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so I just got back from Seattle and I must say that I’m very happy to be home.
to better weather to my girl to Los fucking Angeles! mannnnn
before I even get started on anything else, I need to say thank you to my partner in business and a client of mine and a friend; my boy Rex! much love homey, thanks for holding me down out there, thanks for taking time off from being a busy son of bitch, good father and good husband to being a hooligan for a couple days!

I have a business that I’m a part of in Seattle called Friendly Earth
for info about our new venture, click on the link above and check it out….
we’re a non profit organization and we’re here to help those who don’t know what to do with their excess old electronics (tv’s, laptops, phones, etc) and we turn them around to good use or e-cycle them!

please take a look at it if you get a chance, it’s a good write off and for now we’re only in the Seattle, Tacoma area, but hopefully sooner than later, we will be all over the USA!


VIRGIN 1ST CLASS IS THE BEST 1ST CLASS HANDS DOWN IN AMERICA…. in fact, it’s the best airline in america if you’re aren’t flying first… I really need to just fly only virgin if possible. the fruit was fresh as fuck… pastry was tasty and kickin it back watching Social Network

so right off my first class flight from LAX to Seattle/Tacoma I get to my hotel (nothing crazy) I was not there to floss or anything, but I was still at one of the nicest hotels downtown and in a corner suite! I checked in, dropped off my bag with no cold weather gear and was freezing my ass off! (the whole trip everyone kept saying how nice the weather is and how it’s not even really raining, meanwhile it was warm as fuck in LA! it was colder in Seattle, than it was in Boston smh

it was so warm that when I was on my plane, there was a naked man on the 405 freeway running around like a jackass and Nic saw him doing the dougie and all kinds of shit and even made the LA weekly by tweeting about it lol…
but what she didn’t post was this pic!

when I seen the pic, I was like wtf???

We headed straight to Wild Ginger downtown for my first meeting with all my partners and got filled in with an event that’s going on this weekend and what’s been going on to date…… I got informed and a much better idea and that eased my mind that a lot of good was being done and hearing stories of how many seattle billionaires are just giving HALF of their riches away to charity kinda broke my heart lol….. like damn! I mean nobody in Seattle flosses…. there are a ton of billionaires in Bellevue where Bill Gates lives…. and I know Billy got one of the meanest car collections on earth, but for the most part it’s really chill.

One thing that drove me nuts is that everyone praised Bellevue like it was the promised land… I mean, its cool and I’ve been to Bellevue a dozen times and I have a few good friends who live there. Bellevue is not the beverly hills of Seattle, it’s more like the Silicone Valley of Seattle(I was gonna say Laguna Beach, but hell naw), crazy suburban lifestyles, mad hibernation status, easy parking and it’s clean (hand claps…. get the fuck outta here) in short, no thanks!

the food at Wild Ginger was okay, I’d give it a 7 out of 10…. but I wasn’t there to be impressed, I was there to work. again, I can’t express how much I appreciate how fucking cool my boy Rex was and I’m sure his wife hates me lol.

we shook out to check out HDTV guyz his other business that he does (he wears 3 big hats and all successful businesses) so right in the Sodo district right next to the stadiums (mariners, seahawks)
kicked it there for a hot second to discuss this promo commercial we were going to shoot…. my homey Rex wholesale’s tv’s to Costco and other major places and right now since the whole japan fiasco, it’s been really hard to get tv’s in, but he’s still got a lot of stock, but not as much as he usually does…. a good amount of TV models #’s were sold out when I looked at it… AGAIN, HE HAS MANY DIFFERENT STYLE HD LED/3D TV’S IN STOCK THOUGH!


and then my favorite part of the whole entire trip!


this is my lil homey! man, I think he was the cutest dog I’ve ever seen and he had the best attitude!

so we shook from there to have a meeting with a client of mine real quick in Bellevue….


Murky cold ass wavy ass water!

what a waste of time… this dude was bullshittin and he didn’t want to buy anything, just wanted to meet the kid they called k-town, so I told Rex, lets get the fuck outta here, what a shipshekki!!!!


the whole town/area should be called Greyview because everything was Grey no matter what you did!

we made a quick pit stop at U-Village because I was freezing my ass off and needed a northface vest so I can deal with the cold


we stopped at the Apple store to pick up Ipad 2’s for the both of us…. I said I wasn’t going to get one, but I love the fact it got facetime, you can skype and mad other shit…. and all the LA stores are still sold out, so fuck it!

we headed back downtown and did a little shopping, checked out a spot called Mario’s which carried all types of high end gear from Varvatos to Vince…. then shot over to American Apparel to get some thermals and then had to stop by Louis and Gucci and my boy Rex copped some things, but I wasn’t feeling much…. stopped by a few other shops and then we did what seattle people DO and got some coffee lol… and pastries….
after that, I was a wrap, needed a for real for real nap….
shot back to the hotel.

