouad is a true baller/business man with no jokes…. just grind… he held down the illest table in the spot as always…. bumped into some og homey’s Chris Jones & my man Busta….. I shook the club around 4:10am and didn’t tell anyone, but I thought I was the only one…. lol. TK and his cuz and Joy had the same agenda, so we headed back to the Bowery…. We ordered a few mean kobe burgers and talked shit til the sun came up and I past the fuck out…. I woke up in the middle of the night from a phone call from someone and knocked over a sprite all over my phone and it wouldn’t let me get into my phone or even see who the missed call was from…. this became a problem, because me without my blackberry is a situation of emergency! I try wetting the buttons with washcloth and water and drying it to the point of almost melting the buttons with a hair dryer….. at 10am, I head to the nearest phone store to get the phone fixed and thank god, they disassembled the phone and fixed it! headed back to the hotel to have a heart to heart convo with Angel who btw, had the illest suite in the entire hotel…. my dude had a terrace on some brooklyn rooftop party type steez…. we chopped it up some more and the more I talk to Angel, the more inspiration I get to make this brand bigger than it already is…. I break down my Nike story to him and how they fucked me and then he gives me some insight and I listen and respect…… I then head off to go visit the competition… aka Jacob the Jeweler’s spot…. nothing special in store, then I head to 47th to the diamond district…. SHIT WAS A FUCKING GHOST TOWN! so sad. I mean there was nothing to look at…. I’ve seen better ice in downtown LA and that’s NEVER BEEN SAID. As for IF and Co. our display case hands down shits on anyone’s elses inventory guaranteed…… so anyways, I shake the spot, get some food @ cipriani’s and then realize I LOST MY FUCKING CAMERA WITH ALL MY DOPE ASS PICS ON IT AND SOME SHIT WITH CELEBS DOIN THINGS THAT I DO WHICH IS FROWNED UPON AND IN THE WRONG HANDS COULD MAKE SOMEONE RICH IF THEY HANDED IT OVER TO TMZ…..we’ll see what happens with all that, but oh well….. I’m fucking mad, but it’s on me. I was in a rush, 3 cities in 4 days, no sleep, partying…. I just wanted to eat right and get on a flight home to my baby. So I head to JFK, I’m in such a shitty mood, I’m not trying to sit in coach on the way home. so I upgrade my ticket to first class and I run into my boy Affion Crockett who’s in the new movie “dance flick” and we chop it up a little bit…. I then board onto my plush seat and I smell the hate from the old money folks sittin next to me and take an ambien and pass the fuck out. I tell the stewardess that I do NOT want to be bothered, don’t care about the food, just leave me alone….3 hours later I wake up in OHIO????? wtf? hold up, first off, it doesn’t even take 3 hours to get to Ohio…. we sat on the runway for damn near 2 hours! and I was awoken by the movement on the plane because we almost crashed due to the bad weather! the fucking plane had to refuel as well and I don’t even want to get into how much of a fucking nightmare it was getting home… a 5.5 hour flight turned into a 10 hour flight AND I HATE FLYING! anyways, I get home, my girl waited outside LAX for a while…. I was just happy to be back in the city of angels and be home…. the tour was awesome. again, I want to thank Angel, Ashley, Dennis, Joy, everyone else I mentioned above and more…. and especially my little brother Terry Kennedy! thank you god bless.

here’s some pics…. I’m sad because the best pics I had on my camera were candids in NYC
click to enlarge


god bless! grind time this week like no other!!!

p.s. I was twittering all trip…. for those who aren’t following me, I get wreckless on there…. follow me @benballer

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