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I will have the weekend update or basically a new blog up tomorrow, but it will be an evening blog, but I just started officially filming my show…. there have been some B roll footage and things that were shot last week, but I actually shot today and have 2 more scenes tomorrow… and I’m filming all month into next month… I’m anxious to see what this will look like after final edits. but I know it’ll be right! because right now my production company “Electus” is hot shit in hollywood! and they’re not having it!

so I will get some pics up, I have been that busy planning a few things I obviously can’t talk about, but it’s all good shit. and shout out to my boys Floyd Mayweather, Rick Brazil, P-Reala and the rest of the #MONEYTEAM as they’ve been in town all weekend and saw the Champ at Ogara copping that new B, naw not the bentley, the real B lol

so I will have pics of some jewels, but for the most part it was a chill weekend.


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