got up mad late like 9pm and headed over to this spot called Barolo which is supposed to be the nicest restaurant in Seattle…. I give it a 7.6 out of 10, BUT I fux with the ambience and all…. then we shot over to Earls in Bellevue and that shit was okay…. but it was more like a Houstons that was open til 2am and had worse food…..
kicked it there for a while and then….. we shot over to 13 coins which is the only 24 hour restaurant in Seattle…. and it’s pretty damn good.


we got some henneseys and some meatball sliders and some clams and the clams were money!

called it a night and said peace!

woke up the next morning to a few views…..


I had a cool view for sure…. since I was in the corner on the 22nd floor…. the room was small suite, but cool. had mad closet space and a decent bathroom

I should work for fucking trip advisor man smh with all the damn hotel reviews I do


smh at the basic ass 32″ tv… what the W and other hotels need to do is hit up HDTVguyz for bigger cheaper costing flat screens!!!!!

so I got a late start and the shower pressure was low, but the water was clean as a motherfucker! I don’t think I’ve drank tap water in prolly 30 years to my knowledge, but their tap water? better than arrowhead water for sure.

shot over to get breakfast at this spot called Toulouse Petite Kitchen and hot damn! this was by far the best food I had in Seattle, the food was really good, gourmet and my steez all the way…. reminded me of a fly cafe in San Francisco
I got this omelette with Gruyere Cheese, Shitake Mushrooms and chicken sausage and that shit was off the hook like a stalker calling you! and Rex got the southern fried chicken and potatoes and that shit was money may all day!


so we shook outta there and headed over to HDTV guyz to film this commercial for promo for the store….

they hired a legit film guy to shoot this spot and it featured this guy Kel who’s on the radio in Seattle and also owns a clothing line called Rich Kids…. he’s also partners with a cat named Lee who owns Urbanity Shop.
anyways, it features your boy KT as well


that shit took a long ass time, we were there for most of the day….. but I’m glad I could help even a tiny bit for my homey…..

I was checking out random things and realized that HDTV guyz sold laptops and cameras too! SLRS!

oh yeah… I forgot to mention that the smoke game in Seattle or the northwest ain’t all that…
I know back in the day, BC buds had it locked, but SLAP! cali got it, always pretty much did have it and I know I’m spoiled, but it doesn’t get better than cali OG kush. period, just stop, shut up….
I had 3 different cats bring me their best and it was decent to good. nothing great

so we sparked one up, but a few cats like Rex gotta keep it corporate and not participate in my hooligan activity!

we left there to head over to U Village again for some lightweight shopping and I got a headache, so I stopped by Bartells to get some advil and seen this shit!


they even advertised it properly as Mexican coke! I was surprised! damn and it was cheap as fuck!
mexican restaurants, even the bootleg corner spots be charging like $3 to $4 a bottle lol

so we were going to head over to Urbanity, but they had to close a little early to run to a meeting…. so me and Rex got some bomb ass noodles at Boom in the U Village shopping mall

now did you ever in your life think that Long Face would meet North Face? smh

while I was freezing my ass off….

the homey Homicide was at home laughing his ass off, watching old episodes of Martin being Dragon Fly Jones lol

so we got some kimchee ramen and some gyoza and killed them shits….
and shook back to downtown

grey grey grey! #suicide

so I got back to the hotel and watched the lakers get beat like fucking idiots! smh man…. watched the heat get beat too and just got disgusted with it all…. watched No Strings Attached and that put my monkey ass to sleep….

woke up and got fresh, not really….. headed down to the lobby and was cold as a motherfucker! and headed out to Bellevue to this spot that everyone’s been raving about called Munch Bar which is owned by the old owners of PURE nightclub in Vegas…..
let me start by saying this…. NOTHING WILL EVER BE COOL EVER IF IT’S INSIDE A MALL OR STRIP TYPE 3 LEVEL MALL! cmon mang…. they had an advertisement outside that Carmen Electra was going to be there and I was like ohhhh shittt! if she saw me, she’d be laughing like BEN WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE????? I’ve known Carmen Electra forever! I was her DJ in 1994! haha jesus…. back when I called her by her Government name Tara Patrick (yes that’s her name)…. so when Tera Patrick the porn star named herself that, I was like smh.

