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so I get a call from a homey 2 weeks ago and she says her homey wants to get some dog tags made and has already worked with a “BIG” jeweler….. I looked at the artwork the “BIG” jewelry rendered up and I kinda ignored the job for a few days…. then she hit me on twitter like, “BEN! I know you seen my text! He’s serious, he plays pro ball in Russia and wants to get some jewelry made” and I still sort of disregarded the tweet…. BUT then she called me again from work and said don’t let these other guys jerk my boy, at least talk to him and see what y’all can come up with. (the original artwork was pretty bad and the price they quoted him was even worse smh)

so I talked to the Client and we eventually get it in. now from start to finish, this has been 1 of the smoothest transactions of the year and I wish every single one of my customers was like this. We just finished the dog tags yesterday and they are honestly the best set of diamond dog tags we have ever made.
THANK YOU 206 WARFARE CHRIS FOR THE ARTWORK! you’re welcome for the engagement ring

so the final details?
almost 150 grams of 14k gold, just over 18 carats total in VS & black diamonds…
these are the heaviest dog tags we’ve ever made and the iciest!

this is the final artwork we decided on… we both agreed the right set up was better, because the “#” would off set the balance of the bail….. about that bail…. we do custom bails like our “IF” one, so this was something new and he wanted something different and original, so we made a “4” as his bail and also made it swivel so that the tags would stay in place…. we made the letters and “4” all white diamonds white gold to flow just right!


the wax before we went into casting…. and then a couple shots with the flash on…. the backshots…. gotta laser our “IF” to make the piece official always!

the pics are decent to very good…. but these dog tags are SICK! I spent a lot of time staring and jocking these things hard!

thanks again T Day

p.s. remember not every piece we make, makes it onto my blog.

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