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I don’t know what to say….
but let me say a few things….
for 1, this is the biggest debut for any show on the LOUD channel.

next; the reason why I waited to put the show out til late September was because I found out late in the game that the k-town show was on my channel…. My show was 1. picked up before they were and 2. wrapped before they were.
I didn’t know that the producers of the show had found a home at LOUD. it’s funny to me because I just distance myself from that. I have zero affiliation with that show. I don’t support it. In fact, the moment I found out about them being on the same channel as my show, I tried to get out of my contract with my production company. that’s how real it is. I can’t fuck with something totally bogus like that. you got Tyrese who hasn’t put out a hit song let alone album in forever…. last movie he was in, was a long overdue sequel where them cats ain’t working really, so it was a good idea to make some money and the producers of jersey shore which is on its way out. I wrote about my situation and what happened last week and how I’m at where I am now. I know from inside for a fact they never got picked up by a network and I doubt they ever will.
you can’t put 8 or however many cats on a tv show and most of them already know each other? now had I made a show about Compton and brought 2 puerto ricans and Dominicans from the east coast, a few black kids from san diego and then like 1 black kid from baldwin hills together, do you know the drama that would have brought in the black community? Nobody from Koreatown fucks with that show or those peeps…. I stay in tune with the korean community, not so much the fob side, but the korean american side. and real fact, 90% (low fare %) of them don’t fuck with it. period. If anything, I wanted to show to do amazing so it would be a good look in a way for my show, but you can see the drop off from ep 1 to whatever episode they are at. I mean, I tip my hat off to Tyrese for going all out, he went on CNN and all that shit to promote, but WITH ALL THAT PRESS FROM A MAJOR CELEBRITY, they couldn’t break a million views? I haven’t watched the show. and I won’t. some of my clients have, but I already know what it’s about. too predictable. I would have imagined that at least somebody from the show would have a blue verified check or at least broke 25,000 followers, but that is just a fart in the wind…. there it is, my $2.00, not .02c
I didn’t have the luxury of having a 2 month lead of a trailer(I had a 6 day lead time on my trailer) and the other hijinks of calling my show the “korean jersey shore” fuck outta here lol… I’ve said this before, I don’t want to be the next Jacob the Jeweler, I want to be the first Ben Baller”

now, I think a lot of people don’t realize that we shot this with a full fledged TV/film production crew. all professional like anything you would see on the Kardashians or what not. also, one of the main reasons I finally said yes to this was 1. Ben Silverman affiliation and attachment and 2. the money was right. as for promotion, there isn’t much. they offer the best at most everything else, but for the most part, this promotion you have seen or are about to see for the entire season will be totally organic. I’m not famous, I’m just trying to give my son a better life than I had and whatever it takes is what I’ll do.

now back to the thank you’s.
I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for my followers and clients and friends…..
everyone from Tyler the creator (1.2 million followers) to Wiz Khalifa(7.7 million followers) to Rob Kardashian(3.6 million followers) to even the fucking NOTEBOOK(3.7 million followers) tweeted about my show… obviously I had Kenny Hamilton and Ryan Good and Ryan Butler from Biebers team tweet me and that was another 2.4 million followers… I even had my electus family member Renee’ from MOB WIVES tweet about it a few times! and of course Pusha T and every major hip hop mag supported me from the Source, to 2dope boyz, XXL and Funkmaster Flex…. miss info to vibe mag and so many more…. crazy! so much love!

but the biggest shock was YOUTUBE tweeting about it! they have 17.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!!

and they don’t tweet that often. that’s fucking big and I’m blown away by it… this is just the first and I feel like the episodes mature so much more as each week goes by!

even when I went onto the discover page… I saw this

and I don’t even follow them, after that tweet I did though….

what’s crazy too is that I finally broke 200,000 followers on twitter and I know I have to credit justin bieber and the 4th of July viral picture and news for 50% of that, but they still follow me. so I guess I am doing something right

so the week went by great, but I was extremely busy….
first off, I gotta say thank you to Josh over at REBEL 8

I haven’t had time to open it, but I appreciate the gift box!

also, right before my show aired, I watched Sons of Anarchy’s new episode and I can’t believe they killed Opie, fucked me up and I was so mad… I shared it on my instagram/twitter feed and fools lost their minds. I think I lost a few hundred followers cuz of it. lol but I had snacks doe!!!!


some hawaiian style spam musubi! and some filipino spaghetti!!!!

I couldn’t go to bed that night… was anxious about my show… so I finally went to bed at 4am, woke up at 6:20am and headed straight to…. the worst part was, it wasn’t even that good but I got to watch London while I ate lol

the day was filled with reply and retweeting and pushing my show.. I did an interview with Quddus for his new show to promote my new show…. both of us are on LOUD and it’s crazy because as I was walking out of Diamond Supply… I ran into the 2 guys from MASSholes that are also on LOUD walking out of Golden State! crazy! we’re everywhere!!!!!

the next morning, I finally finished my boy Dillon’s Rolex President DDII and my boy Darvin’s Cartier Santos XL 100
Darvin hit me up randomly off Instagram and seen how mean we get with our factory style machine setting on watches, specifically the Cartier Santos 100 XL and his watch was all stainless steel to begin with…. so we had to CNC machine a new gold bezel to give it that OG 2 tone look


that machine setting is so perfectly aligned and them VS1’s be hittin! now to this 41mm rolex president….


we’ve done a few of these bezels before. we try to keep it only factory looking with the OG pave’ look, but we’ve done some channel set with bigger diamonds as well…. the one we made for Q of Worldstar was a much bigger bezel. but I think I’m going to have to go with this size bezel for my day date II. it’s just so fucking clean and factory looking! it’s actually a tiny bit larger than the factory diamond bezel that Rolex makes, but we used the top of the top VVS1 D color diamonds for this bezel. note: rolex claims to use IF D color, but I don’t believe them. I’ve set them aside with many loops and if there is a difference, it’s to the ultimate slightest of differences which it shouldn’t be. ANYWAYS!

my boy Dillon went in and his shit looks impeccable!

I had lunch with him and his crew at Flemings downtown and we indulged in some filets and rib eyes… with MAD EXTRA BUTTER!

that’s to the good life!

don’t trip on haters ever. I have a nation of them, I never care. don’t let them interrupt your day… they excite me and btw, if you work hard and want to floss your earnings or prized possessions. do it, fuck what anyone else thinks… I like when cats stunt. when I see a stunt so ridiculous on a baller level, it makes me want to work harder

peace y’all
have a great weekend!

p.s. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to blog a weekend update, because I’m headed to New York next week for press for my show… so just stay tuned. I may surprise you, I may just make you wait, but for sure there will be an episode 2 on here next wednesday at 10am eastern time, 7am western time


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