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but no matter what I will never forget. in fact, everywhere I go, it seems as if my dude is next to me or it’s a place me and Jojo shared a laugh or 2. Just hitting vegas for 24 hours felt weird. I got a feeling I’m gonna feel weird for a while (obviously)
I said goodbye this weekend, but still not properly in my eyes….

last week was a weird sucky one….

dude couldn’t wait to get a motel room…. no it’s not rape. please don’t say some stupid shit like that.

I hope dude had on protection…. I couldn’t tell especially after my boy honked his horn…. but if he did, maybe next time he can swag it out with pop art condoms like these

I doubt I’ll ever use these, but could you imagine stopping before sex to show a girl you got a keith haring pop art condom on?

and on a better note, if you didn’t catch my twitter feed during the week….


my boy Oleg who is a friend of Jonas took some pics of me a long time ago before my back was finished…. and he got me into a coffee table book of Los Angeles

I’ll make sure to get the info and post it here if any of you care….

also make sure you check out
my lil homey Tyler directed a new video for his single “SHE”
he also produced the beat, wrote the song, wrote the concept for the video, acted in it, swagged the fuck out and it features Frank Ocean and the video is dope, period. real shit…..

speaking of Odd Future, before they left for australia, they were here for a few hours and I caught up with Hodgy and Left Brain while I was grabbing a diamond unpolo

they’re prolly gonna be on the block today since they just got back home….
speaking of the block, if you’re hot….

stay cool and cop a supreme water gun


Friday, after having a terrible and rough week… I got out of the house and I met up with an NBA client of mine who wanted a g-shock just like Drake’s and Rob Kardashian’s….. deal done got my cheese and then actually met up with Rob Kardashian to get some lunch and catch up with things….
I met Rob at this place called “The Shave” where you get a fresh razor shave and a line up…..

when I walked in there were like 4 or 5 papparazzi cats outside lurking… I mean, they don’t usually camp out, but since Kim just pulled that big move earlier in the week…. I guess they just want anyone with the Kardashian name to say something…..
Rob moved over seats because they were filming him get shaved…..

shout out to my boy Kappy who was there as well… my new nick name for him is: Mr Vegas aka Brandon Bottles smh lol…. follow him at @BrandonKaplan

when we walked outside, these papparazzi’s were following Rob and asking him questions and shit…. like is there pressure now when you want to propose to a girl? how is that nice 20 carat ring? blah blah blah????
rob said, I don’t know, ask him (ME) he’s my jeweler….. then Rob said to me, do you wanna run? I said fuck no I’m not running lol….. what I look like? I’m an old man, can’t be running from other grown folks.
but we were only like 100 feet from the restaurant we were going to….
so then the guy asked him how his basketball game was and neither of us told dude that he was coming real quick up on a table and then dude busted his ass and flipped back on a table filled with food and people smh….

the place Rob took me to was called Cabbage Patch and it was pretty fucking good!

was Jonas at Lunch with us? maybe huh?

if you know the significance of that # then you know, but of all the numbers, I could have got, that’s the one I got. crazy.
I got the apple and bacon salad and the lettuce was real fresh…. the apples were warmed up and just overall it was really really bomb.

this was a damn good salad!
we both got Salmon Bowls as our main meal and it was over vegetables and brown rice…. everything organic and healthy

we shook out and I linked up Rob with some more gear connects so he can stay fresh on the show…. he’s been repping L-R-G heavy and also repping Crooks heavy…. it’s all love

after that, I had to set up a quick photoshoot with Ice T and a streetwear brand….. so we did it at his hotel room


back to his OG shit…. he’s still my uncle

and right after that, I had to head home, get ready and get dressed for Ice-T and Coco’s wedding anniversary. they were getting married again for their new TV show “Ice Loves Coco” and it’s their 10 year anniversary, so they renewed their vows….. at the W hotel

on our way…..

