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Sorry it’s been 3+ days since I’ve entered in a blog, but works been good and nothing exciting or crazy special, but work that keeps me busy and paid and then whatever extra time I have I use to chill out with special people and family….. so damn…
Thursday late afternoon I head down towards Skid Row to visit my family Soul Assassins to have a meeting with my guy Marcos first… his new agency ID agency is launching and their killing shit on the real marketing side. I know a lot of people have said I’m a marketing genius, but whatever, it’s not my career. These cats do that for real! from recaro seats to xbox consoles to NOS energy drinks to anything that needs more attention, they’re the guys to get it done! I didn’t get the big homey Cartoons new sanctioned phone, so Marcos laced me with one….

So I wrapped up a great meeting with them, then headed over to harass Estevan….

before I do though, I see Cartoons dad and gotta always pay my respects… and of course peek inside toon’s garage to see what he got going on car wise… there’s always something new in the works and I’m always surprised…. his latest 1986 SS is stupid! So there’s a bubble top 61 and then I fucking lose it! lol…. anyone who remembers or had an older brother who is OG LA from the mid to almost late 80’s remembers all gangstas would ride in a Nissan Truck… down the shaw, down olympic, down wherever and I remember in like 1985 – 1986 it was super ultra cracking to hit Palm Springs for spring break and it was on the news that cruising was major there and when the cameras flipped to the strip, yup….. Nissan Trucks were present! haha…. peep out this OG shit! check out the cellular phone attached to the car! mad analog styles and crazy velvet interior! of course the ice cream paint candy paint job too!


who can fuck with this bed? smh
I wish toons threw on some centerlines or enkei’s and kept it ultra og, but I know he loves them wires (daytons)

so I finally walk over to Estevan’s office, but before I hit his office, I see my boy Nate… and inside Nate’s office are some beautiful new blown up original photos taken by Estevan and I say to myself…. you know what? why the fuck don’t I have any original art/photos by Estevan? So I go right across the hallway to break his balls…. I don’t care if he’s in a meeting with Dennis Hopper or Terry Richardson(btw, he’s shot both of them before), I’m goin to fuck with him, because my big homey would do the exact same thing to me! guaranteed! So anyways…. I just fuck with him, complain and talk shit and then catch up… see how his kids are doing and wife, etc…. he’s always got a ton of projects and always busy, but he’s so fucking stupid and hilarious I can’t ever be too mad in his office… (btw, he just finished shooting my homey Kurupt and when I got there, I shook kurupt’s hand and kept it moving as he seemed to be in a serious convo with someone on the phone lol…. later Estevan was like, yo Kurupt do you know Ben Baller? Kurupt was like cmon… “THIS MY KILLA RIGHT HERE FROM WAAAAAY BACC! haha) So Estevan always has to show off to me as I do with him on major shit he’s working on…. archives, whatever I’ve missed in the last month or 2 since I’ve seen him…. this motherfucker pulls out some Ramonas burritos! NOW IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT RAMONA’S BURRITOS, THEN YOU AIN’T SHIT! I grew up eating them things waiting around on my mom to finish work and they just came out with these new ones, the potato and ground beef joints, not the shredded beef and potato! but the picadillos! only estevan would have them shits!

so after talking shit… I begin to walk out to start my meeting and Estevan says to me, check out that photo over there in the white frame…. it just came from a museum. so my nosey ass goes right over to peep game and it’s a fucking classic original picture taken by Estevan of a bunch of cadavers inside a morgue on a sunday afternoon in a clean ass white frame! I mean this shit is some dope ill artistic shit! so then he says, that’s yours homey…. I’m like GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE BRO! cmon, don’t play with my emotions! he’s dead ass serious! so I take it and almost start to run to my car but the photo is HUGE! so I get it and start walking downstairs to the parking lot…. Estevan begins to autograph it to me and FINALLY, THE BIG HOMEY LACES ME WITH SOME DOPENESS OF HIS!



what it looked like after he tagged it up! THANKS E!

and then…. of course…. (my camera sucks, whats new?)



later on that night finally… hanging on my wall! shit looks good!

