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So after the movie, I got up with some homey’s to hit up Bardot to say what up to a lot of OG fam and say goodbye to banana split. To be honest, even though it was in honor and tribute to AM, it’s still so fucking hard for me to deal with…
I walked into the spot and it was PACKED! I mean so packed that I started to get asthma and anxiety….. I walk into my homey Z-Trip spinning all types of crazy shit from Pharcyde mash ups to Silk (yes freak wit you Silk) and then A-Trak got on… Seen the regulars, Aoki, KevEKev and seen my homey Kevin Scott, Reflex and Chelby…. Ran into my boy Derrick who I had not seen in many years and my homegirls Nikki & Roxanne. There was a lot of fam, there was a lot of Love in the place, it was so hot I couldn’t breathe, so I only stayed for about 30 minutes… my homey Kid Sister caught wreck on the mic I heard, but I didn’t get to see cuz it was just too much…
but of course I did manage to shoot some flix
(click to enlarge)

as I said… packed like sardines and smoke EVERYWHERE!


wanna talk about OG homey? my boy Derrick aka FatLip from the Pharcyde…. man it was good to see you brodie.

A-Trak as the “dude” aka the Big Lebowski…

my brother… I mean buudddddy, Steve

one more time kinfolk…. AM in fluorescent lights… AMC for life homey!

btw, I got to meet a very cool cat (pun intended) and friend of a few friends and he put me up on this new shit (old shit to many, but new to me) Mezcal that will lay your ass out! 45% alcohol! and smells like hooch!
thank you Felix the House Cat and hope to see you soon! congrats on the new seed bro!

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