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yesterday I got a nice little package of samples & a new pair of spring Vaiders from my family @ Supra. thank you Ashley & Angel as always, I represent worldwide for y’all and all day, everyday!
the first pics are the light grey’s, all suede SkyLow 1.5’s. shits are clean and got that dirty yayo look to it. but mad subtle!

I had to have someone break in the shoes for me

next up are the SkyLow 1.5’s garden snake green with suede & snakeskin, shits look like the OG range rover hunter green colorway!

and lastly…. something that may be an alternate to wear to the dodgers game 2moro! I gotta rep that dodger blue and I wanna rep something a little newer than the true blue vaider high…. but we’ll see. these are fresh to def. I love mesh… they got the royal and grey rockin… you know my shoe will be a vaider, but maybe it’ll be a TK? hmmmmmmmm

thank you again…. the above I believe just hit certain accounts, so check out if you want to cop them!

speakin of the dodgers game…. 2moro is the official 2009 Niketalk Summit @ dodger stadium, we’ll be sitting in the all you eat pavilion seats so if you’re around, holla
I love it when we got our names printed on the tickets, shits kinda fresh

p.s. this will be the last summit I will host in So Cal. I’ve held it down for 7 + years for y’all…. time for someone else to step up and take the position. I will be co-hosting a new york city bbq/summit for NIKETALK this summer though. stay tuned!

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