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yeah, my boy Noah aka “40” from octobers very own “OVO” crew…. 1 of the genius/masterminds behind Drizzy Drake and a very crucial part of his movement, but now with Sade production and well actually before that, he is a super producer! and 40 finally decided he wanted to get Icee Fresh. I don’t think he’s much of a diamond cat, but I think sooner than later, he will eventually get some diamonds….

but in the meanwhile, I made a custom piece for him that’s significant in his life “the Tree of Lebanon” in gold and a solid heavy piece with the best, closest design to the pic he gave me. I think I succeeded on making it laser dot right and the gold matches his gold Rolex Yacht Master…. a clean classy piece, around 50 grams and perfect size, not hood at all…. a nice 14k 40 gram matching solid bead chain and cut perfect length for my boy….


man, Jimmy is no joke with it, he’s cold as ice when it comes to cutting a mold and he can cut wax too fast! we’re very fortunate to have him on our team


this joint is very clean…. when I showed 40 the pic, he was like damn “it was better than I imagined it to be, it’s beautiful” well thanks 40 for finally gettin something official made by Icee Fresh. I appreciate your business and After talking to Drake the other day, he said “YANG, THIS IS THE ALBUM” so damn…. I just think of those days inside the Beverly Wilshire hotel making “So Far Gone” and to think of how far the OVO crew has gone now? crazy….
enjoy your “Tree Of Lebanon” …. you are the Lebanon Don in this bitch!

you know what? let’s take a old stroll down memory lane with Drake, 40 and OVO!

damn that shit seems so long ago and also like it was just last year….
all up in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel finishing “So Far Gone”….
bringing Kush to 40, taking Drake to spots… Drizzy rocking my watch, etc… crazy

aite… now back to the Jewels again….
we made a nice 2 finger ring, OG classic style 2 finger ring (we been doing these rings for like 20+ years….. it’s funny how they come into style within the last year in high end fashion and shit)

wax on…. wax off! only thing is… we don’t do gold “plated” or costume type shit! this is all the way gold…. 14k gold and solid


and then here’s a hybrid type buddha bracelet that we made with some diamond cut white gold shiny beads and prong set white gold white diamond beads….


it looks real nice in our display case…. I want to make a rosary this style maybe… now that I have a little free time, I’m going to design a few things

and lastly…. after checking out my blog the other day…. one of my clients and also long time homey, made a pick up and was like I see the champ got toys, so I had to cop me a RR big boy…. “the Ghost” smh

I knew once I opened up the pic off the plane and seen the price tag on the side of the window in his drive way…. he copped this shit… but he’d been telling me he wanted to cop a ghost asap…. he left the sticker on the window like how Baby and the Cash Money crew used to do back in the early early days lol. bastard


“picture me rollin” was the obvious text he sent after the MMS message showed up smh

this is that old school money cat who copped the diamond tennis chain in yellow gold with the big body Bentley Arnage from the CHI…. much love, congrats on the whip… hope you saved money on gas…. that v12 ain’t no joke!

aite, gotta get it in at work today…. yesterday was crazy…. almost lost a $30,000 diamond that flew off into the trash can into a used bowl of spicy ramen(spicy soup made it hard to see because of the red…. whew!)
man I was sick for about 30 minutes… frantic! smh


much love again,

shout out the Vik from EMVY cases for the SICK SICK IPHONE4 BATTERY CASES!
so ill… I’ll be blogging them tomorrow…. also, shout out to Junior who’s coming by today to tint my prius

and we out

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