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I know it’s been a little light on the blog side, but man, I’m on a different map, agenda and overall page these days…. the last 2 months again(I know I sound monotonous) have been amazing. I spend a lot of time working, but less time looking or searching for more work, just staying busy with what I have in front of me and if it doesn’t come my way money wise, I’m not tripping. I spend that time with my family. My mom and pops are getting real old, it’s crazy also to think that I was trying to kill myself grinding so hard so that if I had to raise a full family I wouldn’t have to worry…. well shit, my parents raised 3 kids with waaaaaaay less money than I make overall even considering the economic changes and times, etc… so I’m not worried about that. I’m just living my life and trying to be a better person.

I don’t like to think of too much the negative, I do try to look at shit with the bottle half full, but damn there are some real dumbass people still out there and I might have been one of them at times, but on purpose which almost makes it worse. I never in my life have or understand how another man or woman can live through a day thinking about another person they have no idea about or never met and spent quality or even any time with. shit baffles my mind with the levels of ignorance and to make things worse, they’re so miserable and in denial with their own faults, they throw stones and then hide their hands. smh…. is it the parenting? I’d rather slap the shit out of my kid for anonymously dissing anyone while overlook any of the other basic rules; but again, that’s just me. what you see or read or hear is not from anyone elses mouth or anyone elses side of the story but mine. I’m not perfect, never will be, don’t care to be; I always see myself as like “there is always room for improvement” no human being is divine, we all make mistakes. I just know that If I was a better man this week than I was last week, I did good. I’m not trying to be better than YOU, I just want to be a better person than I am already each day and repeat daily.

I gotta get up early and get some work in, but I wanted to share some non materialistic type shit with my readers.
I obviously do this from time to time.

My car will not be at Formula Drift in Long Beach today(friday) or tomorrow Sat. but I will be at Formula Drift all day Saturday, walking around, mostly around the NOS energy drink booth and filming random things….

btw, Mark Arsenal, I will slap you when I see you because I know you are going to be there, and they won’t call you FATLACE, they will call you FAT LIP! trust!

shout out to my homey Jimmy Boi who went from thugging to blogging…. congrats on the new blog.

I’ll try to ustream chat with y’all more often…. the other day’s chat was awesome, we had lmfao/bep family, Ryan Grant, Damon Elliot, Jonas Bevacqua, some fine ass women who I won’t mention unless they feel like they want to and most importantly, my readers or followers on twitter.

2 fingers
sometimes it’s 1 finger though

but always 1 love

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