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I’m glad I walked away from this show but at the same time it’s a sad issue…. You have to keep the grass cut low so that you can see the snakes in this business and if your team is filled with snakes then you might as well leave if you can. I mean, I don’t have a hatred towards electus or LOUD, but now they know the difference of having me involved with a show I agreed upon to and shit like that. the second season was not only waaaay better made, but the shows were also longer and there were b story lines and things, but one thing they failed to realize is that they need me and real promotion to reach out to my fans. if I do not co-sign the show, then who cares? when we pushed it heavy and I had my fam and friends really pushing each episode, we would get over 100,000 views on the first day easy. then it would climb. I assume with my power today? I’d have over 500k on each episode of this season 2. but again, they didn’t want to do the right thing so it’s sad. it doesn’t make me look bad because my fans know from my social media and announcement that I will not support the show at all… the good news is that I was fully released of my contract and now can do TV or do whatever. one thing for sure is that I will not do anything celebrity driven. it will be character driven.

p.s. I have zero affiliation with Danny Lee or Bo Bushnell so if any of my friends or business associates are reading, it’s not that I’m on bad terms with them, or they are sworn enemies, I just do NOT have any type of relationship to them. not even a friendship so if they come up to you and say they produce the show or blah blah, it pretty much means nothing. Danny did a great job putting things together for this, but is not trustworthy in my eyes and Bo has been pushing me for years, but just couldn’t close out what he thought he could and he also jeopardized some relationships that cost him people looking for his ass. in short, I could have done this show without them, they could not have done it without me. until they have a better or more successful show than this season 1 really? prove me wrong. when you see me talk about someone constantly and shout them out or embrace them, you will see how big they get as far as a following. my methods are certified. I could have helped them out a lot, but they did me so dirty I rather help the devil.


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