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Definitely wasn’t like the last few, but was the best idea once I figured it out….
more to superbowl sunday later….

what a laid back ass weekend!
had lunch on friday with Homicide at my old school regular favorite: La Scala…. nobody to this day even in Italy or on earth has a better bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese or a better official chopped salad…. they are the obvious industry standard when it comes to those 2 things….

so after rolling around rodeo drive and getting stared at by the white folks in Beverly Hills…. always happens with Craig especially…. I shot down to the slauson….

had to go to I.F. and check out some new finished orders….
and I don’t know what it is with us and famous people’s sons….

but lets just say, HE HAS GOOD TASTE IN GOOD CUSTOM JEWELRY! wow! that chain is fucking wet! 18k yellow gold, 60 carats total weight and it’s just silly! his pops was at one time the undisputed heavyweight champion of rocking gold! but really I can’t think of anyone who has beat him since the 80’s….. but I bet he pity’s the fool who trys! much love T.T. this chain is next level saucy.



we iced out yet another style Casio G-Shock watch for a customer with 14k yellow gold and around 5 carats total. now this ain’t talking shit, but you already know, if you want a g-shock done in gold and diamonds, there really isn’t even anyone close to our work. but you want a watch done for cheap? that’s exactly what you’ll get… a cheap ass watch! but not from US.

after all that, I rushed up to Kitson to check out the Kardashians new jewelry line called “Silly Bandz” and I didn’t expect such a small event…. it was really chill and I didn’t pull my camera out since it was a small event and I was embarrassed to take a pic actually…. sorta like Drake was when he seen Jay Z, but the only thing is, I’ve known Kim K since she was 17 and khloe since she was like 15! but I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction lol…. and to be honest, I’m not a fan… but Rob is still my fucking guy 1000%

the rest of the night was just chill status because of my hectic week. I got a shitty dinner at a ramen spot that usually doesn’t disappoint, but this time, I almost throatchopped the fucking manager for soggy noodles and a bland ass broth! shibal!
more orders from the magnificent mile….. all the way to the miracle mile chi-town I got love, you already know

I went to Target out of boredom around 10pm…. spent $200 on absolutely nothing… but I felt it was necessary and it killed an hour… ran into my little homey Sydney! and that’s all lol

now Saturday morning was even chiller…. and I’m not talking about my jewelry or the weather.
if you really know me, then you know Andre 3000 is one of my most favorite rappers ever…. so fucking talented mane…. when outkast dropped speakerboxx and love from below…. I remember banging the shit outta that album! I think AM was the first to truly mix it in with a proper blend over some rage or janes addiction when he had friday nights at blue and I was at las palmas….. (sigh the good ole days)
anyways, the song “PROTOTYPE” was one of my favorites…. shit was just so dope….

well I took andre benjamins advice and did something out of the ordinary and caught a matinee’ of Sanctum in Imax 3-D and the movie was lightweight dope as fuck…. they actually utilized the 3D cameras unlike others who just want to make a 3D movie for the sake of having it be 3D…. I won’t say much else, other than the visuals were very stimulating to the eyes….. of course if James Cameron is involved, it’s gotta be legit.

I have to give a 4 day late Happy Birthday shout out to my lil homey Kimm Possible out in the OC…. she makes Hello Kitty look like Snookie(fyi snookie is NEVER a good thing, so that would mean Kimm’s KILLIN EM) hope you had fun in Vegas…. next time, let me know a little more in advance and I’ll have the homey Tiesto show you more love… he was hectic. next time there is a bbq with ribs… I need to be there!

so this is what my saturday afternoon looked like

crazy, how I’m not using my camera anymore, but only the iphone4 camera huh?

speaking of that…. I love the photo editing features on there

it was a nice day out and at least I went outside for a little bit….

I’m sure Nic hates this pic, but I took it and I like it, kinda cool… she’s rockin 30 year old vintage YSL shades…. the pic looks vintage as well (yeah, I’m bored, but I don’t care to do anything about it…)

I had lots of ideas of doing this and that…. but after a few tokes of some OG, all them shits stayed in their positions as IDEAS…. btw, this is the part where I tell you how much I fucking hate Tumblr… that shit is some really super emo no good hipster skinnie knickers rolled up cuff striped tank top wearing kids who are obsessed with twilight sagas(sorry justin lol) damn! TUMBLR = MORRISSEY IN A MAZDA MIATA smh

okay, so I got motivated to find a new toy and check out the Americana….
me and Nic had dinner at Amici(I think that’s where we ate) and honestly, the Americana just sprays all over the Grove’s restaurants and kills the Grove in every aspect really…. I wish it wasn’t in glendale… but I’d fuck around and live there too. it’s just a fresh ass mall….
anyways, I had a crazy dope Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Ravioli in a pink sauce and a basic caesar salad… but everytime I eat there, it’s just butter and always right

walked into Urban Outfitters to find some all black levis 510 skinnys and them shits were all sold out!
but they did have this (thanks homicide)

now he can chill with his homey who’s been kickin it with me since late 2001! I don’t think I even seen Domo pop up really until around 2005 or so

now urban outfitters has been a cool store since the 1st day my lil homey China Chow introduced me to it like 13 years ago…. but this is another reason why I love it

probably 2 of my top 10 favorite albums of my life…..
sorry, but RIAA you gotta be full of shit! you can’t tell me every single college kid in america doesn’t have Bob Marley Legend!!! now a days though, it’s all about digital downloads…. I just know that Bob to me is the greatest up there with Marvin and Mike… also it is his birthday, so happy birthday mr. Marley!

