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“You have all the time in the world k-town, don’t rush”…. that was the last thing my homey Kymo said to me about 45 minutes before he died in front of me in 2004. Man after that point, I learned how to live fast, but more efficiently than those who take their time. I’m still very positive to this day, but like the pastor said at Kymo’s funeral, “tomorrows not guaranteed, tonight’s not even guaranteed, so you have to live life to the fullest! Live each day as if it were your last day on earth.” who does that? not everyone….. but I can dig it. I also can be patient, but I hate to wait for certain things when it’s not immediately necessary. I will though.

WE LIVE IN THIS CRAZY MICROWAVE ERA, EVERYONE WANTS EVERYTHING FAST AND RIGHT NOW, but they don’t realize most of the time, they don’t get the same grade or quality. Not everyone can fit that mold or cater to those demands of I WANT IT NOW. BUT some can…. That’s what it’s come down to folks… I’ve mentioned this to a few friends of mine recently about the way the new generation lives and what they’re expectations are. Technology is a great thing, but it’s also changed the way we communicate for better and also for worse. We’re so impersonal at times. We rather text our friends/family than actually hear their beautiful voices. I love hearing my friends voices when I have a choice. We want everything now. Emails are instant, why sit down and write a beautiful letter and mail it out when you can just click send from your cpu? Once in a while it’s nice to get a hand written letter. To me, when I receive a card that was hand written, it shows me that person took a little more time out to show they care. I also appreciate nice penmanship. f.y.i. My penmanship has fallen off horribly.
Why go to a music store to buy a cd? we can download the music in seconds RIGHT NOW. I used to actually look forward to seeing the artwork and credits and shout outs on the records…. . But I’ve become a victim to that way of living as well(not in a microwave standpoint, but a fast life), but I adapted to it in my honest opinion very well. I understand nobody wants to wait, nobody wants to cook and let the pot simmer, instead, they put it on high, let’s go even faster, just put it in the microwave. If you want to sacrifice quality, then ok, but I hate when it’s over killed. Meaning, you get so accustomed to that lifestyle, you rather actually eat microwave rice INSTEAD of waiting for it to actually cook in a rice cooker. HELL NO. You think that a tv dinner pasta actually tastes just as good as a Thomas Keller made one. HELL NO. Its different in each aspect of what I’m talking about, from food to communication to even love.

What the hell is the point of what I’m saying?
I’ve been expected to rush shit all my life…. hurry up and find us an artist who will sell us a million records, find me a new house today, I want good food right now, where can I get the illest rarest sneakers RIGHT NOW? but most recently, MAKE ME MY JEWELRY RIGHT NOW, I CAN’T WAIT 6 TO 8 WEEKS, CAN YOU DO IT IN 3 DAYS? well yes I can make things happen that fast.(funny thing is most of the time with the exception of Jonas, nobody can pay me on time, but they want it right now) Can it be made with the same quality as if it was made with more time? With Icee Fresh it can, it all depends on the arena I’m in and how important this each situation is to me/us. I can shut down my shop if I needed to and have everyone work on a single piece, but is it that serious? For my loved ones, sometimes it might be. A MAJORITY OF THIS MICROWAVE ERA EARTH CAN’T PRODUCE THOUGH.
The real point is, if I can’t be as effective when speeding in doing anything without sacrificing quality, then I won’t. Especially with my friends, I don’t want any of them settling for 2nd best. Some of my customers just want their jewels to shine when the nightclub lights are on it or when the flash on the cam is pointed on it…. naw homey, Icee Fresh wants your shit to shine in a pitch black room. the Microwave era kids are different from the OG’s. Of course there’s shortcuts to everything, but if you don’t understand the lesson involved or don’t care, then fuck it, go with 2nd best, it’s close enough huh? I grew up living a different creed. I wanted to be the best in everything. But I wanted it to be undeniable, not in a cheating way. With hard work and my talents…. If I was gonna be a trash man, then I’m gonna be the president of all trash men.

Also, Rushing and Forcing are 2 totally different things. I try my best not to force anything or go against the grain. I don’t regret anything I’ve done in a long time. Some people can’t understand me because I move fast, but I move fast and effectively. I’m not talking fast, you’re just listening slow…. I try to live an honorable life so that I can look back at my life a second time and feel good about myself(dalai lama). If I could really use 7 minute abs to get a washboard stomach, I would…. lose weight fast? man, how about going about it the right way. I’m at an age where I don’t want any repercussions and side effects that involve annoyances. I’m gonna eat better, train harder and get the body I want with more work, instead of gaining it fast and losing it even faster.

some people need to do a self examination….. I’m out y’all, but peep game:

“Where are you physically, mentally, spiritually and financially? Examine yourself!…. If you really tell the truth you’ll find HAPPINESS and not an unhappy mess… (Remember) Happy are those who understand that if you torture data long enough, it will tell you anything you want!…..

You cannot correct what you refuse to confront!”

I am definitely much happier about who I am these days, then I was a few months ago. I know I’ve been solid. I can survive happily in this era we’re in now without having to settle for “it’s good enough”.

btw, Life’s too short to be scared, to live in fear of things. Go hard. it does not mean you can’t be responsible.

good night and man, I’ve got so much anxiety pumping through me now with the new tv show… I’m filming tomorrow morning at 10am! wish me luck. haters do your job too

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