stussy 30th anniversary FREE WEEZY! Alexander rides the Giraffe!

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So as I’m packing for my short vacation…. I get a package from my good homey Matt George who is the founder/owner of Ransom and Good Foot in Toronto, he basically brought over any kind of freshness streetwear or cool fashion to the TDot and he also wears a ton of other hats, I can’t even keep up seriously…
from the kicks to behind the scenes to being the president of Kanye’s old clothing line Pastelle, etc… He’s always kept it 1000% with me and brings the OVO/Drizzy camp even more full circle.

anyways, he sent me something I can check out while I’m checking out the Sea of Cortez….
“1st thing I’mma do is FREE WEEZY…. GONE” Drake (ignant shit)


OKAY, so…
many months ago or around 1/2 a year ago, I had a reader of the blog leave a comment and then I decided to read her blog and she was pregnant, but fabulous and was writing down her daily/weekly occurances and there was a short wish list of things she wanted for her unborn son….
1 of those things was a 4 foot Giraffe from FAO Schwartz and I had one….
I figured it’d be dope to give a complete total stranger the Giraffe as a gift.
and so I did… I next day air’d the HUGE Stuffed Animal to their home in Atlanta, GA and now little Alexander is growing up and just last week he decided to take the Giraffe for a ride
I’m so glad that he likes it and that he’s putting it to use!
god bless you and your family

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