got there to the red carpet and ran into a lotta cats I haven’t seen in a few years… it was a very crazy mix of peeps there. I mean from gangsters, pimps to major hollywood producers and skaters


now I gotta stop the blog for a second…. thats Freeway Rick Ross… the original don dada…. the motherfucker who was slanging more shit than anyone in the 80’s…. he was so large, he spawned a whole movement to be like him…. way before Meech and way before the police officer turned rapper…. he had car dealerships, car washes and mad shit in the 80’s and I remember seeing him, hearing stories from big homey’s like Cartoon and Ice T and just hearing shit on the streets…. he was pushing up to like 50 million in 1984, thats like 400 million today, I mean stupid paper….. it was a honor to kick it with dude. he just did like a 20 year bid….. crazy cool folks though

so back to the wedding… the bishop magic don juan officiated the wedding


Snoop and Flava Flav were both there…. talking shit on the Mic

me with 2 true LA OG’s

congrats to my big homey / uncle….
I say uncle cuz I met Ice T in 1983 while breakdancing at the Radio Tron and he got me some jobs as a kid breaking while doing shit on the streets….. then I was his A&R at Priority Records and we’ve just always stayed in touch and when Lil Ice was born, I always looked out for him and now dude is almost 21…. smh, I’m old as fuck

the wedding was quick and fun and there were 2 full bars, all types of hors dourves and desserts and while we were there, Nic saw on Twitter that Jo Koy was downstairs celebrating his birthday….. so I was like WTF? what kind of coincidence is this? then I get a text from Jo Koy telling me to come down or we’re gonna fight lol


we chopped it up for a bit….. I’m gonna go check out his filming of his 1 hour comedy central stand up special soon…. but tomorrow he invited me down to the set of Chelsea Lately to check him out and meet Chelsea Handler which should be cool.

after that, we went back upstairs to chill a little bit longer and then shook back home as I had to handle biz with my boy Jonas and then had to shoot out to Vegas for JCK

Jonas gave me that Louis Vuitton Damier Ipod case, so you know that shit is staying with me forever

American 1st class is so weak, but it’s better than being elbowed up with someone… fuck it, it’s only a 50 minute flight

landed and checked out JCK, to be honest? not even worth mentioning… wtf happened to the jewelry game? I mean, damn, it’s worse than the magic convention and this is THE BIGGEST JEWELRY CONVENTION ON EARTH! I seen Jacob, but he was only doing private showings, no booth…. Simon G kinda ran JCK and has been for a little while, like when you walk into magic and see how Rocawear and LRG own it….. there is just a shit load of CZ’s, Silver jewelry, a ton and I mean a ton of Shamballa bracelets (chakra’s) and a ton of shitty watches, like Invicta and things…. but really costume jewelry was crazy there. I didn’t see too many people I know, BUT damn, it was crazy to see that so many people knew who I was. like older Indian or older middle eastern people. I’m talking well into their 50’s and 60 year olds knew me….. I said fuck the show, headed straight to my boy’s suite at the Cosmopolitan to celebrate his Bachelor party

right before I walked into the Cosmo…. I seen these

smfh, what lame ass company would bite my homey’s kicks (TK society) and just blatantly use the same colorway even? it would be the gayest shoe brand on earth Creative Recreation…. fucking sad

ok, I had to get that off my chest

my homey Rex had an extra room for me, so I stayed the night
the room was good, but the view? and the view deck? unbelievably ill


so It was still 88 degrees outside and I went down to Marquee Day Pool and kicked it for a short while…..
my boys were having a lotta fun and I just feel like that particular day kinda sucked…. mad chicks with hella cake/paint face make up on. I mean it’s 90 degrees out and their in stripper cheap ass heels and their faces look like crayons about to melt…. I was no where near the oldest dude there and the music was whatever, no mix what so ever, I felt like I was at a pool party in Riverside or Diamond Bar smh

I ordered some food and the pizza tasted like Wood, the waitress swore it was the shit like better than gourmet food… I wouldn’t pay $1.00 for that bullshit….. my boy’s were like you wanna order a few bottles of rose??? I’m like naw, don’t even waste your time homey

me and my homey Brian (also a partner with Friendly Earth) went back up to the room and both of us passed out and took like an hour or longer nap….


believe it or not, that tub was filled with beers and vodka bottles…. these guys had been going hard since thursday day! lol…. by the time I got there, they were worn out and hated vegas lol

they barely ate or slept…. just partied and gambled and I’m not mad at them….. every single one of these guys are super hard working cats from Seattle. before I got any further, much love and shout out to the homeys: John, Brian, Brain BC, Garrett, Mike, Hong and Steve and of course REX
you guys had me dying the entire time…. you know I had to instagram a few shots…..

so me, Rex and Brian went downstairs to Holsteins to get some food…. I wanted to get Blue Ribbon, but they weren’t that hungry…. once Rex and Brian tasted that Bulgogi burger with that official marinade and fried egg and kim chee they were like DAMMNNNNNN!!!!

