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but work and chillin
it was my Mom’s bday and my former boss/mentor Dr. Dre’s birthday this past saturday…. I remember back in the day I used to see my mom during the day time and head to Dre’s dinner party at nighttime or vice versa depending on what day it was… one time he rented out the entire roof top of the Transamerica building and flew in on a helicopter… shit was swag. anyways, rambling….

had a nice japanese dinner at Torafuku, it’s similar to Robata JinYa, but on the westside across the street from the Westside pavilion

anyways, shout out to my boy Marvin and Renzo in NYC who hooked up the big H constance belt. you would think at well over a $tack, these wouldn’t be so hard to get, but yeah, them shits are on such a long waiting list that Rodeo Drive won’t even put anymore names on their list. smh… I’m talking like 70+ names at each location for a damn belt? well I got mines! and they shipped it next day air!


thanks again for real to Marv and Renzo! mad love to both of y’all… I need another one now, just because! haha

so yeah, a belt, nobody cares…. I’m actually hyped. I got a grip of belts… and Diamond Supply came out with this new Bull Denim and it’s slim, but not skinny and they’re perfect. they came in Navy Blue and Forrest Green and they were made in japan… I’m wearing the green joints above and they are swag!

I got 4 days left til the big day. Even though we got married in september…. crazy how this event is pretty much here, probably explains why I haven’t blogged much. I will get back into it heavy again soon though…. slow motion for now.

here’s some more boring shit


the line was no joke… first time I used the drive thru and the line went around as if they were giving them shits away for free smh…. but I got home and broke out the polynesian and chick fil-A sauce and the sriracha and the Rose’? you know any time is good to pop a bottle. (please don’t pop boxes. I saw some boxed champagne and that shit is not the business)

so this is some regular ass shit because I’m a regular ass guy. I can’t wait to hit the caribbean in 10 days. I’m gonna eat like a mother fucker. Cokes, Iced Vanilla Lattes, pizza, all the above. until I get sick. seriously, this diet shit is for the birds!

nothing else to say today
been getting a lot of requests for 18k gold, but only 5% of the people who request it can actually afford it. it’s crazy, people are still broke and going through tough times, but that’s why I stack and still stack. 5 years ago everyone had money… that’s why my grind has to be even better than anyone else’s. it’s really only 10% of the world who can afford genuine fine jewelry, so don’t feel bad. it’s not for everyone. this blog isn’t only about jewelry, that’s just my business. it’s about my lifestyle. I hit every end of the spectrum. I was a late bloomer in every field I loved… if I had an extra year in college, or really an extra 3 years, I would have done better… if I had a few more years in the music game I woulda been a mogul, but I just fully absorb all the business of either, but this game now? it has no expiration date and I’m not only fully seasoned… I’m only getting better and better. so any of y’all who feel discouraged and up against the world; don’t trip. it’ll happen, but that’s if you got it. I knew I had it. I knew I was a hustler, I just had to find my home and my niche.


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