while waiting for Nic to finish some shopping, I ran into some readers and from what they said Fans of my work…. and I was in like 3 bbm convos and texts with my boy Josh D and Rob K and also checking twitter and this korean kid came up to me and said “hey are you Ben Baller?” (happens every single day no matter where I go) and I said “yes, whats your name homey?” he said his name and I looked him in the eye and shook his hand and said it’s nice to meet you…. he said he was a big fan of my work and I said thank you… then I went back to finishing these texts as I was trying to make sure my homey’s were good at this Tiesto concert in vegas, but then after I finished, I thought, damn, was I being rude? shit stuck to me….. like I said what I needed to say, but maybe I was stand off-ish which I definitely can be often…. so I was a little bummed out that I might have been a dick to not just a fan, but a korean fan…. now I wasn’t a dick like Rihanna or some others I can think of who are absolutely not approachable, but then again, I’m not famous so I just don’t want any other person to think that I have this idea of me being better than them…..

anyways! we got tickets to finally see The King’s Speech(yes we saw 2 movies in the same day) and I really really didn’t want to see it, but since we’ve seen every Academy Award nominated film, we had to…. but I mean damn, this is nominated for like 12 oscars????
let’s just say, I went in with even less expectations of liking this than I did True Grit and I walked out like damn…. that wasn’t a bad movie… in fact, the shit was brilliant and simple… no fancy camera tricks, just a great cast of actors and wardrobe…. amazing story and straight true to the art thespians doing their thing!

do you want to know what the coolest part was?


sorry, but I may get excited off some small lame shit like a futuristic digital soda dispenser… but damn! this shit was tight! like do you know how fucking good peach sprite tastes??? this is better than the bullshit option for flavored drinks they have at 7-11 is…. and it looks cooler…. but for my drank sippers…. can you imagine what some purp with peach sprite would taste like??? sigh…. the old days when I was walking into theaters with lean in a cup and refilling it with sprite while watching shit like The Departed…. ok enough

we shook out and headed back to beverly hills….
got into some funny twitter banging with homicide with one of my neighbors DJ Sophia Lin…. then I just murked her via text lol.. jk!


the whole night I kept thinking…. fuck! where am I watching the superbowl? am I doing a 2nd annual platinum lifestyle event? am I going to palos verdes to a big party off the coast? am I going to supper club?(FUCK NO) am I going to XIV?(DOUBLE FUCK NO) am I going to the homey Nick Diamonds house?….. Homicide’s house?
after thinking a lot and more thinking…. I really got more cool with the idea of just chilling at home or being around 3 – 4 people max and just kicking it…. I went to Wing Stop to get some Lemon Pepper because I was fiending that shit! and what beats wings & Rose’? NOTHING!

after I killedtttt them wings… I figured that this shit is an overhyped Sunday and all I cared about was putting major cheese on the game and if you saw my twitter or facebook status’s then you know I didn’t wanna be around no idiots, no loud mouths(like myself) or just around a lotta people as I wanted to be in sweats and kick it!

so I placed my bets…. bet on the fucking coin toss! lolol… dumb ass Edwin had me bet… I only bet $500 on the coin toss, but I bet heads per his advice… fuck it, it made my heart skip for 3 seconds and WE FUCKING WON! hahaha. I never have ever bet on the coin toss in all of my degenerate gambling days! wow!

then I bet on the game for a lotta cheese and speaking of cheese….. I bet on the cheese heads aka GREEN AND YELLOW!

decided to do it hotel style with room service and a 60″ flat screen

I saw a tweet that Joe Budden put up that said… “watching the superbowl on anything less than a 50″ screen is like watching it on worldstar” shit in a way he’s right….. I mean that game should always be watched on bigger than a 50″ I think…. I got that handled though

I kept seeing tweets from people who I think have brains saying…. I’m gonna watch the game in peace and quiet or I’m gonna chill at the crib and watch the game there…. etc etc….

now I had a great time watching it in peace with my nephew Ice(yes his real name is ICE on his birth certificate, blame his dad ICE-T for giving him such a cool name pun intended) and funny thing is Nic could give a fuck about the superbowl…. she stayed in and looked at fashion blogs all day lol