so I head over to have my meeting with Marco’s and that goes excellent as planned…. right after I go downstairs to join their event, which is the launch of their new agency…. the ID agency.
it’s held at SA studios and it was a very chill mixer, drinks, tequila, bar, food, snacks, maddd different cupcakes! and of course music and photography showcased by a few different photographers who shot the most recent Gumball rally last year…. 2 guys who I fux with had their work being shown, 1 obviously Estevan and the other my homey Mo(he shot some ill pics of my M5 when we were shooting the Fly Society superstars video) and so I chopped it up with a lot of cats, some celebs showed up, some powerful people, but the highlight of that night was meeting and talking to 2 people from Mayor Villaraigosa’s office. It was surprising they knew my name and even more surprising that the lady who practically is in charge at the mayor’s office, is from K-TOWN!!!!!!! yep, cool as shit! and we talked about a lot of things and ways on how I can help out my city, our city improve! so I was ecstatic to meet her and her colleagues and can’t wait to help out on this new census and whatever the future has to offer(remember to get counted!)


So I shake from skid row and head to hollywood… I’m fucking exhausted and all I can think about is this beautiful girl and getting away from town even if it’s not that far a trip…. so I get to the Playhouse around 11:10pm because Homicide is now going on at 11:30 instead of midnight and I wanted to take at least a 35 minute nap, but fux it…. time to hang out with some homiez and talk shit on the microphone….

me and Homicide walk right into the spot, I say what up to my brodie Jackson… say hi to Tanjee and they catch mad laughs at the be@rbrick, here’s a quick flip vid of that incident… lol @ jackson!

My boy Igor(who I’ve also known forever is part owner of the club with my other boy Gugo, btw nice seeing you yesterday in Glendale lol!) walks us in VIP styles and makes sure the Be@rbrick had proper identification and was over 21 to get inside…. I order some champagne and DJ Scratchy is on…. Homicide is setting up while I have a conversation with Sexy (my be@r)…. while he’s setting up, I realize that they don’t have normal champagne flutes at the Playhouse, so I had to give my be@r a wine glass instead; the be@r wasn’t too happy about that, smh…. but we got it in, well Homicide really got it in! shit he took it from some regular opening type shit, some custom mash ups, then took it all the way to the east, brought it back to the west…. get ultra dirty derrrrtyyyy south with it…. threw in some Bee Gee’s, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and then went electro and house for a min….. I haven’t heard a set like that in a long ass time! A lot of our DJ homiez were in Miami for WMC, but both of us was like fuck that shit bro, we staying in LA! I don’t get too emotional for my bro bro AM when i’m in a club too tough, but we’ll get into that later…. of course Homicide will always honor him by playing Daft Punk “one more time” whenever he’s on the tables…. it was a good night, got to see some OG homiez, some new, shout outs to Tadao, Triple XL, GOC one, EdSki, George, Avo, JimmyBoi and if I forgot your name, please don’t be mad….
here’s some pics


you guys thought I was joking about the VIP bracelet huh? haha


shit got crazy packed after midnight…. I always forget to hit up the upstairs VIP room… shout out to the homey DJ MR BEST!

had no Rose’ bottles… but had to take a pic of the Rose gold jesus…. what no pics of champagne? yeh, we popped a couple, nothing major… my boys copped some Ace and shit, but I was into the music all the way….
I get back to the trap and finally I get to rest my eyes… btw Playhouse goes til 3am or later…so me and Homicide got home kinda late(for LA) and Homicide decided to stay the night because he had an early flight to MIA at 8am…. so I went into my room and passed out. SMH…. I forgot to give him a blanket or pillow haha damn… so he shook around 5am and said fuck his trip to Miami completely. MY BAD FAM!