anytime you got a fried egg in your burger, you’re winning…. yes I broke my diet for this trip.
my homey Josh D took me to this place for the 1st time…. I was there for such a short time, I didn’t have time to say what up to Josh and also I wanted to stop by to the Bellagio Villas next door and say what up to the Champ and my homey’s Wayne, Kip and Rick who were there with Floyd chillin

after that, I walked into CRSVR (DJ VICE’s & Nick’s boutique) and they always got fresh shit in there…. they were doing a small event with Jason of BH for the quest love shoe and it had gold and diamonds on it (no pic, sorry, fuck you lol) and it was only like 9pm and there was already a LONG LONG ASS LINE outside of marquee smh….. I never wouldddddd

I was checking out their supra selection and they always stock everything from button downs to beats headphones to gshocks to tees and fresh ass kicks and more! I’m gonna be doing something with them very soon! much love Nick and Omar and they were bumping Poolcide the whole time

that’s me and Nick and the new boss of Las Vegas (Eric Dlux) Eric got so much money now that when he writes a check, the bank bounces smh

me and Jason of BH looking real interested in something else than our own convo’s lol…. jk, I really fuck with dude and that’s saying a lot with this business…. we go eat Korean BBQ every so often and chat up about basketball to jewels and whatever and I get along with dude, he never bad mouths me…. end of story
he agreed that JCK was terrible and he didn’t even end up going. I ran into him and his wife again later at Marquee

so I shake back upstairs to get ready for the club and the fuckery

I swear to god, I’ve seen that fountain show over 3,000 times since 1997 and I’ll never get sick of it


so we head down to Marquee around 11ish…. that’s really early for me to even walk into any club in vegas… I really wanted to go see Eric Dlux kill shit at Tao (he was filling in for DJ Vice who was in London and Ibiza) and I just knew Marquee would be crackin, but not CRACKING feel me?
so we walk up and there is a line longer than the unemployment line, there are like 25 hosts/workers or whatever acting busy with their headsets and shit and to be honest? you could cut down that staff in half easy. smh
the VIP line is 30 minutes to an hour long, the regular bottle service line is like 1 hour long… so I hit up some of my folks who run and I mean HNIC shit with regards to Tao/Lavo/Marquee group and I’m already in front not waiting, but I make sure my boy’s don’t wait another 2 minutes…..
we walk in and I got them a different table. we’re chilling and it’s early

only pic I took of my homey the entire time smh

we order 2 bottles of that Rose Nectar Imperial and 1 magnum of Goose to start off….. they didn’t have a magnum of the rose’ so fuck it… I really wanted a magnum of perrier jouet fleur rose, but I didn’t know they had that off the menu until we we’re already gone which was soon…..
okay, let’s start with the fuckery

all my boy’s were sorta burned out and I only came to support my boy Rex so I felt bad…. but wanted to make the best of it…. the music off top sucked big time… I just didn’t wanna hear rihanna/britney house mixes from a legendary old school house DJ. I mean David Morales was stinking the place up and obviously doing it for money…. that is like KRS ONE doing a song with soulja boy. sad as fuck…. and if the music sucks bad, it’s hard to have a good time in a club… unless you’re rolling on E, which I don’t fuck with…..
and then Don Johnson walks in with a HUGE ENTOURAGE! if you don’t know who Don Johnson is(not the actor) then you don’t go out that often in Vegas….. he orders 60 bottles off top and his table is RIGHT NEXT TO OURS….
I’ve seen this dude drop $200k in the club like I would drop $2,000
he had midgets around him, fine ass girls and a gang of security. dudes the size of statues….
Omar from CRSVR tweeted me that Don just won 15 million playing blackjack in atlantic city, so this ain’t shit…
I was tweeting this and I’m sure people thought I was joking

naw, shit was really real…. this was one of the dwarfs who were dressed up crazy…. the other one was rocking a full joker outfit with the face makeup and both of them were inside a huge copper Ace of Spades tub being carried by 6 guys like pallbearers smh…..

what else is crazy is how 5 different waitresses knew me and my fiance’… and my homey Misa wasn’t even working…. some had way better memories than I do, talking about magic, planes and airports and what I was wearing and shit wtf? okay…..

