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So for those who remember me of my sneaker fame…. google “k_town_hu$tler” or those variations of that word and you’ll see I still hold 2 ebay world records with the biggest shoe collection auction and the highest sneaker sold in ebay history (beating the ebay dunk) R.I.P. Allon! (sold for $33,100)…..

Today I rep Supra hardbody. (to all the haters, before Lil Wayne started wearing them crazy… cmon now, I set trends, I don’t set trip) I won’t even mention who I used to rep, but I have NOT worn a shoe with a swoosh on it since March of 2004 and I never ever will. Fuck everything Nike stands for. but enough propaganda…
Shout out to my boy Chad Muska! when I met him 7 years ago, I had no idea who he was, but funny how shit turns out. Mad respect fam! We’ve killed shit from here to NYC! Besides being an Icon in the professional skate world, Chad owns a store called Factory 413 which is basically the Supra headquarters… his signature “SKYTOP” shoe is outselling Air Jordans and to be honest, they fit better and look better all day long!

Shout out to Angel (owner/founder Supra footwear)and let me say you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB making heat for the world to wear! I am thee pickiest person when it comes to overall comfort and style on a shoe, it was sorta my livelihood to be so and I respect everything you are doing famo. SUPRA is killing the game and I’m proud to be repping for you homey. Thank you Ashley(hardest working man! much love from the Rocafella days!!!) and DJ for always gettin me right! Shout out of course to TK aka Terry Kennedy for putting me on game to the Vaiders (of course you too Chad) and I can’t wait to make my own colorway. the place is so fresh, you need to check it out. if you’re in L.A. 413 S. Fairfax. Ave. LA, CA 90036 (323) 936-0290
here’s pics of Chad’s store.


So I roll up there today because the new TUFF Vaiders came in today and I had to get mines early!(thanks again Ash) rolled up to Factory 413 and BANG! all the homey’s are chillin with the good vibe.

here’s some pics of the new Vaider colorway!

p.s. can’t forget to shout out my lil Asian Brother Steve Aoki, he also has his own signature line shoe/boot that is fresh to death!

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