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so I won’t get to post ALL the pics I took in NYC, but I’ll post as many as I can for now…
my mindset was totally different then…. if you remember, I had to cut my trip short due to my family crisis. But I had a great time. Got to see some old friends and some very old friends and got to mix work with fun. As always got to eat great and I think the stories are a little watered down since my pops situation. so I’ll post the pics and try to spit out what happened…. much love and shout out to my NYC family: Richie, Fouad, Sonny, Steven, Fab and I didn’t get to link with my peoples Ryan Grant and Sujit, but we’ll get up this week or soon.

For the most part I was at the TRUMP, but other times I stayed with an old High School classmate/friend and teammate who has a very pimp crib on the upper east side(1 major reason why I could never live in manhattan again!)

it was hotter than hell there, the 1st day I got there, I even saw Superman get into a cab! it was beyond kowloon hot, like take a shower 3x a day hot. smh…. I got kicked out of jacob and co(didn’t think he was out out and damn he lost a LOT of weight in jail), did some shopping in soho at uniqlo(my new favorite basics spot on earth) and had dinner at philippe chow, butter, spice market and meals at soho house(no pics allowed)….. got to link with my sister as she’s preparing for spring 2011 for Holmes and Yang….. available at maxfields and bergdorf goodman….. I didn’t chill with my sister very long as it was disgustingly hot, so we kicked it for literally 45 minutes and then she was off to Tom & Katies retarded apt in the village.

here’s pics and captions…. or not

linked up with uptown’s finest…. my homey Fabian aka Flightman…. #NT to drop off some pvd black earrings… thanks for being patient homey, we’ll do fried fish and philly with JJ and Kerry next time

“yo lemme get an extra water B” haha (killa cam!) naw, real talk, I had to get a bottle of water every hour! definitely didn’t get any links or hot dog stand food


we sat down on Bleecker street at this old cafe I used to kill back in the day…. got some healthy food then did a little shopping at top shop and uniqlo and some random other spots….

LA got food and dessert trucks….. NYC got them food and dessert CARTS!

anyways, we headed back to the upper east side to max out, then got some sushi later…. had drinks at provocateur and called it a night….

another almost 100 degree day, had to hail a cab down! and head downtown to see this Mr. Brainwash show (smh + lol at the OG and new school true graf artists that went over MBW’s pieces and shit near his show lol…. NO FAKES NO PHONIES! WOW!

so down to the meat packing district on 13th is where his exhibit was and we sat down 1st at Fig & Olive to get some chow….


the face I make when I’m hungry….


healthy alternatives again….

and now we’re inside checking out the over hyped artist…


I wasn’t mad at the krylon spray paint cans turned into a heart….

I was mad at the fact he swaggered jacked KAWS so hard with the Chum piece… even though KAWS took it from Michelin


what I do best… chill

this was my favorite thing Brainwash had on display…. and for $250,000 you can own this toy/piece

the saleslady who was there was really cool and after chatting it up a little bit with her, she showed us some private pieces downstairs which had some local artists and some futura pieces(my all time OG favorite…. I used to write his name on walls “Futura 2000” about 25 years ago….)

so we jumped into a cab and headed to the L.E.S.

crazy how much PROHIBIT has changed and still kinda owning the true japanese selvedge denim game…. I got my 1st pair of Evisu’s there 8 or 9 years ago…. METHamphibian had his 1st art/shoe show there…. but they moved from Elizabeth street to Allen street (right next to REED space where I saw a beatles 1000% kubrick set in the window). Chace taking a flick of me for the store…

But I was only there to say what up to my black militant homey Chace Infinite (yep the rapper extraordinaire) Thanks for the ill Prohibit ARAB graf font style tee homey!


who hates these? NOBODY….. and for a couple stacks they can be yours! hit up Prohibit NYC

left L.E.S. and headed down deep through china town to pick up something near the ferry to the statue of liberty…. and then said FUCK this moist humid weather….

jumped onto the FDR and out of nowhere just like in Hong Kong….. it started to pour fucking rain!

stayed in for a while and watched 2012 on dvd, shit was horrible…. later on hit up butter and 1OAK and was over everything….

my girls mom got into town to meet up with family they have in NJ, so we all decided to meet up at Serendipity; I haven’t been since I was like 8 years old…..

leaving my boy’s crib…. walking to Serendipity where Warhol used to eat at


yep…. $1,000 sundae and I haven’t tried it… I was tempted, but you need 48 hours in advance to order and I’m only tempted because I want to know what it taste like (duh)

