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whether you celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah or Christmas, this is such a great season. I know for a lot of people, times are tough. And I wish I could help everyone, but I can’t. I have to take care of the immediate ones, then it trickles down. I have no wise words other than to hold your head up. I will be handing out food to the homeless before I leave to the bay area for x-mas… I have been fortunate to always have a decent x-mas with someone in my family each year with the exception of maybe 2 or so during my college basketball days. now that my son is born, that’s all I care about is letting him know what it is…. My memory on other things are slipping away. fuck I’m getting old for real. wiser, older, but physically slower… not complaining, just realizing that I know going out to the clubs and hanging out just because is not an option for me.

    but I will be bringing in the new year with a select group of friends with some champagne…. totally different though. I know the club scene in LA and Vegas and even NYC is getting weak as fuck for those who go out often. the older cats know. nobody dances anymore, they’re all too busy on their phones and too busy staring at who else is in the club. shit is really lame. the bottle culture and I know I’m part of creating this terrible thing, so I’m doing my part by staying clear of it. it’s cool to pop some bottles and celebrate life, but even with excess fortune, it’s just going to go to my son or my ferrari fund. I laugh to myself when I see these club owners or VIP hosts tell me stories about how these kids come in and front so hard then call their credit card companies and tell them fraud has occurred??? dummies there’s cameras and your picture ID. smh… anyways. I heard some ill shit the other day. this dude owed his baby momma some money and he said, sorry I don’t have a car. she said “why don’t you drive over here with all those bottle of champagne you popped last night?” lol smh

    anyways, the Holidays are MY BUSIEST times, now that I have a baby boy, it’s even tougher. yeah we can hire a nanny but for the first time even though my son is very colic, I want to experience as much as I can and as much as he cries at 4am to 9am, I can’t get mad at him. to me sleep is one of the most ultimate luxuries. when you are making money is your sleep, you are truly making money. and thank god I own my own business, otherwise I would be in shit creek because I wouldn’t be able to work from home and help my wife out with my son, but really there is no job tougher than being a mother. I don’t know how my mom did it, I don’t know how so many mothers do it with jobs and everything. fucking crazy. much love to all of y’all.

    so with these busy times and my son and starting to film the 2nd season of my show, I have so little time to blog; my sleep schedule goes like this. wake up at 5am, maybe catch a 45 min nap from 9am to 10am, then get on with my day which is a shit ton of work, try to take a nap from 5pm to 6pm and then its more work and shit talking on social media throughout the day and I’m in bed these days around 12-1am… repeat and repeat again and again.

    tomorrow I’ll be in San Diego filming the first episode of my 2nd season with pro skate Stevie Williams and he actually has a tall order. should be fucking dope as fuck.

    Oh about the weekend, this one was a great one. I’m so proud of my brothers George, Jack and Rob and Sammy! aka my Platinum Motorsport Lifestyle fam.

    they held a toys for tots christmas charity event and the event was a success! a huge one. a great turn out. tons of toys were donated to the needy children of los angeles and there was amazing food brought by INK sack and a bar and my man Just Incredible from power 106 was djing and gift bags from Crooks N Castles and so much more…. it was just a day filled with love and good energy.

    and when Santa came, London got to take his first pic with Santa. I was busy holding him and mingling with the folks there, so I didn’t take many pics like I did for the last one. but you can find them I’m sure on twitter if you search the #PML hashtag

    shout out to my friend Marianna who finally got to meet my wife and her nephew London!
    Marianna hosts her own TV show and is also a host for Hollyscoop, but she also works for Jason of BH lol. it’s all love J!

