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this is a 83% soft launch….
there are small tiny crinks I will update later, but for now I wanted to go live with the page.
the Date flag/tags on the side (as you see on the top left of this entry) will show up on each entry on each page after a few more days and for now, it will still show up when you click on each individual entry to leave a comment.

this is our 4th facelift and the best one yet, we don’t need or didn’t want a flash page and video streaming, yadda yadda… just something cleaner than that last template which looked like a generic 10% customized page out of a wordpress catalog….

I appreciate the work you’ve done! and you’re still a young gun!

so here it is,
if you look to the right of this, or the top right box area with 9 individual boxes, you can hover or them and see the latest 9 pics there….. it’s just a shortcut to the gallery for now and the gallery will be updating as often as I can take pics and you can now share my blog posts at the bottom of each entry by clicking on the “twitter” or “facebook” share icons

make sure you also use the Search Box, I actually use it often when I’m looking for something, from a shirt I bought to a certain kind of watch to even a restaurant I ate at for reference… the tags only work for google or if you can find the right tag on page 1 or 2 and then click on them to lead you to other similar posts, but the search box is where it’s at!

I was going to wait til Monday for my weekend wrap up, but why? I love the look of this new monochrome black and white page with the tiffany blue accents….

enjoy the page,

If you are in the So Cal area and need window tint for your home or car, then hit up Junior at Fresh Window Tint aka FRESH TINTINGS
they have 2 locations and they do AWESOME WORK!

I recently got my Prius tinted there…. I won’t tint my 7 yet because I don’t want to get hassled in that car, especially while carrying…

they came out to my place and it took them 2 hours or so to finish 10 pieces of glass (prius has mad small little windows) and I went with a smoke Lumar tint with the 15% in the back and 35% in the front which came out perfect.
again, they do residential and automobile or pretty much anything with a window/glass on it.

they really got on it fast!

went to get the car washed… wanted to slap on some platinum plates….


I ordered the OEM fog light kit and I’m gonna put some black 17″ wheels on it prolly…. hey they’re free

thanks again to the Fresh Tint Crew and Junior for holding me down! it looks much better, with that tint and the solar panel/AC roof, the car stays cool all day!

yesterday though, I was in the 7 and it’s not cheap to fill up a V12 twin turbo….
but what’s worse is that most gas stations won’t let you charge over $75 or $80 (what the fuck do SUV owners do? even with regular, it’s gonna be over $100 to fill up!) and it used to be $50 max! smh….

and I still got 3 gallons left… meanwhile in the Prius, I fill up an empty tank at $34! and get 500 miles to a tank!

but that’s okay…..
look at me now….
look at me now….

(that’s like 3.5 kilos of gold fyi)
I mean I complain about gas, but gold will fade all! and silver too of course

man, these days at the store have been longgggg ones.

and this is what I see on a regular when I’m driving home from work….

I don’t know what the hell was going on, but around 6 pig cars were speeding past me and when I finally got up to the scene of the crime, there were 8 or so guys hemmed up and around 12 squad cars and nobody else in the neighborhood even cared, why should they? it’s normal shit in the hood…. I swear I see the ghetto bird at least 4x a day when I’m driving through LA….

hope you enjoy the new layout, I really like it much more than the previous one and I’m learning to really love wordpress much more, I realize how much better this site is for blog purposes….
wordpress = apple
blogger = pc
tumblr = emo/hipster

p.s. once again, shout out to my boy Cody aka @upnorthtrip for getting the site up and making everything look much cleaner!

peace everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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