Supra x Corona… and Captains Swag

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so for some early X-Mas gifts, my friends at Supra sent me these last week… (black friday pushed back a lot of things) I have so much more shit to post like the Auto Show and other things (sorry fam)

these are clean for my all white linen swag on Miami Beach type shit… or if I can make it down to St. Martin

thank you Joy!!!


these are very limited as you can read above… and as lame as it sounds…. if it’s not Stella or Amstel light, Coronas are my favorite beer lol

if you guys have been following my instagram feed on your iphone, ipad or ipod, then you may have seen me go ape shit yesterday on OG AMC pics of our kicks…..

I fuck with Supra and Vans

thanks again to my Supra fam

now I can’t get on my yacht posted off the white sandy beaches without my captains hat!

shout out to my boys Graham Funke and Stonerokk for the new Captains of the Industry New Era fitted cap! They also have a crazy swag YSL type captains tee which I’ll post soon!


the anchor means you’re an OG! don’t ever judge a book by the cover because if you do, then you will miss all the glory that stonerokk and graham bump when they spin! also who else can you see rocking a sergio tacchini polo with extra short bjorn borg shorts in a Ferrari Dino driving down sunset with more knowledge about hip hop than any of these new jack fuckheads? stonerokk check them out here:

much love to everyone again


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