    damn, Saturday night. I couldn’t get a babysitter, so I apologize to my boy Tal for missing his birthday. BUT damn, that might have been the most fun I’ve ever had in a long time staying at home and just talking shit and enjoying the crazy slander of pacquiao’s loss and watching it go viral like a motherfucker. wow! I mean, damn even 18 hours later I was dying off the pics I was seeing.
    so understand this first and foremost. anyone I look up to or looked up to as a kid, I learned growing up and becoming an adult to never worship them to the point of them being greater than my own dad or mom or at that level… some of these fans have to chill. if that’s all they can look forward to, then fuck. life must really suck. I see it on those levels for Michael Jackson or even Justin Bieber… sports teams, etc. pay your respects, but don’t let that shit run your life. for example, I love the lakers, but they lose and have been losing a lot, I’ve been around the rebuilding times and years, but we own a legacy, when chick hearn died, I was sad and paid my respects. so this is the thing. when people worship someone so much and put him so far up on a pedastal or call him the MEXICUTIONER or things like that. people are waiting for his downfall. yes he’s a great athlete, he’s done a lot for his country, but he has also cheated on his wife and done other dumb things like any other human. Just because he’s humble doesn’t mean he’s exempt from being bashed. so let’s get this straight. I have never been a fan of his. I don’t know why. I just never ever liked the way he boxed. but if you know me and even if you’ve followed this blog since 2008, you should know. I’m not one to be a fan of anyone humble and boring; why do you think his ratings are significantly lower than Floyd’s? but let’s get this out of the way now. last night had nothing to do with Floyd Mayweather. it had nothing to do with who has money or who doesn’t have money. it had nothing to do with Philippines or any other race. it had to do with a championship bout that has happened 4 times and 2 of those times, I feel the calls were wrong. Pac vs. Marquez 3 was an absolute robbery and Marquez also shouldn’t have gone easy in the final 2 rounds. that was dumb. but another thing is? I’m not a fan of Marquez either. I just love watching a good boxing match and I have to respect both fighters. ANYONE CAN GET CAUGHT WITH A GOOD PUNCH AND BE LEFT OUT. the thing is. all this humble talk and other bullshit, oh he’s invincible and blah blah, no he is not. that was a good ass fight, but it’s over now and in the history books. there was NO LUCK involved at all. that was skill. Pacman got knocked the fuck out period, point blank and I personally think it had a lot to do with what’s going on in his personal life. the events with his wife leaving him and coming back, the extra way too much religion involved in his life and just him changing so much mentally. He hasn’t been himself in the last year. but oh well. can he come back? sure. but I don’t think he could beat Floyd in his prime. so there’s no way he stand a chance now. the point of this all is that Filipino’s have so much pride. that is cool. But don’t let a boxer (I know he’s your national hero) run your life. he doesn’t pay your bills, again, read above, he fucks up like other people do. Life goes on. It was the way pacquiao fans behave that made this so crazy. it wasn’t a racial thing. it was a HE GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT AND WENT TO SLEEP thing. that’s all. I mean humble? Marquez is super humble. way chiller than pac and had that gone the other way, people wouldn’t have celebrated it the same way, but it would be talked about for sure if he got knocked the fuck out the same exact way. It was just the fact that pac’s fans built up this folklore and made pac immortal to anyone else that made the viral parade of his fall so crazy. remember, my wife being a majority filipino and my son being half filipino has nothing to anything. My close friends are sponsors of his, some of my friends are very close to pacquiao. they didn’t get mad at me, they were upset and shit, but thats the thing, when you heard pac talk after the fight, he said he got too confident and walked right into that shit. it was a second left in the round and the fight was barely pac’s. maybe by 1 point. shit was anyone’s fight and marquez just got his nose broken. shit he was desperate! and in that last second of the 6th round he cocked back and gave pac a nap of a lifetime. if I was a fan of pac’s I would have reacted the same way but with less hurt in my heart when I seen him go down. it was like 2 knockouts; one from the punch and one from the floor. I know he went to the ER and they determined that he did in fact have a concussion, but fuck man I think that hit may have given him brain damage. damn. sidebar, of course I got love for filipino people, but before any of this shit again I wasn’t a fan of pacman period.

    so the fight is done and I know I partook a little much in the celebrating in his loss, but fuck it, I had fun. if Floyd went down the same way, it’d be different. the thing that you guys don’t know that I do is that he’s called pac, he’s offered him 3-4 different times more money than he’s been paid for a single bout to date and pacquiao has declined the terms, the only thing was to test the day of the fight. whatever now. if he took the test, then Floyd would have nothing else to say. but bottom line is people hate floyd because he talks so much shit, but he has never entered the ring without knowing he was going to come out the victor. Manny could have made more than he ever has, but he got even more greedy and that greed fucked up his money and a chance at the title fight with Champ…. I’ve talked to trainers from both sides and people even in Freddie Roaches camp who said that no way pac could defeat floyd. they didn’t say it would be close, they said they didn’t think he could hang with floyd period. I still want to see the fight go down, but it looks like there is no reason for him to fight pac unless pac gets a belt back. and these guys are getting old now. He would have to fight marquez another time and get his title back and remember that first fight was a draw. so they were both 0-0-1 and then after 3 fights, they were 1-1-1 to at least 68% of boxing fans. so now it’s 2-1-1 marquez in favor really and the thing is he got a fucking KO that was one of the biggest in boxing history, so that defeats any decisions or cards any day of the year.

    Floyd was in Miami this weekend, but when he gets back home, I’m gonna fuck with him and hope he does the fight for the people, but if he doesn’t I understand. and trust me, a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago nobody wanted this fight more than me. I was willing to pay $50,000 a seat to witness this in person, but I doubt it’ll ever happen.
    so Marquez will now fight Bradley and they say it will happen in Los Angeles, well. I’m going to check it out for sure then. we all know Marquez is going to beat the dog shit out of Bradley, fucking disgusting. I wanted to see Bradley do his thing because he talked a good game, but he looked so inferior to Pacquiao when they fought. what a fucking shame, sorry Pac was robbed on that one for sure. but oh well.

    what else now?
    of course we are making a shit ton of jewelry, we could be expanding our business to open another store sometime next year and then hopefully another one in a different state. but let’s see what happens. all I know is that business is very good and I’m grateful. but now it’s time to take it to another level. to make sure our kids live easier. that’s all I care about.

    oh yeah, this week, my boy Rob Kardashian linked me up with a job and client who will now be on my 2nd season as well, Draya Michele from the TV show Basketball Wives… the show blew up and she’s always been controversial, but extra cool to work with… she got the cover of Urban Ink magazine with my boy GAME, so she was reaching out to me to get iced up… the pics should come out real cool, but she sent me this one of her rocking all my chains
    the photoshoot was shot by my boy Estevan Oriol who you already know is fam and this was by total coincidence… love it when a plan comes together!

    he took a quick shot of me with his cam, no editing, no filer, no photoshop, but the face is still long! also this week, my boy Angel (KR3W, Supra) launched his capsule line at Factory 413 shirt is dope AF! only available at Factory 413 so hurry up and get one.

    and lastly….
    we took some pics of my son dressed up for the holidays this is why I work so hard and why I live.


    blessings everyone.
    this week should be cool. but who knows, I never know what to expect!


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