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After 2 years of bullshit and looking at the same home page and getting mad about it, I finally made the decision to delete that bullshit ass page and build something different, but simple…..

I won’t even go into what frustrated me about the page…. I mean 2 years ago for a bout 3 to 4 months, the site was dope… but it wasn’t update friendly….

so last night and saturday night…. after lots of AK-47 and blue dream, we figured out what needed to be done.
may sound easy for those who don’t have a webmaster or someone who’s been hosting their site almost hostage, but it was a tedious task….. sorry to say this, I really wish I never switched over from blogger to WP and I’m not going to switch back, but it made my life easier the way it was before Chris from CtotheJL came in and tried to help and I know he meant well and with his best intentions, but fucked up my site and traffic and the way things work.

I’m just happy now that it opened my eyes to a lot of traffic I was missing out on and a clean slate from this day forward…….

so finally on to a new server, there will be no more issues with crashing and stuff like that. or the site loading slow. I’m hosting my pics a different way so everything now will run much smoother… I’m building a totally new gallery and hyped as fuck that we are on a new format, but very simple and basic.

I hope you enjoy the new page look, but more that this is the main page for IF and Co and you see our traffic is no joke… and with the traffic and bigger audience, I will not change… I’ll still be doin ME, talking shit!

I have a lot of work to do today,
I’ll get to my saturday and sunday, weekend shit when I get home.

thanks for visiting the blog/page!


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