I was just hyped to meet up with a long long time friend and also our (IF AND CO) graphic designer 206 chris aka mr warfar collective…. WHAT UP CHRIS YOU BIG FUCK! haha

oh yeah, real quick
another thing… check game.
in LA or NYC only farmers, tourists or Orange County, Inland Empire cats(out of towners) go out on Friday or Saturday! if you wanna rock out, then you go out monday to thurs…. real talk… even sunday nights are more cracking than this shitty ass bar!
who the hell names their bar munch bar? cmon mang
we ordered 2 of EVERYTHING ON THE MENU with the exception of the salads, but we ordered 2 salads….
the food was terrible. the chicken tasted like wood, the salad was horrible. how do you fuck up a caesar salad? FOR REAL THOUGH? that’s like fucking up a glass of ice water!


jesus…. we had a big group of homey’s and business partners all there to hang out and chop it up and talk shit, cut up stories etc….

from koreans to hungarians to black folks….. from north seattle, tacoma to bellevue to feder way…. we all sat down to eat this shitty food and get drunk…
this fucker REX ordered 3 MAGNUMS OF DOM PERIGNON! haha! I can’t believe they had it… shit he had brought a few bottles of Rose for me too in the car… mannnn, that was the only good part. I know it was a wednesday night, but still… that place is trash, I don’t care if the entire playboy 2011 playmates were there with the laker girls… shit was garbage

Munch Bar reminded me of a Johnny Rockets but with Pop Art/Graffiti and worse music and worse food!
jesus….. the total bill came out to almost $4,000
for food? or comfort food? I’ll give it a 1 out of 10

we rolled up a swisher of Seattles finest and then shot over to this spot called Paseo’s or Peso’s(mexican restaurant/bar) which also sucked big rhinoceros dicks….
didn’t stay there for long, we all just said peace and my boys were faded

Rex needed to sober up so we headed back to the telly, but I stopped at 13 coins again, but this time, the food was really bad…. we ordered a steak that was $41 and it took 7 minutes to chew 1 small piece… gave the steak back and spit out all the meat on the plate…. the eggs weren’t all that good and even the clams that night were ehhh….
we just couldn’t win, but I didn’t complain really… I just wanted to work and kick it with my homey….

got back to the room and I only drank like 4 or 5 drinks, maybe 6 who knows…

woke up and seen my money was gone

that was what was inside the pockets of my skinny jeans smh…
99 cents, my bottom grills and some carmex (carmex being more important than the grills)
but really, the picture was for my instagram!

I left my money in another pair of pants….

all of us got to a really late start…. still shitty weather and I just kinda felt like sleeping in and not doing shit…. but I said, you know what? I want to get the fuck out of Seattle…. but I didn’t want to go back to LA either because I have a shit load of work to do! fuck…. so I changed my flight to thurs evening instead of friday morning…. no charge, no fees for changing flights…

so I packed up my bag and checked out late
Rex scooped me up and I did a phone interview (shout out to my seattle peeps who rep and do it big: DJ Scene, Dow Jones of Tha Bizness, Two in a Shirt, Josh D, DJ Triple XL)
I was supposed to do like 2 more interviews but my wig was fucked off, I felt crazy and I didn’t want to talk about shit that anyone could google… ask me more interesting questions…. like what color is my dick?

we headed over to china town for some food at Tamarind Tree and the food was good…. not only was it good, it was right on fucking time for that weather! killed some spring rolls… and had a really nice variety of beef and tripe pho’….
after that got a massage and headed over to U Village to check out Urbanity Shop…

Urbanity Shop is owned by a local kid Lee who played college ball in Iowa? or Idaho lol… but came back to Seattle and opened probably the nicest Streetwear boutique in the North West area

they carry, supra, crooks, kr3w, rock smith, rvca, nike, g-shock and a whole bunch of shit! as well as their own brand Rich Kids….


tell me that ain’t pissy! matte royal blue g-shock 6900? very very fresh!
I’m impressed that they had such a wide selection of gear and things….
HE’S ONLY 24!!! at 24, I was still trying to figure out how to get a credit card smh!
man, much love to them check out the store here: URBANITY SHOP

so me and Rex drove out to the airport and I saw a longgggg ass line for security check in… but I was all good with the priority first class pass

oh and thanks for the iPad2!

you already know bro, if you ever need some help, some dots connected or anything, just hit up your hyung!

I gotta shout out some folks…. Chris, Jake, Brian, Lee and Kel and everyone else who showed love…. sorry Northwest State of Mind, I got your email a little late and I will do it the next time….. but next time I hit the 206 will be in summertime for sure. if it isn’t sunny, I’m gonna be on the news for beating fools!

aite, gotta get ready, pack and shit for my trip to Vegas for round 2 with Money Mayweather….
gotta hit my store today, hit illest boutique, hit Crooks N Castles, the bank, ship some things and go see my mom!

much love… have a great weekend… see y’all monday or tues or whenever I update again…
I’ll be for sure on twitter


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