I was so damn happy for my boys Charles Woodson and Ryan Grant…. and it got me thinking….. there are some really dumb ass people or friends who would hate on their own homey’s because they can’t achieve what they did… smh… I mean Ryan is my brother and he got injured during the beginning of the season and he’s the starting running back for Green Bay…. so I try to support the team regardless and not to suck up because he knows I never asked dude for anything and the same goes for my boy Woodson… I coulda went to the superbowl, but I opted not to… as I hate crowded loud areas… I never asked them cats for favors or nada…. in fact, when either of them come into town, they gotta bother me to get out of the house! Now, I was at the superbowl 7 years ago when the raiders got blown out by Tampa Bay and I felt for Charles…. and I stood by my dude’s decision to leave and still rocked with the Raider Nation, but I always got love for Woodson…. but now Wood finally got that RING! and other dudes that know him would hate and be on some real just hater shit…. like how the fuck do you hate on another person who embraces their greatness? not cockiness, not being famous for being a reality star, but working so hard and then making it! Green Bay won and Ryan didn’t get to play in the bowl, but would have for sure if he wasn’t injured and he still embraced the running back that took his place because he knows he’ll be back and there was no hate…. like they conquered the goal of winning the superbowl as a TEAM and that to me is fucking exciting to see my homey’s come up! to just watch them on TV and think how good must they feel to do this shit? in front of millions! sorta like when FM blew up to next levels and then they come back to LA and I’m rocking on the stage with them in front of thousands and I fall back and say damn…. these cats did it! they doin it…. double platinum in different countries… G6 is literally the biggest song of 2010…. and by the way, they’re doing Conan O’Brian tonight!(they did letterman, leno…. george lopez, etc etc) and just got home from asia and the superbowl…. and I’m like do you know how fucking exciting it is to be in their shoes? I’m not envious… my life is damn good….. I’m happy as fuck for my boys…. and even if my life sucked, I wouldn’t hate…. I’d be on some let me get my shit together so I can kill it in my own arena or area of expertise even if it be detailing cars or whatever! just saying…. once you’ve truly satisfied your own mind, fuck what others thinks… I’m just proud to see my friends achieve their goals and most of them have worked so hard to get there….. some of my friends got it, but don’t got IT… it’s not always talent… you have to have swagger and have an image in certain things when pertaining to hollywood…. sucks and that’s they choice to go down that path….. I can only do so much without being a dick, but for my super close friends? I don’t like to waste their time and i’ll break shit down from A to Z, not ABC… remember, every overnight success is 10 years in the making and Far East Movement has been rapping forever and ever…. I can’t stand the fact that they got some bitch ass fuckheads in their camp trying to steal their shine. Now for my friends who aren’t famous…. I mention and acknowledge them all the time if their doing some positive shit with their lives and killing it in their respected fields….. like my homey REX from Seattle kills it! and me and him and a couple others are now starting a non-profit organization to help the world(Seattle and LA first) with a big charity and recycle and if I can help out, fuck it, I’m going to….
it’s not always about fame or money, the dopest shit is just having a goal that isn’t easy to reach for any regular person and being determined to strike that goal like it ain’t shit…. then to push the bar so high it gives others inspiration to reach that and maybe push it higher for those who come after them…..
I won’t be mad at another korean cat who comes up in the jewelry game and gets more popular than me…. BUT DO THAT SHIT BIG! make me proud! kill whatever I did…. don’t go 1/2 ass about it.
ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU CAN’T SAVE EVERYONE, YOU CAN’T HELP EVERYONE EITHER…. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE HELPED! (shout out to all the parents out there who are raising their kids the best that they can…. I know you are SUPPOSED to raise your kids, that is a given, but these days…. I dunno….. so I salute you parents out there doing it!)

so back to my sunday now hahahahaa(that was a weed/stoner moment while watching my boys celebrate their victory on TV, that was really going through my head)
Once we won our bets, I was fucking juiced! super psyched and we’d been blowing Sativa all day with the homey Cody….. I like the OG, but I need something that doesn’t put me to sleep….
the thing is we smoked so much that these fools got headaches!

BTW, YOU CAN RETIRE THAT STUPID ASS BLACK AND YELLOW SONG NOW! haha, nobody wants to hear a song about losers or 2nd best period! real shit…. I never liked the song and I don’t even have it in my itunes…
if they woulda won, then damn…. it woulda been REAL REAL BIG! #HATERVOICE

We’re back at my crib and it’s getting late….. watching “to catch a predator, the unseen tapes” and then a crazy show about human sex trafficking…. so cody broke out the White Widow

I wish ICE could get paid off rolling spliffs…. lol. jk Ice, but damn good job here….

so we watched that show… Ice took off and then me and Cody and Nic headed over to the greatest pancake spot on the planet… yup Du-Pars… the fucking flap jacks were crack as always!

went back to the crib and watched CONVICTION…. and it was good, but movies like that with corrupt cops and the fucked up system and haters gets me so riled up! mannn…. those movies are not good for me, because not even a happy ending would make me feel better… getting a huge multi million dollar settlement wouldn’t put a smile on my face if I spent 20 years in the pen…. fuck that.

so that was my weekend…. who knows though, maybe next year, I’ll feel like being at a party… I’m just over the extra shit or traffic and finding parking… I know, I know…. old man shit. fuck you




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