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I’m speaking on real gold and genuine diamond custom made pins!

I made a few for a homey of mine and some I can show…. some I need to keep on a seashell level

peep game:


when you’re swag is on a different level above everyone else’s…. then you would be labeled a “5 star GENERAL” and that would make sense as the PIN was made with white gold and 2 carats of white diamonds…. don’t trip on the cap being dusty… that’s my cap for an example… trip when you see it on a Tom Ford blazer or a crispy fitted or snapback cruising down the magnificent mile!

he isn’t done though….
how much do you think Louis Vuitton would charge for this?


at least $10,000 minimum….. and this and all the other pins we made are SOLID! bright white diamonds, not those cloudy look like ants died inside diamonds.

that’s just clowning…. I won’t show the others, but you can get the idea that this guy isn’t fucking around!

but guess what? I couldn’t just let dude rock out like Michael Jackson and not get my moonwalk swag on too!

I had to throw over a carat of Swag on this yellow gold YSL pin
don’t trip…. don’t try this with crystals or CZ’s either, please don’t.

and remember those Virgin Mary charms we made?

check them out with the rolex style bezel around them…. the white one is chanel set with princess cuts and the yellow is pave set…. such a nice touch on it!

but wait
we’re not done….

my boy from the Bay wanted to make his wife something special for their 11 year anniversary which is today…. congrats Rusty and Sylvia…..
so he sent me some letters he drew up and this design below:

dead ass serious, this is the actual size of the design and the actual design he sent me! lol….
all good, just saying, damn… it was small and there was all kinds of writing on it!

FYI, for those who don’t know, but I hope know…. you know you can click on all these pics to enlarge them right? smh
but we still did our thing and it’s so hard to get the pics right with rose gold and rubies…. but peep it

I don’t remember what the significance of the POM was, but we lasered in the outline of the POM and then iced out the inside of it with Rubies as the seeds…..

but wait,
we made this a 2 sided locket!


this locket is chunky! 40 grams of 14k rose gold…. the standard VS white diamonds and on a nice 14k solid franco chain….. thank you for your business Rusty again! congrats again!

oh wait!

the inside was tagged of course…. 2 sides for both of their sons

and we still got more….

been dealing with some filthy rat bastards lately

16 carats total in diamonds and heavy in gold
I had to turn the lights on….

once the flash hit…. I seen the Rat tried to steal a money bag from us! (btw, green diamonds by the carat went up in price crazy in the last year) and btw, this RAT is 3 Dimensional of course….. can’t have it being all flat!

and last but not least….
since the lil homey Franchise aka CATDICC JR. had a little swagged out diamond stud chain made, I had to make one too…..

25 carats total…. 26″ long and yellow gold and the cleanest diamond tennis chain to go with my fits when I’m on my low key subtle swag

everyone have a great weekend!
I have again, absolutely NOTHING planned.

just work. thank god


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