I got the chicken diva which is basically a fancy name for chicken parmesan and it wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible… very cheesecake factory level…. the burger was great and so was the veggie steak sandwich

BUT THIS SHIT RIGHT HERREE???? this shit was right here was CRACKKKKKKKK! man… the frozen hot chocolate and the other dessert was crazy! I couldn’t walk after this and

saw this posted on the wall on the way out of the restaurant and had to take a flick, shit was just too funny! I needed it after I ate all that junk! (tasty junk though)

later on in the evening we hit a random hole in the wall ramen spot on 56th and it was all the way official!
it was the day before trash day and the city smelled like a rotten can of sardines mixed with 5,000 farts….
and parked outside the restaurant was a brand new 997 GT2 smh


I’ve barely seen 1 in LA, so it was weird to see 1 parked on a shitty ass potholed filled street in NYC.

random….. but I love LV

next day woke up and it was only 78 degrees at 9am est!
walked around central park and got some lunch at the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel and I love it when snooty people with long/old money look at me like I’m some sort of scumbag(I am, but still smh lol)
then we decided to hit the MOMA since I didn’t feel like jumping on the train to head to see PS1(new museum)

only reason why I fux with this place is because of Frank White!

awwww yeah….. for some more culture…. 5 floors of cool shit to look at


pablo picasso was never called an asshole

I wonder if this inspired the design for the ART of NOISE’s artwork for BEAT BOX

I can’t even explain this room…. it could drive you insane though if you chilled here long enough


did this painting give James Jebbia a light bulb? hmmmm


btw, that’s art above

life size F1 car on the wall…. I mean HUGE, I had a close up pic, but this kinda shows the actual size better


so on the 2nd floor there was this microphone set in the middle of an open room and anyone could go to it and scream or shout whatever the hell they wanted to. I guess it was for freedom of expression? or just to express yourself out loud….. throughout the few hours we spent inside the museum you could hear someone scream, I mean literally every few minutes someone was screaming or shouting a word out, so I said fuck it…. lemme get on here:

I had to hit them with the evil laugh…

and now to the warhol’s and other extra cool shit (not that picasso isn’t dope)


obviously…. we favored all the WARHOL pieces

I could never be mad at Roy….

and if you got a few million chillin, well then you still couldn’t cop this VAN GOGH

walked a few blocks back towards our spot and stopped at FAO Schwartz for some gifts for my nieces and nephews


I almost copped this 6′ 4″ bear which was not that expensive…. the shipping sucked, but I wanted it… and as I gave the cashier my credit card, my girl was like WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IT? YOUR PLACE IS TOO SMALL AND YOU HAVE TOO MUCH SHIT(TOYS) IN THERE ALREADY! hahaha

while waiting in line to pay, my girl showed me this and it’s so true!

almost sunset by central park

took a quick nap and then met up with some friends down in the meat packing district again at Spice Market for some good ass food! (mussels are money!)

right about this time is when I got the news about my pops and obviously it fucked off my night, but who cares so I was trying to see if there was a late night flight I could catch, but nothing except a 5:50am flight back home….
so we pulled an all nighter packing and stuff.

this was the 2nd trip I checked in luggage and this time only because I didn’t have enough time to pack correctly and because I did more shopping then expected…

all in all, I had a productive trip, got to drop off some jewels, pick up some bread, get some orders, see some art/culture and see some friends…. ate everything from indian food to japanese/chinese food, middle eastern food, fusion food, american cuisine, gourmet, crazy desserts to everything…. I walked down 47th street to check out the diamond district and really, there wasn’t SHIT to see! I mean 47th is depressing, strictly garbage jewels…. but NYC did have way more spots that had killer watches for good prices than LA has. LA is NOT the place to buy a watch for a good deal or see a big array or display of high end watches for cool prices… I saw a ton of dope AP’s in NYC, but as for custom jewelry from shitty spots like raffelo(wtf? you named a store after the ninja turtles? smh) and whatever else…. I even tried to find the shitty zircon empire store off canal, but didn’t see nothing….

thanks for another great trip. I hit NYC like 2 to 3 times a year only and I can never say I’ll never move back there. but it’s cool to visit for me if my chips are right. smh

I gotta finish up some orders and I’ll post Apolo Ohno’s jewels later or maybe wait until I link up with him later tonight to show the jewels on him, etc… plus a crazy cool black PVD fully iced out breitling super avenger and some other goodies.

much love
sorry for the 1 week delay on the NYC blog

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