temporarily down….

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I was going to blog on thursday a few things going on in NYC, but got a call from my mom that my dad wasn’t feeling too well, so then thursday night he got even worse and I tried to fly out thurs night, but couldn’t get a flight home until 6am friday morn which brought me back to LA at 9am…. rushed to the hospital and it’s bad and could be the worst possible situation to be in, but I’m trying to be positive.

until then, I don’t know If I’ll be blogging much and if I can even get into a writing groove for a little bit.

we got some new jewels in and I got some cool stories, but I hope to remember all of this and write it right after the 4th of July…

until then I got to play the waiting game until the next surgery and pray it’s all good

thanks for reading and being patient.
hope everyone has a great 4th



levels aren’t normal, so they can’t operate….
but even with surgery, we’re just buying time because what my pops got is rare, when I say we’re buying time, I mean, he’s gonna have a few years to live after a successful operation(gotta understand that he’s lived a full life and longer than the average american), but I’m hoping he’s around til 90 to 100 years of age. Since he’s in ICU nobody can visit for longer than 5 minutes, so I might blog in a few entries to keep my mind off things this week.

thanks again for the support

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