the dodo bird….

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is known as 1 of thee dumbest animals on the planet earth….
all the fucking idiots who say humans are the dumbest animals, please kill yourself before 8am tomorrow morning. Even though there are some unbelievably dumb people on this earth, trust me and you I have met many in my lifetime…. there are much dumber creatures that wander the earth… and she is the Dodo Bird lol

funny how shit doesn’t change….. my life progresses, but some people are there standing still and although the tape deck of life doesn’t rewind, it only goes forward or even fast forward… your simple ass seems to have found out how to continue to go backwards. I wish you would just let me be, I’ve continued to K.I.M.

got your guy texting your friends(you really think you have any left?) trying to find you because you didn’t come home? ohhh noooo what a surprise. LMAO.
again, I need to say this to the Lord above

missed my flight to Barbados, but I didn’t have to pay any fees on the telly and my boo got the flights, so we got credit…. I’m not even mad I missed my vacay, but really after the demise of the Ziamond empire, our business has skyrocketed…. so I think it’s better I stay my monkey ass indoors with a sexy lady and pop all kinds of different champagne and keep it light on some grown up shit. I don’t even care where I am for NYE now. I don’t have any agenda either, just want to pop something and pop something else lol

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