so I got all my work done early, had mad shit to do…. around 11am, caught up with a very very old friend of mine, someone I’ve known since the 6th grade! I remember the 7th grade talent show your school had bro and you came out killing shit! you was sannggin yo ass off! anyways, I had 1 hour to catch up on 5 years of missed time and we took it back to the early 90’s and just all over the place…. my boy Damon Elliott has produced records that have totaled over 30 million album sales easily, shit maybe even 50 mill from Puffy to Bone Thugs, to 2pac to Pink…. crazy thing is his mom is Dionne Warwick and he will NEVER tell you that! we’ve had mutual friends and always been in and out of convo’s, but I change my # so much it’s hard to keep up. Anyways, I sat down with Damon right before I had got into this Icee Fresh business and right after the both of us had went through really bad splits with some women…. it was dope catching up with my guy and talkin shit and just reminiscing about everything from Eazy E to when we were kids to cars to old friends and new ones… Damon copped a few G-Shocks from me while we sat down at the Four Seasons hotel to eat….. it was his bday weekend and he drove a trailer to vegas with his homiez and this coach he had was serious! massage chairs, the whole fucking 9! I gotta thank my homey YaBoy for linking me up with my friend again! we’ll definitely be networking on some next level shit this year!

so I head out to finish up some more work, errands, hit my store up, the usual busy friday shit and trying to avoid trife ass LA traffic but didn’t succeed. So I hit up Homicide who played hookey on Miami and he’s hungry and I need a new bag(luggage) for my trip, so we hit up Beverly Hills….. we try La Scala, but they’re temporarily closed due to an unexpected water pipe breaking(wtf?) so we walk down to porta via next door…. while I’m sitting there, I get a call from my client/homey Millz who is so fucking picky and OCD with his jewelry, he makes Jonas look like that crazy cup of noodles bitch on Intervention… anyways, I always argue with Millz over shit I know he fucking understands but chooses to nitpick over because he’s been screwed over so badly by King Johnny and TV Johnny…. so Homicide thought it’d be funny to take a pic of me while I was on the phone mad…. shit I honestly didn’t even know lol

after we finish up late lunch…. we shake over to Rodeo Drive so I can get a new bag…. remember that trip over a month ago to Chicago and Milwaukee? well, remember IN 10+ YEARS, I HAVE NEVER CHECKED IN A BAG, not even to Asia or wherever! I just don’t and 90% of the time I only fly 1st class….. well that trip to Chicago O’Hare airport on American Airlines 1st class, I checked in my dope ass Black Gucci Bag and they put a big red PRIORITY sticker on it and guess what? yep, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll remember they fucked my bag all the way up! smh

I was so pissed! temporarily while I was on my trip American Airlines Damage Control taped up my bag….. SMFH

now after dealing for a month with American Airlines…. they finally call me to tell me that the bag is beyond repair (no shit?) so they need me to fax over the receipt for the bag since it’s over $1,000 and I tell them I don’t have one. So then they tell me well our policy is they can replace it with their nicest bag (either samsonite or something like that, but it won’t be gucci) or give me a voucher for the amount of the retail price +tax that I paid for this bag…. smh… I give up and take the voucher, fuck it….

so anyways… we walk into Gucci and nothing…. walk into Louis Vuitton and I realize then that I gotta have that Damier Graphite KeepAll 55 bag for my regular traveling…. Rodeo Drive does a search of So Cal and nobody has one in the damn near the entire area, from OC to the valley and all of LA except for Louis Vuitton in the Topanga Mall! man, it’s like 5pm and there’s no way 1. I’m gonna miss the lakers game and 2. no way I’m gonna sit in 4 hours of traffic to and from Bev Hills to Canoga Park! but at least I knew what I wanted, so I called the shop and had them put that last bag on hold for me.

me and Homicide walk back to the whip, but meanwhile, we see a damn Ice Cream truck on Rodeo Drive! wtf? a for real ice cream truck and it’s parked in front of Chanel…. the chanel employees are outside getting ice cream so I said fuck it, let’s get it IN! shit was funny too, the Chanel employees were like you should buy us all ice cream… NOT!

