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it’s been a minute since I posted up on the Row… aka Skid Row
and last night, I had to stop by and get some official Koraku “Cha Han”
and then stopped by SA Studios to get some motivation and go over my next move with my entire chest piece with my big homey Cartoon

I pretty much told myself, I’d finish some touch up’s on my upper arms and finish the final touches on my back piece…. but I seen some cats with their chests blasted and I need to get that done…

but as always, there is nothing but 1000% grind going on at SA Studios, there’s always work and it’s amazing…. this is not just a tattoo artist which I’ve said so many times… this is an artist who happens to make amazing tattoo’s but lives and bleeds street culture, la raza and nobody on earth can see his low rider game…. he keeps a clean european whip around and a nice truck, but he rather put money into old schools as he knows they always hold their value…. I do that but with gold lol… I’ll melt all that shit down and start over…

Toons was the main guy behind me when I was at a stand still and had some chips in my pocket and supported me when I wanted to start a business with my cousins

anyways, I’ll update the new studio he has now for VIP’s only. now that sounds weird right? because he pretty much only tattoo’s VIP’S…. it’s $1,000 to sit in the chair and his appt list is no joke… that money isn’t what it cost to get tatted up by toons either…. a good tattoo ain’t cheap and a cheap tattoo ain’t good. but for me, the tattoo’s are free, I’m paying for the stories my big homey tells

but when I say VIP, I mean like Beyonce or the president of Burberry (yes, not kidding lol) and people who don’t want to see a B+ celeb or street cat when they get tatted….. but again, I’ll come back with an official camera to show y’all how fucking stupid the whole SA studios operation is…. you can’t even grasp it with 20 great wide shot pics….

I’ve updated shit from there many times…. you mighta caught it on my myspace and stuff, but here’s some quick iphone pics of things goin on on a regular Wednesday night

before you walk into the VIP room…. this is what you’ll see! lol


now thats just some basic shots…. I didn’t have time to take the pics when the garage or museum was even open (never open to the public) but he has 2 official museum like areas and like 3 garages….

another thing is Cartoon has done collabs with Nike, Vans, the Simpsons, Casio, Timberland and so many more…. numerous musicians album covers…. community projects up the ass! most recently with the boys club in collaboration with jay-z and lebron james…..
but on some lightweight homey shit….
toons just collab’d with RVCA and I don’t think most woulda seen that coming


he gave me the wrong size…. but I know they got a size L in there somewhere… I’ll be back
much love to the SA family: shout out to Estevan, Nate, Hunter, Mark, Sal, Emily, Vic, Marco and the whole skid row’s finest clique! OG LEPKE! WHERE WAS YOU AT OG?

toons brought up a great point last night… and you got so many bootleggers or biters taking styles from my big homey… now there’s nothing wrong with getting money, but when you do a good job and you see someone else get a black and grey tattoo that looks like toon’s, what do you hear? hey did mister cartoon do that tattoo? exactly…. it takes a very very long time to build that reputation…. I take pride in my work. I think when someone finally spends some of their hard earned money with me, they kinda feel dumb if they ever questioned it prior to having it in their hands. when people see my custom jewelry and don’t know who I am… most say, hey did jacob the jeweler make that? I can’t be mad at that… I got a lotta catching up to do to get to that level even though I’ve made a big name for me/us in the last 4 years…. got a long way to go and we’re not going anywhere

on some other shit….
cats really got things confused…. let me explain to you what it is that I do.
I grind, I kick it and I talk a lot of shit… I have never ever spoke without backing things up.

now there is no discount on toy’s or art really….. at least not with the shit I like or want
so with that said…. just in art or be@rbrick’s or 4ft’ers and random shit hanging in the crib collecting dust…. that’s over 150 racks alone. and peep game…. that’s money spent. I’m never selling that shit unless I get bored with it, never cuz I would need the money……
people kill me with the, well you got all that gold, you should sell everything and buy a bigger house. okay, who’s gonna live in it? AM bought 2 cribs, 1 because he couldn’t really sell the other and Homicide did the same, except homicide bought a HUGE mansion… nobody ever stayed there, he lived at my crib more than his own, real talk…. AM had a mortgage that was CRAZY! yes, I mean crazy even for my rich friends….. my house note is low and I’m not upside down on a loan….. I learned from my homey’s who copped stupid cribs early…. some could do it but I don’t want the stress…. even when Jonas had crazy dividends in his account, he still lived in a basic condo in OC… he eventually went HAM, but not til super late in the game
I don’t think I’m making a move anytime soon…. unless I come into 8 M’s and then, I’m not going full ignorant, I rather always be liquid over anything else…. but I’m good, we’re good here for a couple more years easy.
oh yeah, remember that ignorant huge Cali piece? oh yeah? it’s chillin….. do any of us look worried about it? nope. and that’s another couple hundred racks….
if I sold everything at the store, guess what? we’d have to buy all new shit to have in the display cases….
that ain’t money to go fuck off with…. yes, the profits maybe, but you gotta put it all back into your business… I barely spend 10% of any profit and sometimes even less than that…. and I eat pretty well.

you can’t just go to 7-11 or target and buy the whole store and then think, oh, well is Target gonna do something else now, yes, now they’re gonna be Domino’s pizza! smfh cmon
I’m good. you good? yeah? good, no? too bad, take advantage, make it good… if it wasn’t written for you or input in your dna to grind, then I can’t help you…. but for the less fortunate, I do what I can

p.s. they say you can’t leave this earth with any money or possessions…. true, but I know there’s family or kids or someone that can always use it…. I want to live all the way HAM, but leave on top or above…. not because I had to. F that.

about to get a flossy ass dinner in

the rest of y’all can do what Bosh does best

and no, this photoshop is absolutely real, not photoshopped

see y’all haters in the playoffs….. too bad miami won’t get to the eastern finals, let alone THE FINALS

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