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it’s crazy to see your boy who doesn’t even have a twitter to be trending 2x (1 for him, 1 for LRG) worldwide, then steadily trending in the USA and still trending in LA….. it’s definitely bittersweet, like damn, when I found out, I just didn’t wanna put it out there like that….. but then, I know he’d be hyped to see he was known, respected and loved that much worldwide. bittersweet to see his name trending because he’s gone now and it was a shock; I think I was more shocked with this, than I was when my pops passed because his death was a painful long 3-4 month process and I knew it was coming and I kinda sorta prepared for it…. but I still haven’t really slept, it’s sorta haunting….

I appreciate the hundreds of texts and emails I got in the last 24 hours and I got a call from from Just Blaze yesterday and he shared some ill stories and things only a friend would know. I mean my dude touched a lotta people. He was ahead of his time always…. his vision was definitely some shit space goggles couldn’t see. We always said we’d go to the moon one day, but I hope he’s passed that into another galaxy right now. It’s crazy to have touched so many people he’s never met and then to also touch the many tastemakers in the entertainment and fashion biz. he was definitely an inspiration, what beats me is that he really had so much to live for

Whatever the outcome, I pray the Press focus’s on how he lived and not what the coroners report is. I say this in respect for his son and his Fiance’. I’ve canceled pretty much everything for this week and weekend, so I hope my clients and friends understand. yeah life goes on, but shit is completely stopped or at least on pause while I mourn my homey’s death.

again, I really appreciate the texts and things, I just don’t know what to say or how to respond really


“at a boy!” “let’s go IRISH!” just some more random shit he would say
me and Jonas were big fans of the Jerky Boys and knew pretty much every line….
so this one goes out to you “big hock”

just to show you what kind of guy Jonas was…..
here’s a random email he sent me:


“adopt children…. not styles” Jonas Gregory Bevacqua

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