(gotta love the CC logo on the lady’s cardigan and waiting for ice cream lol)

so we get back to the house to only watch our Lake Show get the dog shit beat out of them… I mean, god damn… it was horrible, we even thought we might could pull it off in the 4th, but then it was a wrap…. meanwhile, we were ichatting with DJ 5ive and man that buddha head motherfucker is for real one of the illest asians I know…. love that guy! lol….
so I get a call from my girl around 8pm and I can’t even begin to tell you what happened, but let’s just say left turns were made ALL NIGHT LONG! thank god I know how to put out a forest fire! but damn….thank god everyone is okay…. but like sugafree said, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” amen!


wake up early saturday morning to something wonderful…. and I immediately head out to the valley to get my new bag…. shit the stars, moons and planets must all be aligned properly with my meridians because there were tons of traffic on the opposite side of the fwy going there and nothing on our side….same thing going back home!
now damn, topanga mall stepped up their game heavy! shit, LV, Cartier? Neiman Marcus and mad other high end stores…. I also looked at some tiles at my friends dad’s job because I want to redo both of my bathrooms completely now that I don’t have to spend anymore of my $$$ on some dumb ass bitch.

anyways, mission accomplished! fuck the bag I lost with American Airlines…. I like this one better anyways.


oh yeh, had to upload a pic of me holding the gigantic LV bag up off my phone to my facebook and forgot the rest of the country is pretty much still cold, weather wise…. so I got some comments about how can you be wearing shorts? it’s freezing in NYC! here’s how

so later that night, me and my friend hit the grove to watch “The Runaways” the movie about Joan Jett’s life early on as a young rock star and we then realize that Hot Tub Time Machine was out too, so we bought tickets for that instead…. we shop around the grove hoping to find a dress maybe for her b-day party, I’m hoping to find a suit… something simple…. we hit the Farm to eat healthy and then watch the movie…. NOW….

let me tell you, I laughed my fucking ass off watching this shit, some of the movie you just had to grow up in the 80’s to truly appreciate it. you can’t just kinda know, but man… some shit was so on point! I actually didn’t think John Cusack(people say I look like him wtf?) could pull it off, but the movie was funny as hell… the black guy in the movie can be hit or miss at times; he was funny in “Knocked Up” but not funny in other shit… in this movie, he kills it! go see it!


so the last day for a fun day…. I woke up to something wonderful and beautiful again…. we decided to hit the Mondrian for brunch @ Asia de Cuba… I had no idea they served breakfast there and I’ve been going there for well over a decade…. well sure enough they had mimosas, bloody mary’s, bellini’s(all cornerstones to a healthy breakfast lol) but yeh, we ordered yogurt, a fruit platter, granola, bagel, cream cheese and their infamous Calamari Salad which I love to death….. chilled out there for a while and got lost in the view of the city of angels…. it was another 80+ degree day and I didn’t care that I was in jeans…. I was sitting poolside with my girl, chillin and enjoying good food, good convo, good scenery and great energy….
I ran into another old high school alumni Guy Oseary (google his name, trust me, I ran with big timers since I was a very young teen) and he propped me, told me girl, he came up with me before I was big(lol wtf? but I’m still a loser, so what does he mean?)


my life sucks…..

so we head home so that I can change into shorts…. hit the grove again for some shopping… I wanted to get some new champagne flutes and shop for a new couch…. btw, I paid $9,000 for my couches now (couch + loveseat) that I got from Rapport on La Brea and they are for sale for DIRT CHEAP! so let me know if anybody is interested…. I’m going with a more low key couch with a chaise lounge chair probably……
head out from there to do some grocery shopping for a BBQ! I FUCKING LOVE BBQing and since I don’t have one and since most of my friends live in condo’s or apts, I don’t get to BBQ often. So we hit whole foods up and got a bunch of goodies for the fam/friends…. my girl stopped off at baskin robbins to get an ice cream cake(another fave of mine) and I walked into this liquor store called the pink elephant(haven’t walked into that place in 23 years!) and they had cristal rose vintage on the rack (whoa!)…. copped some sweet teas and we’re off to bbq…. my girls bro is super cool guy, real chill, so it was a chill relaxed event. So much better than hitting any restaurant and the food was delicious and I of course ate too much! happy 21st bday Vince!

during the party, one of Vince’s friends asked me if I knew DJ AM and I don’t know why, but I got crazy emotional…. I walked away for a second and started to cry. I haven’t cried since the week he passed away and I just remembered his bday is this week….. crazy shit. I miss my friend.

other than that, I had another fucking amazing weekend. It was just simply great. best last 5 weeks of my life so far

god bless…. definitely don’t have a case of the mondays, but I do have a shit load of work to do before I head out of town for a couple days….


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