the Blacker the Diamond, the Sweeter the Gold

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yep…. black diamonds and black gold (not always pvd) is still killin em!(uh uh uhh ohhhhhh)
and tis the season to scoop up these fresh pieces that are dark black or just black gold…. some with black diamonds, some with the white diamond look which is super sophisticated!

here’s a few things we got in ready to move for the holidays
let’s start with the 3 different styles of black diamond gucci digital watches!


so we got a big fully flooded with donut bezel, then a med sized but flat bezel with fully iced out case and then a fully iced out factory style joint


15 carats total….

and then

8 carats total

and at last….

7 carats total (btw, black diamond weigh more than other colored diamonds most of the time)

and since we’re on the gucci tip and the color black…..
shout out to DK who linked me up with the Gucci big black blanket for hella hella hella cheap!


shit is pretty fresh and for $100 instead of the normal retail price of $1,000 that shit was a steal!

so back in black….


40 cal bullet made in black gold with black diamonds…. small solitaire stone in the tip with a black gold beaded chain…. ready to go

and this isn’t for sale, but we can make another one for you!
black gold, black diamonds…… 82 carats total and 28″ long!


I showed this off before but with a blackberry camera pic
this chain is soooo damn heavy tooo! we made a sick ass black gold w/ black diamond pendant for this piece, but the owner didn’t want it up on the blog

like I said… this black gold with white diamonds is my new shit!
very ill contrast!
peep game on these 2 pieces


shit is killin…. I might have to make a new set up in this… we did a gshock in black gold with white diamonds and it sold before I could shoot it…. but trust…. shit is so stylish and tasteful….. I hate to say this, but when usher was rockin that black gold link chain with white diamonds on the AMA’s…. I was really curious to know who made it.

so now to flip it regular to VS white diamonds on white and some on yellow gold.
we made some initial charms, all prong set and stupid clean for sale!


I took angled shots of these charms so you could see the work and the brilliance of the diamonds!
you might recognize the “a” charm as that’s the same style we made for Dr. Phil

and you already know…. if you don’t see the laser “IF” tattoo on the back of a piece, it ain’t official!

so come through or email us to get your last minute x-mas gifts!


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