so more fuckery begins….
my boy Rex has a major headache and allergy’s so he takes a pain reliever/allergy med. I think it was tylenol allergy medicine and as he does…. this security guard comes up to him and kicks him and another guy out of the club… I’m walking around chopping it up with some cats and get a few texts telling me he got kicked out…. so I’m fucking furious! LIKE HOLD UP? HUH? WE JUST GOT HERE AND DIDN’T EVEN GET OUR BOTTLES AND YOU’RE GONNA 1. ACCUSE THE BACHELOR OF THE BACHELOR PARTY OF DOING DRUGS? AND 2. CHARGES US FOR SHIT WE DIDN’T GET YET????

man fuck you!!!! so I stay and deal with drama there for a long ass time. I feel bad and want to go over to Tao, but they called over to Tao and informed them that my boys were 86’d out of all their properties… so I’m really fucking mad. like, I can’t believe this shit… so a guy who isn’t even a manager, comes up with this genius solution, “hey why don’t I give you guys the rest of your bottles… whatever you want to fill up that tab and I’ll bring them out so you can drink them here outside or in your hotel room” really dick? what kinda dipshit resolution is that?

fuck that, we didn’t even finish our grey goose magnum or barely 1 bottle of rose’…. how are you gonna kick out my boy who wasn’t doing shit and you didn’t catch him with any drugs on him and try to charge us? fail

that’s pretty much fraud. I feel bad because I got homies with residencies at Tao, Lavo and Marquee and I know the owners and upper management, but that don’t got shit to do with how this shit went down. that’s all I really can say because it is bad for business, but there needs to be some sort of major compensation!

we gambled, drank elsewhere and got it in elsewhere, no thanks to Marquee

proof in the pudding… that ain’t no jello pudding either.

and believe me, my boy’s spent loot in vegas in 3 days. they dropped german car money while they were there, but this is still unacceptable. smh

thanks for inviting me, but sorry to my seattle fam for the last night… I think they weren’t really trippin as hard as I was. Sorry homey’s but I had to say something, you don’t treat good folks like this.

and to end the night perfectly…. my homey DJ Spider who was djing at Tryst at the Wynn posted this picture which summed up Vegas so nicely

lol and smh…. there were so many bachelor/bachelorette parties there it was crazy. I mean sooo many.

I think I went to bed around 6:30am and it was bright outside…. I was in a cab coming from the Venetian on the phone with Nic smh

passed out and woke up at like 11am to music blasting and I hear my boy Stonerokk and the captains of the industry rocking out Marquee pool, so I walked down there to say what up….. but I couldn’t handle another day of cake faces and shitty food…. it was so hot out and I seen the cheap ass shoes and I just said NO

me and Rex and John walked over to the secret pizza parlor inside the cosmo and I never even heard of it, but it was dope and it hit the spot perfectly….. I didn’t even have a plane ticket home, so I got on my ipad and copped a business select ticket back to burbank because I couldn’t get a 1st class one that quick and I didn’t want to stay another night in vegas and I wasn’t gonna wait in the security line, no way, no how….. there was a grip of peeps at the airport too. thank god for the business select bypass line

thanks again Rex and my seattle homey’s…. at the end of the day, I was around good company, so thats all that matters… I’ll see y’all in the 6 soon

now let’s get to some jewelry (speaking of which, Rex is a good customer of mine who was iced the fuck out the whole time he was in vegas; he got ill set ups!)
we finished the baby jesus pieces!


you can tell they are made significantly smaller and still dead on spec wise and look wise…
I put it next to my ring so you can see and then obviously next to a full size jesus piece


we got them with NO diamonds and in every color option you could want…. just inquire via the email

also a previous client got some new tags done


enjoy Chris!

and then another one of our good customers went dumb on his rosary…..
60 carats dumb!


now that is the nicest rosary we’ve ever made for sure….. but my dude always keeps it crispy!

so last night, I got some mexican food from plancha and watched a close ass finals game…. I wasn’t mad at the outcome because I just don’t care anymore and it was a good game, but still sloppy and super good at the same time…..

but I did watch a little bit of the MTV movie awards last night and didn’t expect to see my lil homey Lupe Fiasco repping IF and Co.!


I made him a tribal apacalypto style black diamond spike chain with an all leather necklace and custom clasp…. he didn’t want to me post it on the blog, but now that he’s rocked it on TV, I guess it’s all good.

okay, It really feels like forever since I’ve posted a blog on here and that’s for a good reason…. my brother is gone and I just couldn’t write anything…. I didn’t even feel like speaking too much

hope everyone had a great weekend…. have a great week!

remember to always MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!


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